Thursday, March 21, 2013

#ProjectMilf: Week 7

Good Morning my fellow Motivating Inspiring Leading Females (#MILFs)....
I was definitely having some technical difficulties this morning but we are back on track.
 #ProjectMilf is coming along for everyone and the more weeks pass, 
the more I get excited for myself and everyone else.  
What an awesome community it is to be part of.
Week 7 is all about Motivating Someone.  
How do you encourage and motivate yourself. 
And what are you learning about yourself in order 
to motivate someone to meet their goals on a daily, weekly basis?

Let us in Week 7 motivate each other and someone who is following along.
Tia Mowry last week shared ways she can motivate others in her article.
Here are some ways she wants to motivate others to reach their goals:
Think like an athlete
 Trust your positive side
Make it easy for yourself
Find a buddy
Do it when you DON'T feel like it
Make it fun

Now let's hear about your Week 6....
what something did you subtract from your week?

My Weekly updates:

1) Healthy Lifestyle Change
This week i KICKED ASS!!! I am just bragging on myself a little today.  I subtracted doubt from my life this week!  I kicked Procrastination out and became the captain of my soul and took care of business.  I ran my second half marathon.  I didn't finish in the time I wanted but since I didn't train (the way I should have) my only goal was to CROSS THE FINISH LINE and that I did. It was challenging 3hrs 58mins and when my body wanted to give up on my, I continued to self talk and I ran across that finish line and got that meddle.

2) Emotional Wellness
Just subtracted doubt this week was emotionally awesome for me. And of course the support of my husband and son made it all the better.

3) Spiritual Fortitude
I saw this phrase on the back of people's t-shirts while running and that helped tremendously: "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens."  I truly believe this.

Now it's your up, grab the button and share:
your Motivating & Inspiring Leading Female Idols  
and your weekly updates on your Milf goals!!


toi said...

i love your motivating inspiring leading female idol. she is incredible.

i am so happy you achieved your goal this week. definitely subtracting rocks :)

Pegster said...

Go Mrs Pancakes, kick some a**

Heather said...

Way to go, Mrs. Pancakes! It's amazing what we can accomplish when we remove doubt from the equation.