Friday, September 30, 2011

Secret Newlywed Behaviors: My Husband is Awesome!

21 Go Team Pancakes!
Today is another edition of  Secret Newlywed Behavior, and the confession is that: 
i continue to find out my husband is awesome!
I came home last night after a loooong day and saw these!
Of brightened my night right away...

This is why, my husband is awesome!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

You're Invited to My Sister's Virtual Baby Shower!

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My sister and her hubby are having a baby in less than 90 days 
and i am beyond excited for them.  
I always knew she would get pregnant around my wedding and she did! 
God is definitely amazing in his own time!

As much as i am excited about the baby...
i am beyond disappointed that i don't have any more vacation days 
to visit until early next year.  
Can you believe it??? 
Darn corporate America...
I used them all up for my thyroid surgery
Big sigh!  
She lives in London, England.  
Not only won't i be there for my new niece or nephew's birth 
(they are keeping the gender a surprise), 
i won't be able to attend her baby shower:-(

Therefore, i wondered what i could do.  
I saw on another blog, 
(now i cannot remember which blog) 
about throwing a virtual baby shower! 
So i said to Mr. Pancakes, "do you think i should throw my sister a virtual shower?" 
And of course he was supportive of my decision.  
"Go ahead babe! Give your sister the best baby shower ever...virtually."

So here i am throwing my sister a surprise virtual baby shower!

SURPRISE SIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
HAPPY BABY SHOWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the invitation: (ONLY a sample, not her real info!)

The Location: Somewhere nice and cozy with books 
(my sister loves books and writing!)

The Decor: Simple, elegant and gender neutral!

Pinned Image
baby shower decorating ideas

Pinned Image
When she entered, she would receive some flowers courtesy 
of Mrs. Julius' DIY flowers (they are made with baby items--awesome right?!)

There would be lots of friends and family: (from the U.S, Canada, Italy and London)

After meeting and greeting,
we would settle into cheesy but thoughtful games...

Pinned Image
Pinned Image
The Food and Drinks: I would totally use Raven's ideas from her sister's shower!


The Sweets: I loved Lauren's (from Lucky Layman) cake 
(which was also a reveal cake) so beautiful!

Other Sweets would include cupcakes:

The Gifts: would be many and plenty!

Pinned Image
These are awesome ...the monthly onesie!
Pinned Image
StrollerCombi Shuttle 33 Infant Car Seat - Kiwi

And of course our lovely guests wouldn't leave without getting a little something:
Pinned Image
Pinned Image
The fun: We would of course, eat, laugh & dance to Bryan Adams 
and share our best wishes for the baby and the mom to be!
Pinned Image

And of course i would share that: I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH!
We've come a long way as little girls playing house 
and now we are married women 
and you are about to have a little one of your own.  
God continues to bless us individually and collectively and for this i am grateful.  
I am so glad you are my sister 
and i cannot wait for our little ones to play together 
and build the bond we've had over the years.  
We can go without speaking for weeks 
and when we are together, it feels like we were never apart.

And as you begin this amazing journey into motherhood, 
i wish you nothing but God's grace and blessings! 
 Although we live miles and miles, countries apart, 
i am here for you whenever you need me.  
I know you will be a fantastic mummy! 
The little one is definitely God's gift to our family. 
And i cannot wait to meet the little angel!

I hope you enjoyed your Surprise Virtual Baby Shower...
both Mr. Pancakes and i love you, the Mister and little angel to pieces!

And i am counting the days until i can be with you all!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Stop the Scam, Scammers!

18 Go Team Pancakes!
Below are actual letters i've received in my SPAM at least once a week.
Clearly i know these people are scammers and it upsets me these people continue to send the emails!
Do they really want me to believe they have millions of dollars they want to donate to poor little ol' me?
How did i get so lucky?
How did they get so lucky? 
 Yeah right?
And why do these scammers continue to use Africa
and her plight to market in all these scams?
Or illness and medical issues?
There are real and important issues to discuss in the world.
Ooooh...they upset me so much!
But what upsets and saddens me the most is that
there are people out there who fall for these scams.
And will forward their accounting information.
I am BEGGING scammers out there to refrain from the insanity and STOP the scams!
Most people are not falling for them anyway!
Just stop the madness...

