Thursday, February 28, 2013

#ProjectMilf: Fav. 4

9 Go Team Pancakes!

Good Morning my Motivating & Inspiring Leading Females....
It's another Thursday and today is a bit of a milestone for us
because we are in Week 4 of #ProjectMilf....
and I hope we are all meeting our goals and making small and big changes
 in our lives which will culminate into the best version of ourselves at the end of the year. 
This week is all about our favorite four.....things we enjoy and is helping us during this challenge.  
It can be anything including TV Show, drink, tips, blogger,
 anything that inspires and motivates us to strive for better during this project.
Now go ahead and share your Fav. 4!!!

My Fav. 4

1. The Biggest Loser....
i have not been a regular watcher but i am always invested in this group
 and so excited to see their progress.  And you know what, 
the show actually motivates me to want to do better with myself.

2. Water....
I seriously have always enjoyed drinking water but nowadays if i don't drink water...
my body actually craves it.  And it's done wonders for my skin and hair.

3. The Jungle Gym...
It's a workout that can be done at home.  
I purchased it for Mr. Pancakes but he allows me to use it.
  And it's a favorite because it's really easy to use and there is no reason 
i cannot use it since it can be used at the gym.

4.  My #ProjectMilf Buddies...
You guys are really becoming my fav. (you already were but even more so).  
You guys are motivating me with your dedication to meeting your goals.
  And there is a genuine honesty in all your weekly updates which I just love.   

My Weekly updates:
This week, I "sabotaged" more than I "procrastinated" on my goals which is saying a lot.  
But here are my uninhibited updates.

1) Healthy Lifestyle Change
I have yet to get on a regular schedule with my workouts.  But i have to admit starting my new job has definitely forced me to walk around the school more.  My legs were burning.  I hope this week I will begin a new workout routine that I can stick to.  Plus I am scheduled to run in a Half Marathon in three weeks and I am so not prepared.  I need to get on some kind of plan.

2) Emotional Wellness
Woohoo!!!!!! I wrote in my journal once this week and hope to do it again tonight.  I am loving the feeling of pouring out onto paper what's in my thoughts.  I had a nice moment this week because I came across a journal entry from last March and it was all about Baby Pancakes moving up a storm inside my belly.  Keeping journals is amazing for that reason.  
We will be attending Marriage Ministry this Friday at our Church which should be good because we always learn something together as a couple.

3) Spiritual Fortitude
I started praying with some ladies from my previous job and that was really nice.  I hope to do more of this.  Also we prayed as a family this week.  I need to catch up on my You Version Bible Plans.  And attend Church this Sunday.

Now it's your up, grab the button and share:
your Motivating & Inspiring Leading Female Idols  
and your weekly updates on your Milf goals!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Networking Outside of Blogland...

8 Go Team Pancakes!

Thanks ladies for the suggestions yesterday about the teething toys...
I am going to try them because Team Pancakes NEEDS to sleep.
Hope you are enjoying your week...
Mine is going by real fast...but I think I am ready for the weekend.

I have been thinking lately of different ways to network with my fellow bloggers.
And definitely being part of #ProjectMilf is opening up doors for those opportunity...
However I've been thinking lately about trying to broaden my horizons outside of Blogland...
In the form of conferences....
Therefore I am asking those who have attended
a Blog Conference to share your thoughts, ideas and suggestions about attending one.
I am not sure if it's helpful or not however I've read reviews
and many people have had amazing experiences at these events. 
And of course there seems to be tons of opportunities to connect
with other bloggers and brand companies.

I am thinking blog conferences are definitely what you make of it....
What Do You Think....Tell Me About Your Experiences With Blog Conferences?
Or Would You attend a Blog Conference....and which one?

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Mommylogues: Teething Baby Help

7 Go Team Pancakes!

Good Morning BlogWorld...

