Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Traveling Pancakes!

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!!!!  This is quite a cute story  !!!!

Before Mr. Pancakes and i started dating, i was a huge traveler, always going somewhere, doing something, having a blast with my girls and family.  I had actually come from a trip to Africa when i met Mr. Pancakes.  Therefore, it was very dismaying to realize that Mr. Pancakes did not have a passport.  I almost started judging him when i realized he did not have a passport...i was like how is that possible? How can one not have a passport? Big traveling snob, huh? Anyway over our almost three years together, i have asked him to get a passport and he has put it off.  Recently we talked about going to Canada and of course since they changed their rules and regulations, one needs a passport to cross their border.  And TONIGHT when i came home, he told me to close my eyes.  Of course, i thought it was a surprise for me! Anyway, i closed my eyes and he put something in it and told me to open my eyes which i did! And there it was, his passport! I was so excited, i felt like he proposed all over again.  My man has come into his own and now has the ability to travel the world whenever he wants, with me of course by his side.  We are definitely ready now to talk about the honeymoon! I am so excited fellow bloggin' buddies because this has been a LOOOOOOOOOONG time coming.  But they say, men do things on their own time and i am glad his time has finally come!  It was definitely worth the wait! 
Now we just gotta save up for those airlines tickets that will make the passport all the more worthwhile.  But his first traveling stamp is definitely going to be from CANADA!   

Have there been things you have asked hubby, fiance and or boyfriend to do that took a long time and when it was finally done, it was worth the wait?


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When Mr. Pancakes and i first started dating, it was long distance and since trust is never well established in the beginning, i didn't always believe everything he told me he was doing.  Goodness, i am glad those days are long gone! Anyway, on most Sundays, Mr. Pancakes would tell me that he was visiting with his grandmother.  He would tell me this over and over.  And as our relationship grew and we continued to learn more about each other, i found out that both of his grandmothers had passed.  Therefore, the fact that he was visiting his grandmother was very suspect! 
Needless to say, i came to find out that it was a lady from his church that he had adopted as his grandmother.  A grandmother that he can sit with talk sports and laugh with.  Even more suspect right! Eventually, i moved to the same state as him and i finally met Granny.  Mr. Pancakes was not kidding, she is as quick witted, funny, smart and interesting as anyone i had ever met.  And since my own Granny lives far far away, i adopted Granny as my own too.  
She is independent where she makes her own meals even when you are trying to help, enjoys a good basketball/women tennis game; he has beat cancer, has had a heart attack, wears a pacemaker, continues to pay her own bills, has lost a son to the vietnam war and will tell you that she is too blessed to be depressed! Might i also add that she uses a cell phone and can tell a dirty joke! I am paying tribute to Granny because of all the qualities she possess but also because Granny should be more Great Granny as her date of birth is 6/6/16.  I mean the lady is 94 years-old and hardly do i hear her complain about her ailments.  Her dedication to maintain her independence is beyond anything i have ever seen.  
Mr. Pancakes and i have Sunday Dinners at her house and she will insist she does the cooking (sometimes).  Spending time with her has strenghtened Mr. Pancakes and i's relationship to the tenth degree as she has taught us so much about being in a relationship, marriage, having a relationship with God and raising children.  She encourages us to work together as a team and have respect for each other.  Knowing Granny has allowed me to think that we never know how many years God will bless us with however we need to live life purposefully.  
Living purposefully on many levels includes physical, emotional, spiritual and financial.  Many times when you hear about the elderly, there are concerns with their financial state and because Granny has lived purposefully, she continues to be financially stable and strong.  Also because she is spiritual, Granny  continues to experience something bigger than herself which has helped her to have perspective in her life.  Being emotionally strong allows her to not complain about all her ailments (of which she has many).  Which leads to her ability to be strong physically because she is not emotionally stressed and overwhelmed.  I can only wish God to bless me with as many years as he continues to bless Granny.  Of course she always says i only want to be 100years-old if i am "coherent enough to know why i am blowing out candles."
She is currently at the hospital and continues to say "i want to be able to be there to see you and (Mr. Pancakes) get married."  I smile at her and in my hearts of hearts pray to God that Granny will be able to attend our 4/23 wedding.  I pay TRIBUTE to Granny on this TUESDAY because of who she is and also because of how she has influenced my life and my relationship with Mr. Pancakes.  
I am forever indebted to her and i hope to say this to her during our wedding reception!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Who Makes Your Heart Smile???

