Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Funnies!!

8 Go Team Pancakes!

So not only is he hot....


but he is also funny in drag!!!

Enjoy your Friday Ladies!!!


Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thankful Thursday...

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I know there is a Thankful Thursday link-up going on somewhere around blogland
 so i thought i would join!

This Thursday, i am thankful for:

1. Traveling Mercies: we made it back safe and sound 
after traveling two countries (US & Canada),
 six major highways, many miles and kilometers...
we are glad to be back home.

2. My niece: who graduated on Tuesday and is going to prom today in Canada. 
 I can't believe how big she is! We are sooooooooooooo proud of her. 
And she can't wait to have her little cousin to spoil.  

3. Friends: who gifted me with some of the cutest items for Baby Pancakes.  
This little man is soooooo loved...i wish that kind of love for everyone!

4. Mr. Pancake's family: who almost called a search party 
when they found out a mall had collapsed in Canada...
thankfully it was several hours and we were safe!  Gotta love family!

5. My Health: things continue to go well.  
We were out and about the entire Babymoon and visits to family and i was able to keep up.   

6. God: for who He is always and forever.

7. Baby Pancakes: for kicking and moving and just having a bowl during the trip.  
I am sure he could feel all the love that was being bestowed upon him.  
Although i think all the cheering from the graduation ceremony was a bit much for him...
too much stimulation!

8. My Husband: for being the best traveling companion, carrying all the bags, 
making sure i was comfortable and enjoying myself, snuggling with me 
and just being awesome as usual! 
And of course for turning 30 and sharing his life with Baby Pancakes and 1.  
We are forever blessed and dgrateful for him!

9. Bloggy Friends: just because you are all awesome! 
Can't wait to catch up on the happenings in your life!

Question of the Day:
This Thursday, what are you thankful for?

Saturday, June 23, 2012

BabyMoon: Love @ 1,151feet!!

24 Go Team Pancakes!
Today marks fourteen months of LOVE & Marriage for Team Pancakes.
It is also a great time for us to get away and continue in our adventures!

Happy Weekending...

Friday, June 22, 2012

30 Reasons to Celebrate My Man!!

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P.S: My Awesome man refuses to have his face, 
parts of his face, body or any part of him plastered online!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Umbilical Cord & Random Act of Kindness!!

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As i was making my way to the Caribbean restaurant 
to get my fix of some Jerk Chicken....that's all i want lately...
i saw a man sitting, cross legged, dirty and disheveled 
holding out his hat asking for some change.  
I usually give a half polite smile and just walk away.

But this time i thought for a minute..."What is this man's story?"
And since becoming pregnant with Baby Pancakes...
the idea that we, as humans, were all attached to someone via the umbilical cord 
and none of us came to be just by chance.
At one point we were all someone's growing fetus.
Someone's baby bump!
Someone had dreams and hopes for us.
And this man, whether he is homeless, an addict or just looking to make a few bucks in his day, 
was once attached to his mother via the umbilical cord.  
That thought is so profound to me...lately.

But i digress...
So i looked up and actually looked into the man's eyes.
And he said, "Maybe when you are coming back", 
meaning that i would maybe spare him some change after i purchased my meal.
And i thought about it as i walked to the restaurant...i had some extra change.
But then i remembered the many conversations i have had with my husband...
about helping "strangers" and "homeless" people 
and NEVER knowing what their agenda is especially in my condition....
they could take advantage of the poor defenseless pregnant lady.

I walked into the restaurant and ordered my food.
But then i thought about the man outside...
waiting for me to return to give him a little change.
And then God put it on my heart to do something. 

As i was walked out of the restaurant with my Jerk Chicken,
 i stopped by the man and handed him a bottle of iced cold water.
I saw his eyes...they were a light brown...almost sparkly.
He took the bottled  water...smiled and said, "Thank you.  God bless you."
Temperatures were nearing high 90's close to 100 yesterday.