I am beside myself this morning because 
Baby Pancakes did not sleep well and neither did I.
And I think it's all due to teething...
And aside from giving him his teether....I do not know what else to do...
Please Please Please Moms out there....HELP!!!!
I feel so helpless because my usually easygoing Baby is not himself...
He is crying whenever he wakes up and it hurts to see him going through this milestone...
And although I am excited for also hurts him which is just not fair...
Talk about growing pains...literally right now...
Please if you've been through it or know someone that has....
PLEASE HELP with tips, suggestions, ideas....
at this point I will take anything even free mid-morning crying baby Nanny!!
A Cranky Baby A Happy Mommy Does Not Make!!!

Thanks Friends...

Monday, February 25, 2013

Oscars....& Danica Patrick

5 Go Team Pancakes!
Good Morning Ladies,
Although I didn't watch the entire show because I had an early morning...
i saw the fashions and was blown away.  So many pretty dresses except for Anne Hathaway....
seriously who is her stylist??
But congrats to her and all the other winners!!

Here are my worst and best dressed ladies of the night!!

Naomi Watts at the 2013 Oscars: Naomi Watts at the 2013 Oscars

Naomi Watts at the 2013 Oscars: Anne Hathaway at the 2013 Oscars

Also this weekend, I tuned in to watch NASCAR, 
Daytona 500 and Danica Patrick is totally awesome....
I am a fan!!!

What were you up to this weekend?

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Longlazysunday: Week 16

4 Go Team Pancakes!
This longlazysunday is sunny and cool outside and all I want to do is sleep. Last night was perhaps one of the worst sleeping nights ever for Baby Pancakes. As soon as we would put him in his crib, he would wake up...that's what I get for trying co-sleeping. I hope tonight is a better night but in the meantime we will enjoy our longlazysunday enjoying the views from inside and trying to catch some naps along the way! What are you doing this Sunday?

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Celebrating 22 Months of Love

4 Go Team Pancakes!
When did I become a wife of 22 months?
In less than 2 months...i would have been married for two years...
and that's mind boggling and so exciting all at the same time.

I am linking this post up to Life of Toi's She Rocks Assignment 
and choosing to share about LOVE.

The LOVE i have for Mr. Pancakes truly grows and grows 
and becomes bigger and stronger every single day.  
We are growing together as a couple, as individuals and as parents.  
We are truly a team and this life could not be the same without him.

I am still taken aback when he looks at me because of how cute and sexy he is.
And he LOVES me like it's no one's business...
even when I annoy the heck out of him...he LOVES me.

LOVE personified would be Mr. Pancakes and myself...
Our hands together reminds me that with you anything is possible....
God is bigger than our marriage, friendship, each other and this world....
Our Baby is a reflection of this LOVE that we share....
And I LOVE YOU today more than i did the moment we said "I do!"

If you haven't signed up...go ahead and participate in She Rocks Assignment.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Funnies: Kid President

7 Go Team Pancakes!

If you watch any morning shows or daytime talk shows 
or any TV of some sort at all, you may have seen people pimping off their children
 in order to get access to some fame and fortune.
I am all for doing whatever it takes to make that money...
But at least with Kid President...he is doing more than just dancing and crying.
He is sending a positive message out into the Universe...and you gotta love it. 
And the fact that it's made by SoulPancake media makes my spirits happy!

Take it away Kid President...

Happy Friday Friends!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

#ProjectMilf: Three Things

9 Go Team Pancakes!

Good Morning Milfs...we are heading into Week 3!!
Week 3 of #ProjectMilf is all about sharing three things about yourself...
it can be something fun, serious, funny, motivating, inspiring or just plain juicy.  
Again it's an effort to get to know one another.  
And also to continue to be honest with ourselves and each other.  
Grab the button, link up and share your weekly goal updates and your Three Things?

My Three Things:

1. One of my favorite movies is 
The Truth About Cats & Dogs with Janeane Garofalo...
It's one of the cheesiest movies...
I have watched that movie over 100 times. 
And whenever I am doing something around the house,
 I will put it on and replay it over and over again. 
There is so much honesty and pure vulnerability in that move
about men, women and relationships. 
 I am a sapp for it!!!

