Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Honey and I will be Mooning...

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Initially i was thinking an all-inclusive resorts somewhere in the Caribbean as Mr. Pancakes and i have never done this before.  But then the idea of all those people around us all the time was not as romantic idea as i wanted it to be.

 I have always wanted to go to Los Cabos, Mexico however with all the uncertainties going on with the drug cartel and killings of FBI agents, this was definitely out.  A lot of instability right now as Mr. Pancakes put it.  Therefore, i have to put my dream of Los Cabos on hold until another time.

Then i thought about the Bahamas because i have a college friend who lives there.  During my search online, i came across this amazing resort on an exclusive island in the Bahamas! I mean it was just gorgeous. It was basically an island, with secluded cabins that allowed you to enjoy each other without any distractions except for when you go into the main house.  The idea of being on a secluded island somewhere in the Bahamas was heaven to me.  However this was also WAY out of our honeymoon budget but Mr. Pancakes has promised to take me there before our tenth anniversary and i can wait for that.  I was sooooo sold on this idea! Check out sounds like an amazing experience! (
Then i cam across Barbados, what i know of this island is that it is small and very pretty as the picture shows.  Going to Barbados and staying in a secluded hotel will help us enjoy each other's company and also take it easy on the island of Barbados...can't you just hear the commercial lady's accent!
                                      Less than thirty days my honey and i will be mooning in Barbados


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Last Minute Wedding Projects

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I thought i would share some of my last minute projects with my favourite ladies in my bloggin' world.
I have seen the escort tables done so many times so i wanted to try something different.  After much research online, i fell in love with the ribbon board and my obsession was born.  I knew i wanted the ribbon board but had no idea how to even begin this process.  However, one of my co-workers who is uber talented created the most amazing ribbon board for me.  It is beyond amazing and i cannot wait to use it!
I love the idea of our guests thinking that this is unique and something they have never experienced before.
The other project was the card box.  I know i could have purchased a card box but i wanted to really incorporate my colours and be creative which i was able to achieve.  I mean the blues and yellows with a shimmer of silver came together so beautiful, i was blown away.  By far this is perhaps my favourite project so far.
The other one has no words.  I will envail it after the wedding but  I LOVE IT so much.  I was speechless when i received it in the mail and i was speechless!
It was the cake topper created by Mudcards on   and she makes the best possible cake toppers ever! Here is a sample of her work...lovely beyond words!
custom made funky couple wedding cake topper
All in all, i am excited about my last minute projects.  I cannot wait to see all of my ideas come together on my wedding day which is quickly approaching!
What were some fun projects you created?!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bachelorette Party: GIRLS DID HAVE FUN!!

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Ladies i am exciting and freaking out in a good way.  It is less than thirty days before my wedding day.  Crazy!  My camera will not import my pictures...arghhh! Please picture this...
I cannot believe the bachelorette party has come and gone.  It was a blast! The girls completely went all out.  They made me yellow t-shirts with Pancakes Bachelorette Weekend, 3/18/11-3/20/11 Toronto, Canada written on them.  With some adorable pictures of Mr. Pancakes and i.   I mean i was not expecting that at all and i was totally psyched about that.  All the girls had t-shirts which was just awesome and unexpected. It made me a little teary eyed!  The girls also indulged me in using the phrase because "i'm the bride|" when i wanted to do something!
I will not divluge everything but there were a lot of bubbly, laughs, naughty/fun games, reminiscing about crushes and boys, good food and a lot of dancing.  The whole weekend was enjoyable. The next morning was breakfast, then relaxing for the rest of the day.  I must say that all my girls came together beautifully and were able to organize a beautiful Bachelorette Party for me.  It was definitely an unforgettable night.  I know it supposed to be the LAST NIGHT OUT as a SINGLE LADY however it was not my last night out of dancing and having fun with my girls:-)
One of the fun details about the bachelorette party were the blinging rings and my bachelprette crown! Fun details. Of course they both looked fabulous on me.
The blue and yellow theme was a hit as well. All the girls wore blue dresses and one friend wore yellow to tie everything together which was amazing. 
                                             All in all, it was a lovely, amazing and fun night!
What were some of the memorable things about your bachelorette party??