As i got into my car and drove off...i saw him savoring the water.
He gave me a wave.  
And i waved back.  
I could have given him a little change but who knows what he would have done with it.
Giving him that bottled water on a hot first day of Summer was a gesture of kindness.
I was a random person who God had put on my heart to do some random act of kindness.
I am not sure if i will do this every single time...but in that moment...
I was a mother looking out for her son.
I was a mother-to-be reminded we were all once 
upon a time attached to someone's umbilical cord!

Have an awesome Thursday!!
Stay Cool....

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Welcome Summer...

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Welcome to Summer Friends!!!!
Today is officially the beginning of the Solstice...the summer season!!

How exciting is Summer...
Summer is definitely my ray of Sunshine!
Although i know the summer will be hot...
today for example is supposed to get into the high 90's...
i am EXCITED about it!!

Source: Cannot Remember

Summer seems to bring me reasons to smile and be carefree!
There is obviously one good reason i am excited this particular summer...
To Meet Baby Pancakes!
But there are also many other reasons too!
Let's count the ways!

The many delicious flavored popsicles and fruity drinks like the one below!

The time Team Pancakes will be spending
not in a tropical place we will still be together!

Just enjoying each other's company!!
More details later!

Lots of Baseball games along with beer for the Mister and Chicken Fingers for me...
And of course great baseball excitement!

Our annual Wolfpack Girls Weekend...although i will be big and bigger...
i wanted to make sure this Summer we continue our tradition 
of good times and fun spent with each other!
Hopefully Baby Pancakes doesn't decide to come while we are away:-)

Seeing Family, sisters, brother, nieces and nephews.
I love my big crazy fun African Family!!

Meeting Baby Pancakes...but i said that already!

Generally, i am just EXCITED for Summer!!
I know this one will be one memorable Summer!!
Hope it's this Summer is the same for you:-)

Question of the Day:
What makes you excited for Summer?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Lately...What Are You Eating?

20 Go Team Pancakes!

What are you eating lately?
I've been trying to be more conscientious of what i have been eating as of late...
because according to my doctors and nurses, the types and amount of foods we consume 
on a regular basis can be pretty horrendous.  
At least the bad carbs and sugars of the food groups.
Did you know we are only supposed to eat one spoonful of rice per serving?
Huh? What? Come Again?
I thought that was pretty crazy too!!  
Especially because i LOVE rice and spaghetti.
But i digress because this post is NOT about the horrendous-ness of consuming food!  
It is about the enjoyment of it. 
Because lately i have started to have a love/hate relationship with food 
because i cannot eat it the way i want for fear it may not be good 
for my body and hence the baby. 

Therefore, I thought i would share some of the foods 
Team Pancakes and friends have been consuming 
because food can and should be pleasurable at times!!

Oh and imagine a food post on the Adventures of Team Pancakes without pancakes...
it's true...
no pancakes were made (harmed or eaten) for this post :-) 

 Have an awesome Tuesday but before you go...

Question of the Day:
What have you been eating lately?

Monday, June 18, 2012

Mommylogues: Sumo Wresting Mama!

14 Go Team Pancakes!
It's a happy Monday again Ladies...
hopefully you all had an awesome Father's Day!
Team Pancakes went to a baseball game...
good times even though our team lost!!

Now onto this morning's post...
As a pregnant woman, i have become extra clumsy!
I drop everything and anything...
If i am holding it...chances are i will drop it.

When i drop something on the floor 
and there is no one around to help me pick it up...
(because people ARE really extra nice to pregnant people!)
i have to squat....sumo wrestling style to pick it up!

It is the most cumbersome thing having to pick up something off the floor
with a basketball in your belly.
And it happens all the time now where i am dropping things that i need.
It makes me miss being able to bend over.  
I miss my flexibility.  
But at the same time i know this is all happening for a short time.
The more my baby grows...the more my belly will get biggger.
And that's a wonderful and beautiful thing.
And the best part of dropping things and picking it up sumo wrestler style...
i am exercising my thigh muscles...
at least i like to think i am!


Question of the Day:
What are some of your clumsiest moves....while pregnant or otherwise?

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Father's Day..