2. I sooooooooooooooo want to have Baby Pancakes II, seriously am I crazy???
I mean he is just so cute but growing so fast and I already miss the cute cuddly stage....
                                      all Baby Pancakes wants to do now is move around....
But of course my strong desire can wait a year or two.

3. I sometimes overeat for just the simplest reason: because the food tastes good.
Who does that...I figure the first step to a problem is admitting it...
I am becoming more conscience of my stomach and realizing when it's full so that I don't overeat.
After all, gluttony is a sin...

My Weekly updates:

Last week I was totally inspired by all your Milf idols and you...
there are so many ideas I get each week from all of you.  
I am trying to incorporate as many as I can into my week.  
Thanks Ladies!!!

1) Healthy Lifestyle Change
I noticed that I have mastered eating oatmeal for breakfast.  I do not function in the morning if I don't have my oatmeal.  Therefore, my thought is to master lunch, dinner and snacks and I should be good to go.  I am setting small goals for myself each day and meeting them.  
The gym/working out this week was a total bust...i really need to plan exercising into my day or it doesn't get done.   

2) Emotional Wellness
I totally FORGOT to journal.  Although I did blog about starting a new's not the same as venting in my journal.  Goal for this week: JOURNAL.  And i need to finish reading a book by end of February to complete my 13for13 Book Reading Series.

3) Spiritual Fortitude
I am doing the YouVersion Bible Reading Plan.  I need to read every day.  Goal this week is: Pray with Mr. Pancakes and as family...we've been slacking in that area.

Week 3 is going to be all about Planning and Following Through!!!

Now it's your turn...grab the button, link up your posts and share:
your Motivating & Inspiring Leading Female Idols  
and your Weekly Updates on your Milf goals!!
(btw: we are using SimplyLinked today instead of Linkytools...we will see how it goes!)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Mommylogues: Are You a Morning Person?

13 Go Team Pancakes!

Starting a new job is always nerve racking 
but when you are not a morning person and your job demands you to be a morning person...
there's bound to be terrible outcomes all around...
At least I am hoping the outcomes are NOT as terrible.

My new job means I have to get up early and be at work early.
If I had to confess, I haven't really ever had a job 
(aside from motherhood) where I had to be up the crack of dawn early.
At least it wasn't mandatory...
Now working in a school's a MUST to be at work bright and early.

Since having Baby Pancakes...early mornings are definitely part of my norm.
But I have been fortunate because even after a 3AM or 4AM or 5AM feeding....
we are able to go back to sleep until 7 or 8:30AM. 
But now I have to be at work no later than 7:30AM.

I mean...really??? 
But Yes that will be my new normal in less than five day.
Why a Non-morning person will take an early morning job is a question for the ages...
But the perk of going to work early is getting off least I keep reminding myself.

The good news is that Baby Pancakes is still be at home with his father 
so I don't have to get him out of the house that early.  
Kudos to all of you mothers that have to get yourself and your baby ready in the early mornings...
You are all SUPERSTARS in my book!!!

So my question is for the morning people out there....How Do you Do It?
Even if you are NOT a morning person and have been doing this, How Do you Do It?
Any tips, ideas, suggestions to make my early morning run smoothly?


Also the winner of our group giveaway for my blog is: 
Jone J....if this is you....please email me at to claim either the:
 Panera certificate or 5 Love Languages Book.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Babylogues: Trendy Tot Tuesday

13 Go Team Pancakes!

There wasn't much going on this Tuesday so I thought
 I would link up with Kelly of Mrs. in Training 
and other fabulous ladies to showcase Trendy Tot Tuesday.  

Baby Pancakes is still finding his style but we definitely
 like to dress him up in comfy and casual wear.
We love to outfit him in layers.  
There is something so cute when he has on a long sleeve shirt over short sleeve.  

I am such a first time mommy, I got teary eyed when he wore this blue outfit
 because I thought it made him look like such a grown up little guy.  
No more onesies and sleepers for him now when he goes out.

And yes he wears shoes.

The jacket is from Old's very versatile and cute as a button.
And it has a hoody!! 