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Recaps Coming

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Ladies what a night! We are driving back to the U.S after my amazing girls pulled together a very lovely fun exciting night filled with friends, food, dancing and loads of other things! I will let the picture speak for themselves in my recap tomorrow without divulging any secrets! The moto for the night "what happens in Toronto stays in Toronto!" except for some fun tidbits and pix on the the Pancakes blog because "I'm the bride!" (will explain later!)

Friday, March 18, 2011

Big Night Tomorrow!!!

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I have a feeling that tonight's gonna be a good...good night!

I've been here the last couple of days just relaxing and gearing up for the Biggest Day of My Adult Night Life with my Girls! I never really thought this day would be happening to me and so to share it with my girls with whom i have known since i was in diapers is fantastic! It still seems surreal that tomorrow night i will be having a bachelorrette/staggette/hen night.  Perhaps it will hit me tomorrow when i am in my dress all doled up ready to party! I will definitely post pictures and all that sort! Another request i had of the girls was that everyone be decked out in my wedding colours of Yellow and Blue! Exciting...i found this sexy little blue number!
                                                       What do you think?

Monday, March 14, 2011

Glorious Monday: Countdown to the Bachelorette Party

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I feel as if this whole weekend ran away with me! Longlazysunday was spent cooking and trying to clean because i am going away for the week and Mr. Pancakes definitely needs to eat! I do like to cook for my man sometimes! Wedding projects are rapidly being completed and i cannot tell you how excited i am about my BACHELORETTE weekend!

Ithink it will be a fun fun fun weekend and i cannot wait to be with all my closest friends. We've been through a lot together and to all come together because i am getting married just blows my mind and excites me. We are all growing up and moving onto various stages of our lives and it feels like God is continuously blessing us and i cannot be happier. 

I will share more pictures of my projects later tonight but i wanted to write a little bit because i felt as if i have been neglecting the Pancakes blog.

Exciting things are coming!!!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Longlazysunday: Invited Guests Only!

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This long lazy Sunday went to church early. It was rainy but we made it to the church. The message: do not become Nebuchadnezzar--when big isn't good! I love how my pastor is always able to bring it home. Sermons that speak with me is constantly pushing me to be a better person! At church today, many people appeared exciting about our upcoming wedding, asking are we excited and how they couldn't wait to be part of it. And as excited as I am for everyone to see us get married and share in our joys, I don't know how everyone will feel if they are invited to the church but not to the reception. I know the ceremony is the most important but everyone does enjoy a good party: church goers or not! At the end of the day though I hope all of our church family understand that if we could invite them all to the reception we would! Glad that we do have such warm and nice people around us that feel so much love for us! On this rainy yet cozy Longlazysunday, I am feeling love and loved as our wedding day approaches! What are you feeling this Longlazysunday?

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Biggest Girls Night Out Ever!

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My ladies are planning my bachelorette party in the Tdot aka: Toronto, Canada! I am excited about this because I don't know much information about the plans except that it is going to be a blast! Since I've been of clubbing age, my girls and I have always enjoyed going out to clubs and dancing and having a good time!

The bachelorette party to me is a culmination of all the times we went out dancing and having fun! It is the perfect send off to my life as a single person because truth be told, all the times we went out dancing, it was in the hopes (in someways) of meeting the man of your dreams! It never happened for me (Mr. Pancakes and I didn't meet dancing and would not have met at a club) but it always allowed my girls and I to get all dolled up to go dancing and just being girls.

I told the girls I didn't want a stripper because it just wasnt my thing. I wanted my girls, good food, lots of laughter and loads of dancing! Aside from having all my girls together, I also get to spend time with my sister who I have not seen in a long time and for which I am quite excited. This will be the first time we will be spending time going dancing together (aside of drunk dancing during our holiday parties!). I purchased my bachelorette night dress, need to polish out my dancing shoes, get out some accessories and just have the bes girls night out ever!

What happened at your bachelorette party? Did anything fun and or crazy happen?
What should i be prepared for?