16 Go Team Pancakes!
Father's Day is always bittersweet because while everyone is celebrating their dad,
 I am missing mine terribly. 
Don't get me wrong...i celebrate him too...
but there is nothing like giving your dad a big bear hug,
a kiss, a phone call just to say hello, a card and a cheesy present to go along with it.

My father passed away when i was very young. 
And although i never knew him like most people know their dad (personal experience),
i know him well through experiences other people had with him. 
 My mother and siblings have always shared stories of my father,
 the Great MTAA,
and through these stories, i have come to know a man who is rich
 in character, value, integrity, intelligence and exuburence!
He was a man everyone wanted to be around. 
Most women wanted to have his children because he was tall, smart and handsome.
  He was a charismatic man. 
He was a family man..
.a bit of a rolling stone but in all of the rolling...
he LOVED and VALUED his family like no other. 
He always made sure all of his children were taken care of. 
And above all else, he LOVED God and His Word.

One of my family members once said:
 "i don't want to be like Da when i die and not leave any money for my family." 
 This thought made me sad a little. 
 And also angry. 
Because when i think about the Great MTAA, i think about so much more. 
If he left us money, it would have been spent a long time. 
 Instead what he left us is priceless! 
 From him, i learned the importance of family, hard work
 and above all, being a God fearing individual.
 I believe because he was a God fearing...i am and will be blessed for the rest of my life. 
I believe because of him our family from generations to come will be blessed. 
These are things money cannot buy.

One of his favorite bible verses was Joshua 24:15
and this i have taken to heart because i want to continue
 the tradition of me and my house serving the Lord always.
I have a throw blanket with the verse on it...and this weekend...
as everyone is giving their dad's hugs, kisses along with the cheesy gifts...
i will be cuddling with my blanket and remembering the Great MTAA...
my father who is not here with me physically but IS always with me!

Pinned Image
This is always Mr. Pancakes first unofficial Father's Day
and Baby Pancakes and i will try to make it special for him. 
We will most likely take him and his father out to lunch! 
Three generations of Pancakes....such a blessing!
Happy Father's Day to the man who has my heart and soul!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hubby's Shorts...

9 Go Team Pancakes!

Good Evening Ladies, 

i have resorted to blogging in the evening because it seems easier now!
i was thinking how i have resorted to wearing 
my husband's clothes particularly his shorts.
I have always worn my husband's clothes, mostly his shirts and sweaters 
BUT since being with child, i tend to wear more and more of his shorts!  

My lounging clothes have become either hubby's t-shirts 
or shorts and i LOVE it!!
There is something comfortable about being in the shorts...
almost soothing.
They are baggy and comfortable and of course it smells like him...
I wonder if the baby can feel my contentment when i wear hubby's clothes.
What do you think?

Question of the Day:
What clothing items of your significant other do you like to wear?

i read a lovely post today about being content and LOVED it!
Thanks for sharing know who you are!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


20 Go Team Pancakes!

You thought for a minute i was going to blog about food...didn't you?!
I couldn't resist using the title when i saw this poster.
I have been a huge fan of Mr. Channing Tatum!!
And the girls and i cannot wait to go see Magic Mike...
whatever that means!!
I'm sure we will be finding out very soon!

Question of the Day:
Are you planning to see Magic Mike with girlfriends?


11 Go Team Pancakes!

 Happy Wednesday Friends!!!
Of course when you see something fun in blogsphere...
you jump on board and have fun with it.
This post was one of them.
I saw it on Why-Girls-Are-weird
who got the idea from them Much Love Illy
who borrowed it from Sometimes Sweet!
Yes...this is how rumors and good things start in the blogsphere!
Here goes....Currently...