      Scam letter One:

Dear Friend.
Greetings to you. My name is Rona Yovani Kwee. I am the account officer to most of the politicians, I have a business of Nine Million United State America Dollars ($ to be transfer to your account for investment. It has been more than 10 years ago, most of the greedy African Politicians used our bank to launder money overseas through the help of their Political advisers.
Most of the funds which they transferred out of Africa were gold and oil money that was supposed to have been used to develop the African continent. Take Libya PRESIDENT Mouammar Gaddafi for example. He export to his foreign accounts billions of American Dollars each year. CNN AND BCC NEWS WILL TELL YOU MORE. This is the fund he got from Libya oil. Mouammar Gaddafi recieves Billions of US Dollars every year from Libya oil only. The Political advisers always inflates the amounts before transfer to foreign accounts. So I also used the opportunity to divert part of the fund. And i have at the moment Nine million US dollars ($
Be rest assured that everything will be handled confidentially because this is a great opportunity we cannot afford to miss, as it will make our families profit a lot. It is 100% grantee and risk free
Awaiting to hear from you soon.
Yours Faithfully,
Rona Yovani Kwee

Scam letter Two:

Dear Beloved, 
I am Miss.Ekaterina Ptakhina  and i have been suffering from ovarian cancer disease and the doctor says that i have just two days to leave. i am from (eastern Province) Russian  but base in Africa Burkina Faso since eight years ago as a business woman dealing with gold exportation.
Now that i am about to end the race like this, without any family members and no child. i have $4.Million US Dollars in Africa Development Bank (ADB) Burkina Faso which i instructed the bank to give  it  to St Andrews Missionary Home in Burkina Faso .
But my mind is not at rest because i am writing this letter now through the help of my computer beside my sick bed. i also have $5.5Million US Dollars at Eco bank here in Burkina Faso and i instructed the bank to transfer the money to the foreigner that will apply to the bank after i have gone that they should release the fund to you, but you will assure me that you will take 50% of the money and give 50% to the motherlessbabyhomes, charity homes. In your country for my heart to rest.  YOU ARE TO CONTACT THE BANK THROUGH THIS EMAIL ADDRESS:  (
Yours Sincerely
Miss.Ekaterina Ptakhina


Monday, September 26, 2011

Inception: The Husband Edition!

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Happy Monday, Ladies!
Over the weekend, I watched Inception, you know, the movie with 
yummy and all grown-up Leo (Leonardo DiCaprio) and loved it.  
I am probably late to the party but oh well! 
i am not much of a sci-fi kind of girl but i thought i would give it a chance. 
Initially, the movie was weird and confusing 
but then eventually i got into it.  
It's probably a movie you have to watch twice to get all the nuts and bolts
 but it's a must see for the premise
                                                                                 The Premise: 

In Inception, Cobb is faced with the challenge of implanting an idea in a man’s head by joining him into his dreams and manipulating the story in a way that makes the idea appear to be something discovered and not nefariously implanted by someone else. His goal: sowing an idea, inception.

The definition of Inception is: an act, process or instance of beginning.

Not that i believe this science is possible because it would just so wrong!
Although some people believe it's similar to hypnosis but it's so much more.
Even if it was possible,
 i believe the mean & bad people in our world would completely use it inappropriately.
But  the movie got me to thinking: wouldn't it be kinda sorta cool
if i could complete an inception with Mr. Pancakes. 
You know, go into his subconscious and conscious and sow an idea. 
I know in the movie, it didn't work out so well when it was done
but this is only a blog and not REALLY real. 
A blogger can dream right?

