Friday, September 3, 2010

Meet Mr. & the Future Mrs. Pancakes

"So lately i have been thinking a lot about what it means to be a wife. Considering i am about to go into wedded bliss, it is a good thought! From here forward, my fiance and i will be known as the Pancakes.  Why the Pancakes you ask? Well since i started the wedding planning, i came across a website referred to as "the," which i have come to love.  There is a cute factor on the website where the brides refer to themselves with something that represents themselves and their fiance.  As i was not in the mood to join in the "bee" party, i wanted to take the concept and apply it to my own blog and or meanderings.  I came up with The Pancakes because when my fiance and i first started dating, he asked it if i knew how to make pancakes, weird question, i know however i came to find out that my fiance loves, LOVES eating pancakes.  And as our relationship has progressed, i have learned to make better, more fluffy, buttery to die for pancakes.  I still have not learned ALL of his pancaking making tricks however i have our whole marriage to find out:-) Furthermore, pancakes, the making and eating of pancakes has become such a strong part of our union.  When we have pancakes for breakfast, we get to sit together, talk, reflect and  enjoy each other's company.  Therefore, pancakes brings us together!

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Daniel said...

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