Reading:  Clinical Exam Materials for Social Work.  I have to admit i am slacking a lot in actually studying.   These are moments when my procrastination skills kicks in greatly! I NEED to get with the program because psychological disorders and theories are sooooooo interesting!
Watching:  Movies and lots and lots of movies.  One of the most interesting ones i watched recently was by Laura Linney and Mark Ruffalo entitled: You Can Count On Me.  It was an interesting movie.  Thank goodness for the public library, I've been watching all these awesome small independent movies.
Anticipating: Finally putting together Baby Pancakes' crib and purchasing a stroller!  I had no idea that purchasing a stroller would be such an exciting chore! I am looking at Summer Prodigy, which i am in love with, and a Safety 1st.
Laughing About:  My niece...i spoke with her and her mom on Skype today and she is all over the place now.  Climbing under chairs and trying to get out of her stroller.   I mean she is a mover now!!!  I can't wait to be around her again soon! And of course her smiles makes me smile too!
Listening To: Christian music mostly on the radio when Baby Pancakes and i are driving.  I think he enjoys it.  And honestly there is NO songs out there now that i actually enjoy!  I haven't been keeping up with listening to the completely boring now because if we are not listening to christian radio, we are listening to the news. 
Eating: Last night i was craving french fries....went to Wendy's and they gave me the worst fries ever!! I should have just waited to find a McDonald's!  

Working On: Time management...i have just been spending waaaaaaay too much time doing everything else i am not supposed to be doing.  Why can't i get it together.  I hope my time management skills gets better when i am a mother!
     Wishing: I could be more disciplined...on some things like time management and studying!  
      That two nights ago i didn't demand for my husband to vaccum the carpets almost 11pm at night!
      I felt like they needed to be cleaned!  I blame it on the hormones!!  I LOVE you hubby!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mommylogues: Working Out With Baby!

33 Go Team Pancakes!

Happy Tuesday!!


I saw this picture...which made me squint my eyes and think "that's just NOT right".
It also prompted me to write a blog post about working out with baby!

I have read all the advice about working out throughout your pregnancy. 
The importance of keeping fit because it helps with pregnancy related illnesses, 
labor and delivery and also postpartum...after all you need your energy to take care of your baby.  Additionally, we all know working out just makes you feel good!
BUT when i see pictures like the one above...
i can't help but think you shouldn't be holding such heavy weights with a baby in your belly!

In the beginning of the pregnancy, 
i was working out, running at least two miles, three times out of the week.  
I was doing strength training with my free hand weights.  
Doing some yoga most days.  
Drinking lots of water and taking care of myself.  
I ran/walked the half marathon when Baby Pancakes was 17weeks.  
And as difficult as it was, i completed the 13.1miles.  
With the encouragement and support of Mr. Pancakes.
He met me at various spots to encourage and help me.
At the end of the race, i felt such euphoria. 
 I felt as if i could do and be anything!  
It was definitely an awesome day!

Needless to say after the half marathon, i was SORE for a complete week.  
Then i  went away for about a week and by the time i returned home,
 i had basically fallen off the working out wagon.  

I have since slowly gotten back to working out.  
Mostly a lot of stretching and strength training with 5/8 lbs free hand weights. 
Most days i try to walk a lot during the day.  
I haven't been running and or pushing myself to the point of exhaustion.
 I feel blessed to have the energy i have most days.
I hope to continue moving all the way up to when Baby Pancakes comes!

The best advice is to work out during pregnancy BUT do so cautiously.
We have to do what we feel most comfortable but it can't always be about the mother.
We have to think about the baby too!
After all we want to stay fit so we can keep up with baby!
I am no personal trainer...just some thoughts on this Tuesday!

Question of the Day:
Am i the only one that was taken aback by the picture?
What was your workout routine like during pregnancy?

Monday, June 11, 2012

My God is Awesome...

27 Go Team Pancakes!
Good Monday Morning Friends...

Church service yesterday was just what my spirit needed.
Sometimes you don't know what your spirit needs until it receives it!
God is always on time isn't he?

One of the songs the Youth Choir sang was "My God is Awesome!" 
and the song reminds us exactly why our God is truly awesome.  
The lyrics made me pause to reflect on some, just some, of the reasons my God is Awesome...

