Thursday, March 28, 2013

#ProjectMilf: Week 8 Review

Week 8 of #ProjectMilf is all about Reviewing our progress.
Looking at where we've come from and where we are coming.
What we've learned about ourselves, our strength, our commitment to ourselves.
We are going to be honest in our reviews so we can continue 
Week 9 with awesome dedication and commitment 
to getting our sexy confident selves.
I know some of you committed to the project and for life reasons
 you haven't been able to join but what this project 
is teaching all of us is that "it's never too late" to try and achieve your goals come true!

My Review:
I first wanted to be part of this project because i knew i needed
 something or some bodies to keep me accountable!
 I wanted to face myself and challenge my love 
affair with procrastination and doubt.  I am usually a confident person
 but just sometimes I allow those two to get in the way of becoming successful. 
 The more weeks pass by, I am reminded that 
so much of becoming a MILF is my responsibility.  
No one is going to go to the gym for me or eat the way i should be eating.
  I am master of myself.  I am the captain of my soul.  
And in realizing this, I have a lot of work to do
 to push procrastination and doubt aside,
 but i feel so much more powerful in my own skins...most days.
  I am a Motivating and Inspiring Leading Female in progress
 and that's a goal worth reaching.

1) Healthy Lifestyle Change
I haven't done as much working out as I need too the last eight weeks.  But i have seen some changes in the way my clothes fit which is awesome.  That's always motivation to continue working and eating properly.
This week was alright...I worked out a few times but watching my eating was the most important thing I worked on.  Also i got my hair done and didn't want to work out too much but that excuse is so lame..i almost didn't write it down but i want to be honest with myself.  Today begins full workouts again.

2) Emotional Wellness
Overall, I have been doing well emotionally.  Hubby and I are on the same page when it comes to family related plans which is great.  I do need to continue to work on doubt and procrastination because sometimes I allow it to creep into my daily life which is NEVER a good thing.  Thank goodness I have a hubby that reminds me to be positive and what I say and think is what's going to come true!!
3) Spiritual Fortitude
I so need this more and more everyday and I just need to carve out sometime during my day to read my Bible and to be spiritually fed.  I have been listening to music in the morning which helps me! But i so need to continue feeding!!

Now it's your up, grab the button and share:
your Motivating & Inspiring Leading Female Idols  
and your weekly updates on your Milf goals!!


ericateal said...

So proud that you were honest about the lack of exercise and "hair" ordeal. This is too funny because before I went natural that was my ultimate excuse. I'm sure this week will be better with exercising and knowing your clothes are a little loose is always encouraging. Keep up the great work!

toi said...

i am so proud of you, you are doing great.

i know that the importance is to get back onto the wagon when you fall off it. and we are doing that with the intentions to do even better.

i am so glad we started #projectmilf

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

I am so proud of you and kudos for being totally honest.

Pegster said...

You go girl, keep up the motivation. Starting is half the battle even if you only do a little bit as long as you do something you are well on your way.