So if i had to complete an inception on Mr. Pancakes, here are some of the ideas i would sow:

1. Put your clothes in the laundry hamper (all the way in)
2. You will give me foot rubs after every run
3. You love watching reality shows with me
4. You love to watch HGTV every single night including weekends
5. You will buy me an Ipad for Christmas
6. The garbage will be your duty for the REST of our marriage
7. You will NOT judge me on spending $5 on lattes at SB when i can spend $1.50 at 711
8. YOU will cook all our meals (because you make delicious/healthy meals)
9. We will celebrate our anniversary EVERY month
10. You LOVE watching Project Runaway with me
11. DO NOT BUY Arm & Hammer toothpaste EVER again!
12. I LOVE you forever but then you already know this!

Not too bad right?  
Now it's your turn ladies, what would you sow in your husband?
Incept away....but remember to have your anchor that reminds you of reality.
Watch the movie, you will know what i mean!

For more information: check out the reference below:
inception infographie 2 Different levels of dream in the film : Inception

You have to watch the movie if you haven' interesting amd thoughtful!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

LongLazySunday: Losing My Virginity!

11 Go Team Pancakes!

For attending a college football game that is!
Catchy titles are meant to catch your attention:-)
(isn't the word catchy weird looking?!)
So welcome to this edition of longlazysunday!

Team Pancakes attended a college football game.
I must admit, i have NEVER been to a college football game until last week.
I went to university in Canada and although we had football games,
 it wasn't an event that students HAD to attend.
Although i once had football tickets to  a homecoming game but i never went.
So for Mr. Pancakes birthday i decided to get him football tickets,
since he LOVES football.
He played football since elementary school and even played college football. 
Therefore, i thought it would be fun to attend his former college:
Arkansas State vs. Virginia Tech. 
And WOW what an experience.
I definitely missed out in the fun of college football games.
And i am glad i was able to participate.
I have finally lost my college football game virginity!

Here are ten of my PLAYs for novices attending college football games:

1. Always Root for the Home Team!
Go Arkansas State!
2. Start the day with football games on TV!

3. Have your tickets ready

4. Enjoy a tailgating in your gear!
This guy was brave...he was the ONLY one wearing an ASU gear!

5. Have a good view of the Scoreboard for plays
 (and potential screen time!)

6. Watch out for flying students
(by sometimes drunk tossers...scary!)
They tossed students in the air depending on the score

7.  Bring your keys to wave during "key plays"! 
(of course!)

8. Prepare to squeeze into you seat!

9. Prepare to stand the ENTIRE game!

10. Meet new friends: The drunk guys & drunk dancing guy!

 Enjoy your football college experience novices!

And have a happy longlazysunday:-)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Seven Things!

17 Go Team Pancakes!
One of my fav. daily reads, Grahangela 
recently commissioned me to share seven things about Team Pancakes. 
The directions are: (I love how there are directions to make life easier!)

Write 7 things about yourself.
Give the "award" to other blogs.
Inform them about it!

I am assuming the seven things are supposed to be interesting so i will do my best:

1. I was born in Ghana, West Africa.  
I moved to Canada in the 2nd grade for better opportunities. 
I moved to the USA a few years ago for LOVE!
2. I want  a Baby Pancakes soon 
(because whenever Mr. Pancakes smiles, i see our children in his smile)
3. Our honeymoon to Barbados was Team Panackes first time in the Caribbean
4. Mr. Pancakes is personal trainer (i am not!)
5. I attended three different Universities in Canada
6. Team Pancakes are planning a trip to Ghana & Europe in 2012 after they are DEBT FREE!
7. Team Pancakes likes to laugh and have fun (a lot...see below)

Awww...i actually had more to share.
Maybe next time soon!

But now it's your turn.
I chose you ladies because i've been reading your blogs for a little while
 but would love to learn more fun details about you!
Join the fun:

a) Toi:
c) CeCe:
g) Tonya:

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Dear D.C Pedestrians & 150 days...

14 Go Team Pancakes!
Disclaimer: If you are a D.C Pedestrian, this letter is not to offend but to caution & educate sarcastically! 