1. This time last year, i was recovering from thyroid surgery.
2. This time last year i could barely move my neck 
3.  This time last year, i was touching the hem of Jesus' garment 
because i knew if i did so i would be heeled.
4.  Today, i am healthy and strong and free of thryoid cancer.
5.  Today, i am pregnant with the sweetest baby boy in the world
6. Today, i am loved and surrouned by family and friends who love me unconditionally.
6.  Today, i continue to praise and worship The One who loves me the most.

These are just some of the reasons why my God is awesome! 

Question of the Day:
Why is your God awesome?


Saturday, June 9, 2012

I'm Back on the Grid!!

8 Go Team Pancakes!

Well at least i am plugged in!!
After a month of being without Internet and using the heck out of my 3G....
i have Internet and i couldn't be happier!
 Now i can do all the stuff i wanted to do on the blog 
including a new layout and some other stuff.

There is something special about having Internet!
I feel alive again.
I know i am being dramatic but i never knew how dependent i was
 on the Internet until i was without it!

We have decided NOT to get cable and i am alright with that.
I thought i would be devastated but i am not.
I have found out as long as we have Internet...
i can watch whatever i want without missing a show.
Most of the major networks provide full episodes of most shows including HGTV.

As much as i want to spend the rest of the day browsing the Internet...i am not.
Instead i am going to go hang out with the girls.
Have a little dinner and enjoy my ladies.
It's actually a belated Mother's Day dinner...i will make sure to take pictures!

Baby Pancakes just said hi...he has been moving up a storm today.
I think he is figuring out he can move certain body parts!!

Happy Saturday Friends!!!!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Be Considerate Smart Phone Users...

19 Go Team Pancakes!

Why can't people be more considerate?
I was at a training today and realized people do not know how to use their phones.
Specifically their smart phones...
because even though the trainers requested for 
people's phones continued to buzz, ping, boing
 and make every other noise you can imagine except silence and or vibration.

In all honesty, it was annoying as heck trying to listen to the trainers
 while people's phones were going off every few seconds.
It's not only inconsiderate, disrespectful but also rude.
One lady had no clue how to use her phone. 
 She had the hardest time trying to turn off whatever show she was watching.
I felt like screaming, "Learn to use your phone!"

I can appreciate there are a million and one buttons on most smart phones 
and it can be difficult to learn each function.
However, there are manuals that teach us how to use each button.
And MOST times, the easiest functions are the off, on and vibrate buttons.
Usually on the face of the phone or on the side.
Trust me, it's there!

 I work with one lady who NEVER turns off her phone during staff meetings.
Another one whose phone must be scheduled to ring at a certain time 
because it goes off around the same time each week.
Another one whose phone goes off during church.  
Every. Single. Sunday!

Is it really that difficult to turn your phone off at certain times?!
I mean at least put it on silent, vibrate or mute.  
Just to be courteous!

I have a Smart Phone and learned to use all the buttons 
because that's just the right thing to do.  
If I am going to own something, it's important i know how to use.
And i would encourage everyone 
(not any of my blogger buddies but the ladies at the training, work and church)
to learn the functions of your Smart Phone at least the off, on and vibrate buttons.

I'm just saying...turn off your phone & be considerate!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Question to the Universe: Nail Color?

15 Go Team Pancakes!

Good Wednesday...or hump day....
either way it's the middle of the week!
I really enjoyed the discussion on whether to set an age limit on marriage or not...
thank you all for your wonderful feedback!!
I haven't done one of these Question to the Universe
posts in a while so i thought what better timing.
I have been seeing so many nice colors on nails.
I usually stick the same colour regiments when it comes to my nails...
usually a dark plum/maroon colour but this time around
i decided to be a little more colourful and go bright!!
So i chose different shades of pink! And i thought it came out nice.
Maybe next time i will try teal!

So here are the Questions to the Universe:
1.What time is it where you are?
2. What colors are you wearing?
3. What's your nail polish color?

My Answers:
1.What time is it where you are?
2. What colors are you wearing?
I'm wearing a coral maxi dress
3. What's your nail polish color?
Different shades of pink!

Now it's your turn...
what are your answers to the Questions to the Universe?

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Get Married ONLY After 25...