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Both Mr. Pancakes and i went to work later today, so our longlazysundays continued into Monday which was really nice.  As Mr. Pancakes was busy making me breakfast, i could not help but to think how much he (Mr. Pancakes) makes my heart smile! I cannot neccessary explain how i knew my heart was smiling but i knew it in that instant.  I felt as if my heart was filled with the love he shows me constantly through a small gentle touch, a kiss at  the nape of my neck, a look, an inquiry about my feelings, thoughts and the way he looks at me.  This is perhaps the first time in my adult life where a man has added to my life in immeasurable ways.  Mr. Pancakes is thoughtful, caring, intelligent and a praying man (which i always wanted).  Might i also add he is a tall, dark and handsome drink of water (i don't know if that's how the phrase goes or not but needless to say, he is sexy!) This morning, though, i could actually feel my heart smiling as i watched him cook breakfast for us.  I couldn't help but think this is the man God has allowed me to share the rest of my life with.  This is the man that is my companion and my confidante. This is the man that will become my children's father.  This the man that teases me constantly in annoyance, love and fun.  This is the man that makes me smile.  This is the man that i love! Mr. Pancakes is the man that makes my heart smile. So i am asking my fellow bloggers, who makes your heart smile

Sunday, September 26, 2010

LongLazySunday: Being On Time

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Another longlazysunday..amazing how quickly a week goes by.  Mr. Pancakes and i have been getting to church late and so we attempted to get to church a little earlier.  However, we were not exactly on time but we were there much earlier than last sunday which is a good start.  Being on CP time time is sometimes a good thing but not always because it can be embarrassing.  I keep on thinking that we are going to be late for our wedding and our pastor is such a stickler for routine and structure, so we definitely need to work on Being On Time! The message at church today was to: adhere to the word and not the man who is giving the word! After church we visited with Great-Granny Pancakes--more about her on TRIBUTE TUESDAYS--which was a nice visit.  Then we headed to the JCPenney, there was a suit i had to pick up.  This whole week, i had been telling Mr. Pancakes i wanted to do something romantic like a picnic on the grass somewhere in the city.  Of course it rained so after JCPenney, Mr. Pancakes attempted to surprise me with a night at the movies.  But to be honest, the movie was too late.   I wanted for us to enjoy the rest of our long lazy sunday wihtout rushing home from a movie.  So here i sit with Sunday Night Football  on TV (Dolphins vs. Giants anyone?) and Bridezilla on another channel (i try to watch it whenever Mr. Pancakes gets up to do something).  Here is to another LongLazySunday! What did some of you ladies do on your sunday? Was it long and or lazy?

Saturday, September 25, 2010

No Wedding Website 4 Me...

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So Mr. Pancakes is a very private person and does not want his pictures and or personal information about him all over the internet.  Therefore, i decided to be his better half and go along with his wishes to not develop a wedding website which i thought would have been a fabulous and fun way for our families and friends to have access to.  But oh well...marriage is all about compromising and taking one for the team and so to be part of Team Pancakes, i am foregoing developing a wedding website! 

Therefore, i thought i would take to my blog and share a few ideas i had for if i were developing a wedding website.  The following would be on the first page with a little ditty about LOVE...

This is the day that the LORD has made, we shall rejoice and be glad in it!
Mr. & Miss Pancakes...
Love: noun/verb and everything in between
1: holding hands, walking in the rain, and not even knowing it's meaning,  2: being there for each other (no matter what) 3: that certain look 4: trust 5: passion 6: the best kind of friendship 7: gets better with time 8: a fairy tale that does come true

 My Prayer Answered:
Everyone is born for someone
Not everyone gets to know that someone
As the clock ticks by
Loneliness stares in the face
On my knee I pray
Oh Lord; when that someone comes my way
Give me the strength and courage to accept
That this someone is mine
Our prayer Answered...
Aren't these some of the nicest and sweetest things you have heard about love and everything in between?! I love the poem above, i found it on a random website years and years ago! Have you and your better half had any disagreements over posting info online?? Our wedding colours are sapphire and yellow!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Good and Better Shopping Days!