Monday, February 18, 2013

Bachelor Sean

4 Go Team Pancakes!
Good Monday about a little eye candy this morning?? To the dismay of my husband, this weekend was all about getting caught up with Bachelor Sean and his many many girls. Woohoo what drama! I was quite sad to see Sara go...she seemed like the nicest girl! And thank goodness Tierra went home...she was so emotionally unstable...crazzzzy!!! And I can't believe he send Lesly M. home, she was so pretty and smart and such a nice match. But I understand he wanted her to profess her love for him! But kudos to the girls that remain. Des has been the front runner since the beginning but I think Lindsay has come from nowhere to steal his heart. Plus it makes for a great Bachelor story...wearing a wedding dress to meet him for the first time! But my heart goes out to AshLee..she seems so so sweet and ready for love...and when he picked her up during the trust heart melted. And Catherine, she has been through so much, holy moly but she seems like such a nice girl. Wishing all the ladies luck tonight on the home visits!! Watching the Bachelor definitely makes me want to take a vacation to some exotic location BUT it also makes me thankful that I've found my Dream Man...Mr. Pancakes. Thank goodness I didn't have to go through such high intense drama but in the end...meeting your future husband is so worth the drama!! Good luck ladies!!! Are you guys watching the Bachelor? Which ladies are you rooting for??

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Longlazysunday: Week 15

4 Go Team Pancakes!
There are not enough days like these but my family and I are having one of the best longlazysundays ever! As my man and son slumber, I'm reminded that life is really about the small pleasures of this world. And I feel blessed. How are you spending your Sunday?

Thursday, February 14, 2013

#ProjectMilf: My Milf Idol

16 Go Team Pancakes!

Happy Valentine's Day Future Motivating &Inspiring Leading Female....
hope you are as sweet to yourself as the chocolate and candies
 that will be savored and enjoyed all day today!!

Week 1 of the project was all about introducing ourselves...
hope you stopped by the blogs of all your fellow ladies to say hello
 and also to encourage and support.
In honor of Valentine's Day, Week 2 of #ProjectMilf 
is all about celebrating the Milfs in our lives. 
The women we want to emulate because of who they are and how they motivate 
and inspire themselves and others.  
And of course while we are celebrating these fabulous ladies, 
we will update our #ProjectMilf goals.
Take it away ladies!!


My Motivating & Inspiring Leading Female Idol has to be my mother and older sister. 

I chose the two pictures because both my mom and sister were similar stages in their lives as myself.  
Young, in their prime, best shapes of their lives, happy, newly married and raising young children. 
These women have proven to me over the years that there is nothing that I cannot accomplish.  
Nothing in this life is impossible.  And to live is to dream.  And to dream is to live.  
These two women have shown me over the years that hard work is what you do.  
Both have sacrificed for me individually and collectively for me to have all the 
opportunities and perks I have today.  Because of them I do not have to struggle.   
Both at young ages took on so many family responsibilities and I can only marvel at.  
Because of this, they inspire me to do better everyday.  
They motivate me to be a better daughter, sister, mother, daughter, friend.  
 They inspire me to achieve my goals every single day sometimes by sheer determination.  
Another reason these ladies are considered my Milf Idols is simply 
because they are strong, passionate and determined.

My Weekly updates:
This week, I "sabotaged" more than I "procrastinated" on my goals which is saying a lot.  
But here are my uninhibited updates.

1) Healthy Lifestyle Change
Weekends are my weakness so last Friday and Saturday were terrible eating days including popcorn, soda and Chinese food.  So Sunday through the rest of the week,  I more proteins like chicken, veggies, fruits and yogurt...thank God for Greek yogurt.  My tangible goal this week is be present with food...that should help me eat what my body needs: protein, veggies, fruits.  Workout, I did not run which is NOT good since I am training for a half marathon in March.  I did weight training, thank goodness for the jungle gym.

2) Emotional Wellness
This was a total fail....I did not journal at all this week.  And there were so many thoughts running through my mind that would have been good to write down and work through.  I will journal today.