Dear D.C Pedestrians,

You suck! 
You really...really do suck!
When the lights are green, that means cars are to GO!
You, D.C Pedestrians, are to STOP! 
When the little man flashes GREEN, you D.C pedestrians are to GO!
Me in my car is to STOP!
You D.C Pedestrians need to stop jay-walking WHEN CARS have the RIGHT OF WAY!
If you are going to jay-walk, at least WAIT until there are NO CARS coming at YOU!
Because you know what D.C Pedestrians....
I almost HIT YOU (two of you)today...TWICE...(in a row)!
And guess wasn't my fault...
because i had the
GO for cars
GO for people
There is a difference!
Cars and people cannot/should not all GO at once...ever!

Please D.C Pedestrians, get it together!

Sarcastically but with Sincerity, 
Mrs. Pancakes!

Dear Mr. Pancakes,

Today we celebrate 150 days of love, laugh and life!
Everyday i am thankful i get to wake up next to you.
And every night i get to cuddle with you.
You truly are the best part of my day.
And everyday i can't wait to come home just to see you 
(after i curse at D.C Pedestrians).
Everyday with you feels like a kid that gets to open up their Christmas gifts early...overjoyed, excited, elated!
Happy anniversary...
Today i celebrate you, me, us & our union!
I celebrate our past, present and future.
Here's to many many more days,
I love you to infinity and beyond,
I love you to the moon and back!
I love you always and forever...
you get the hint!

Mrs. Pancakes!

Source: Team Pancakes

Celebrity Moniker: Here 'R Yours?

12 Go Team Pancakes!
Here are some of the cool celebrity monikers that my amazing readers came up with.  And they are awesome! In no particular goes:

1. Chad + Kourtney = Chourney, Kourtad, Kad, Chaney
2. Sam + Bennett = BAM!
3. Monique + (and her significant other) = Kenique
4. LaMar + LaMesha = Lamesha
5. Erika + Chris = Chriska (i came up with that one)
6. Amber + (and her significant other) = Shamber
7. Shea + Tim = Shim
8. Sean + Faith = Seanaith (i came up with that one)
9. Lauren + Nick = Laurick
10. John + Christina = Jontina
11. LaNeshe + Tim = Taneshe, LaTim
12. Beyonce + Jay Z = Jayonce (courtesy of CeCe!)
13. LaMar + TiAnna = Tamar, Lana, TiMar
14. John + Tonya = Tohn, Johnya, JoTon
15. David + Patrice = Davatrice
16. Chris + Laura = Lauris, Clauris
17. Quaina + (and her significant other) = Q & U (because you can't have one without the other, so CUTE!)
18. Robbie + Candice = Robocan (LOVE IT!)

Thank you to everyone that participated.
This was definitely a fun post to do.
Again thanks to Rolex and Grahangela for the inspiration!
Everyone needs a celebrity moniker!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Celebrity Moniker: What's Yours?

28 Go Team Pancakes!
So this post was totally inspired by two of my newest readers @
Both of these ladies have celebrity monikers. 
you know where stars are given awesome names because they are beyond awesome! 
Well now awesome regular ladies like Alex and Angela have such nicknames!
Their significant others and them are so perfect and compatible, they've created such amazing monikers
and I LOVE their names. 

Rolex= Alex + Rod 

Grahangela=Graham + Angela!

Awesome right?!

Well meeting and reading their blogs made me think of what Team Pancakes' monikers would be? 
Clearly our names are not really Pancakes.  
Our names are quite boring actually. 
William & Cynthia.  
Which left me with nothing at all.  
But i thought and thought and came up with the following: 

William + Cynthia=

I know...tragic.
It's not quite as awesome as Rolex and Grahangela! 
But oh well, i tried!
Now it's your turn...

If you had to develop a celebrity moniker for you and your special someone
 (husband, boyfriend, crush, fantasy man)
what would it be?

(Leave the actual names and the celebrity moniker and i will post them later this week!)

And just to celebrate, here are some infamous celebrity monikers!

Bennifer--the 1st!
Bennifer-the 2nd 
Wiljade--they definitely need one!
Beyaz--i suck making these up!
Rachyan--ok, ok they never had one but i LOVED them together!
Happy Tuesday!