30 Go Team Pancakes!

Good Tuesday Ladies!!!!

I'm loving the HuffingtonPost as of late, 
they always have the most interesting articles to peruse.
You should definitely check them out when you get a minute.
An interesting article i read the other day was from a Public Relations Professional.

Jennifer Nagy, the writer reflects on how her status and her divorce.

This is her status as follows:
Current age - 29
                                                                 Divorced for - 8 months
Separated for - 1 year, 9 months
Age when I met my ex - 19
Age when I married - 24

Her argument is this, if people were married after 25years of age, 
the divorce rate wouldn't be so high.

She argues that people under 25years of age,
 "are still discovering themselves; 
they are figuring out what is most important in their lives.
 They are discovering the joys (and heartache) 
of being in a relationship, and then the partying 
that often characterizes life between relationships. 
They are figuring out what their relationship "deal-breakers"
 are and who their most appropriate partners would be."

Jennifer is quick to remind us her claims are based solely on her own experiences 
BUT she reminds us that  National Center for Health Statistics,
 approximately 60 percent of marriages in which the
 couple marries between age 20 and 25 will end in divorce.

I'm thinking her claims are interesting and thought provoking.

I have sisters who got married before 25years of age and both are happily married.
One is going on 7 years, another is married well over 20 years.
Both were ready, willing and understood the undertaking of wedded bliss.
I was married well after 25 years of age and as much as i thought i was ready to be married...
i was NOT ready emotionally, spiritually and definitely dating Mr. Wrong!
So age, emotional readiness and marriage is all be relative to the individual.

Jennifer's experience is unique to her!

In my opinion, age plays a part in marriage 
however i don't believe it impacts heavily on whether two people will get  a divorce.  
After all, any two persons can decide to end a marriage regardless of their age.  
25years of age doesn't necessarily suggest maturity!

What does cause divorce however is when we jump into marriage 
without knowing ourselves, our partners and valuing the sacred institution of marriage,
 we may end up on the other side (divorce).

Question of the Day:
What do you think,
Should people wait to get married ONLY after 25years of age?

Monday, June 4, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up

13 Go Team Pancakes!
Happy Monday!!!
Another week begins....this time around it's sunny with a side of bright!

It was actually an awesome weekend so i thought i would wrap up...
Team Pancakes was able to hang out and enjoy each other's company all weekend.
Which is rare because most weekends, we are both working.

On Friday, we watched The Proposal.  Very funny.  
We were bothing loling like there was no tomorrow.
Some of the scenes were a bit forced but generally it was a fun easy movie to watch.


Saturday, we went to pick up the crib, which my godson is passing onto Baby Pancakes. 
Thanks godson/cousin!
We Mr. Pancakes managed to break it apart 
and was attempting to fit it into his car when we realized, 
there was no way it was going to happen.   
We eventually had to admit defeat.  
He was so determined to get into the car 
but unfortunately the wood was not bendable!
 It made me smile because i realized my hubby 
and Baby Pancakes' daddy is always willing to do what it takes to make us happy!

Sunday, we went to Church, had lunch at a BBQ joint and then ventured into Babies 'R Us! 
I went in there before and was totally overwhelmed.  
So it was nice having my partner in crime with me.  
The experience at BRU was definitely an adventure in new parenthood 
because we were looking at strollers and had no idea how anything worked. 
We had some help from one of the attendants, 
we referred to as "Kevin Hart" because he was just such a cute portable man.
Anywho, i never realized folding a stroller would be so adventurous!!
We left without a stroller but managed to purchase a mattress for Baby Pancakes.
We will definitely return for more stroller and other baby adventures!

We spent the rest of the evening, laughing about our misadventurous in BRU 
and watching Four Christmases.  
Which was another movie that made us LOL.  
In genereal, it was a great weekend because it was a long&lazy
 and we haven't had one of those in the last few weeks.  
It was a weekend that was all about us, me, him and Baby Pancakes! 
And that's a pretty awesome weekend!!

Question of the Day:
How did you spend your weekend?