3) Spiritual Fortitude
I am doing a Bible Plan from She Reads network and that has been going really well.  I usually read them in the evening before bed.  It really helps to put me in a peaceful frame of mind before bed.

All in all, this week was good...
it could have been better and that's what this week will be...
I will be more mindful and purposeful with my action steps.

Now it's your up, grab the button and share:
your Motivating & Inspiring Leading Female Idols  
and your weekly updates on your Milf goals!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Reason #175 Why I Love My Husband...

21 Go Team Pancakes!
So my husband is the best...he surprised me at work today with some Valentine's sweets since I don't work tomorrow. Completely unexpected but very much appreciated. He and my son are the best ever!! Hope your Valentine's Day is the best ever!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Trying to Stay Sane...

7 Go Team Pancakes!
Before I leave for my new job, I am dealing with the chaos of my current workplace!! So I try and remain sane by calling my husband a million times a day, working, dreaming and trying to remain calm. Hope your Tuesday is better! How do you deal with chaos at work, in life?

Monday, February 11, 2013

Grammy Glam..

13 Go Team Pancakes!

Good Monday Friends...

I didn't watch the Grammys because I feel like it's not the same.
I remember being young and excited to watch the Grammys.
It was the thing to do on Sunday because it was all everyone was going to talk about the next day...
Maybe there is a sense of nostalga too because the Grammys reminds of me when music was good...
And fun...maybe I'm just getting old....

Anywho...I was much impressed with the fashion at the Grammys....
Despite the letter from Executives warning attendees to dress appropriately...
I feel like people pushed the envelope in a good way...
Here are a few of my favs....

Beyonce---Classic Black & White...simple elegance
beyonce jay z grammys 2013 winners room photos 01

Katy Perry---her dress was EVERYTHING!!!
Katy Perry at the 2013 Grammy Awards: Katy Perry at the 2013 Grammy Awards

Rihanna---HATED her date but she looked lovely on the outside...
Katy Perry at the 2013 Grammy Awards: Rihanna at the 2013 Grammy Awards

Adele---Lovely....i want this dress!!!
Katy Perry at the 2013 Grammy Awards: Adele at the 2013 Grammy Awards

Kelly was a very sexy dress indeed!!
Katy Perry at the 2013 Grammy Awards: Kelly Rowland at the 2013 Grammy Awards

Solange---loved the pop shoes, the dress, the hair
Katy Perry at the 2013 Grammy Awards: Solange at the 2013 Grammy Awards

Question of the Day:
What were some of the looks that had you at "hello"?

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Longlazysunday: Week 14

4 Go Team Pancakes!
The longlazysunday was spent going to enjoying a wonderful pancakes breakfast, attending church, visiting family and enjoying each other's company. The best LLS moment was seeing Baby Pancakes being held by his 96year old granny! These hands have experienced so much over the years and now they've experienced holding Baby Pancakes! It's the best feeling ever!! I'm reminded how amazing life is!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday Funnies: Sweet Brown

5 Go Team Pancakes!

This lady Sweet Brown makes me happy on this lovely Friday....

Thursday, February 7, 2013

#ProjectMilf: Introduce Yourself

4 Go Team Pancakes!

Welcome Ladies to Week 1 of #ProjectMilf.  
This week is all about introducing ourselves and our goal/goals.  
To be a Motivating & Inspiring Leading Female in our lives, 
we have to be purposeful with our intentions and specific with our plans.
 By doing this, we are transparent and open to all the good the Universe has to provide.  
Additionally, to be accountable to one another to achieve our goal/goals...
we have to be familiar with one another.  
This can also help us find commonalities with our fellow "Future Milfs."   
Please take time throughout the week and read everyone's 
introduction to get to know further and make a new friend throughout the process. 
 Leave comments and encouragement!   
Let's make Week 1 one where you Introduce Yourself...

For the purposes of the link up...grab the badge below,
use the title #ProjectMilf and variations of:
 Introduce Yourself, Week 1 and your blog name and or your name.
If you have any issues...don't hesitate to send an email here.

#ProjectMilf: Week 1

12 Go Team Pancakes!

I am glad Week 1 of #ProjectMilf is a chance to introduce ourselves
 because it reminds me of when you go to AA for the first time and you have to introduce yourself.  
So in the same vain, I thought I would be honest in trying 
to introduce myself and my goals for this project. 
 "Hello my name is Mrs. Pancakes,
 I am in my early 30s and I am a chronic sabotager and procrastinator."  
There...I said it.  
Sabotager Procrastinator can be my nick name but during this project 
I want to really push myself to become a Milf...
I need to motivate and inspire myself to become that leading lady in certain areas of my life.

1) Healthy Lifestyle Change
2) Emotional Wellness
3) Spiritual Fortitude

Since in my early twenties I have had a desire to focus on an internal change in these areas.  
And I have always attempted but ONLY ever focused on the surface.  
I have not motivated and or been inspired to commit to a change at a deeper level.  
And I know it's in part due to sabotaging my efforts, procrastination and a lack of willpower.  

I am hopeful this year with a lot of internal strength and focus, 
accountability to self and a larger group and 
the support/encouragement of my "Future Milf" buddies,
 I will pass these hurdles that I have perceived to be too high to clear.

So here are my goals again with clear and specific tasks attached:

1) Healthy Lifestyle Change
exercise: run, boxing, weight training and eating: portion control, high protein diet,
 fruits and veggies, smoothies; return to my pre-pregnancy body
2) Emotional Wellness
journal three times a week; access Milf network for encouragement/support; 
read more self-help/empowerment books; develop a just do it moto!!!
3) Spiritual Fortitude
pick a specific time in the day to read daily devotional, 
attend Sunday bible school when i can; engage in more church related
 activities including return to ushering

Here's to hoping 2013 begins the year in which I stop sabotaging and procrastinating 
and begin to feel motivated and inspired!!!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Something Interesting...

11 Go Team Pancakes!

Good Morning Friends...
thanks for not letting me think I was the only lady that!!!

I put together a training recently and used this as an ice breaker...
It was interesting and  thought I would share...

If you've seen it can still respond to the questions.

On first glance...what do you see?
Close your eyes, open them and what do you see now?
Look away, close your eyes, open them...what do you see now?

If you see the same thing after you've try it three times...
leave it in the comment area and i will send you a response.....


BTW: Don't forget, we start the #ProjectMilf....
get your introduction of yourself and your goals ready to link up!!!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Mommylogues: Tired

14 Go Team Pancakes!

You know the days when you are bone tired...
I mean just TIRED....
And you sleep so deep you can't hear anything...
Including your baby?
And when you eventually get out of your coma the next morning...
The hubby says to you, "I thought you were in a coma last were sleeping so deep."
And he whips out his phone to share the recording of you snoring like a wild boar...
You know those days???
I had one of those days the other night.

And then in the morning after your husband shares said recording...
And you deny deny deny that there is no way you sleep that deep and snore that loud...
And then you realize thank God that your husband is such a wonderful father
Because he looked after your baby while you slumbered....deeply.

And then in the afternoon you think about it a little bit more and realize that YES indeed....
You do sleep deep and snore even louder....
But that it's alright because sometimes your body needs to rest!!!
And that's why God invented fathers so they would take over when mothers get bone tired!!
And it's perfectly alright for ladies/mommies to snore!!!

Question to the Day:
When was the last time you had one of those bone tired nights?

Source: via brooke on Pinterest

Monday, February 4, 2013

Super Bowl Fun

6 Go Team Pancakes!
Super Bowl 2013 had it all...

The Stage was Set....

The Brothers Harbaugh!!!

Colin Kaepernick....what an awesome story!

Jennifer Hudson and the Sandy Hook Elementary School Choir

Beyonce and her girls...girl power!

The BlackOut

And the Ravens Win...

And the pure joy...

And then of course the commercials....

Question of the Day:
What were some of your favorite moments??