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Happy Friday Ladies!
HartbrakeA few weeks ago, i ventured into DSW to do a little retail therapy.  I have been very good recently not purchasing unneccessary items i do not need, therefore i needed to do a little damage.  Not to much, but just a little.  Of course as soon as i entered the store, my eyes went to the dressy shoe section because yes my whole world is consumed with everything wedding! I laid eyes on some cute shoes, some lovely shoes, some killer heels, some funky designed shoes, some would not be caught dead wearing shoes and just some i would not even consider shoes because if i wore you, i would not be able to walk down the aisle, let alone dance shoes.  So i was walking through the store making judgements on all the various shoes and i came across a pair of Bandolino heels that i thought fit the criteria.  What criteria in a shoe am i looking for you, you ask?  Some sex-appeal (strappy sandals) style (with a classy small flower at the toe), comfortability (3inches thick but not chunky heel) and a little royal blue at the heels and other the frame of the shoe! I was looking for a pair of shoes that would add a little splash of colour underneath my address and gosh darnit, i think i found them.  A few years ago, my sister had a wedding and we wore some of the nicest, sexy yet comfortable shoes she could fine and i think i found mine.  I may possibly look for some flats to wear later on as the nights wear on (splash of patent yellow and or royal blue) but these Bandolino shoes will definitely lead me down the aisle to my future husband, Mr. Pancakes.  That day was a good shopping day definitely but the better shopping day came a few days ago when i went back to DSW and found out that the Bandolino shoes i purchased was on sale, for an extra 30%!!!!!!!!!!! Better shopping days, DSW was great because even though i didn't have my shoes and only had my receipt, i was able to get the discount which brought a smile to my face!  Have you had any great shopping days recently related to the wedding planning and or life in general?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


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There are many people I meet on a regular basis that sometimes I want to pay tribute to.  Of course there are many ways to pay tribute however prior to writing this post, i wanted to first define "to pay tribute." The noun TRIBUTE has 3 senses:
1. something given or done as an expression of esteem
2. payment by one nation for protection by another
3. payment extorted by gangsters on threat of violence

So clearly the 2 and 3 are not the definition i am going to use today to pay tribute to this person.  The first tribute is "a kind of approval and commendation: which fits perfectly into what i want to do.  I want to commend this person for who they are and what they do to a certain cause that is close to my heart and wish that everyone would have the same kind of heart. 

She is a daughter, sister, friend, woman, student, playmate, advocate, caregiver and other hats that she may need to put on.  The hat she wears everyday the most is the sister, friend, caregiver, playmate and advocate of her younger brother who has autism.  To see them play together, whisper to each other and share a laugh with one another is such a lovely sight to see.  Sometimes in the autism world filled with confusion and chaos, it is wonderful to see such a display of love and warmth between her and her brother.  A smile spreads across my face when i see him reaching out to hug and kiss her.  It definitely brightens up my day. 

She is warm and gentle with him and even though he can and has become aggressive toward her, she soothes and calms him down as much as possible.  She is an advocate for him at school, in community and at home.  She put on an event for other children with special needs so that her brother and other children can have an opportunity to engage in activities that they enjoy and like. 

One of the things i admire about  this person is her willingness to sacrifice for the well being of her brother and that's amazing because not many people will sacrifice their time, energy and effort into a sibling with special needs (as human beings, we can be selfish for many reasons).   She has been self-less in her many roles toward her brother and  for this i COMMEND her. 

Furthermore, I have seen the power of love in display (i know that sounds very celine dion-ish) by knowing this person and i will forever be grateful and for this i COMMEND her.   I also COMMEND her advocacy for autism, which is an incredibly difficult childhood disorder with many promises and hopes, visit this website for more details:

Definitely ladies and gents (i don't know if i have any gents following me but you never know) there are individuals you've met and or know that you want to pay a tribute to.  Or a cause that you are interested in. Please feel free to share...Miss. Pancakes wants to know!

Monday, September 20, 2010

A Whole New World...

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At first i wasn't sure about this whole bloggin' world but so far, i am enjoying it!
Other bloggers are definitely willing to help with opionions and suggestions and it allows me to live outside of my head which has been fantastic.  It has been a growing process thus far.   Bloggin' has become more therapeutic in the last couple of weeks than i thought.  Thanks to all the new bloggers that i am meeting and ones that i am going to meet.  My Pastor always talks about having a heart of expectancy and so i am expecting great and fantastic things to happen while i continue to blog.  Bloggin' has opened up a whole new way for me to express myself without judgement! Initially, i felt as if i was CHEATING on my journal (i have been journalling since i can remember) but this is just a different outlet for me as i come into my adulthood--wife/mother.  Thanks Ms. YUMMama and MsBabyPlan for the awards...still figuring how all of this stuff works but i hope to get there someday soon. A Whole New World....think Aladdin and Princess Jasmine!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Where's the Groom's Mama?

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The other night, we were talking and working on our wedding guest list and something came up which i am curious to ask if other people have ever dealt with this.  Mr. Pancakes was raised primarily by Pops Pancakes (who i love and i am excited about becoming his future daughter-in-law).  His parents divorced when he was fairly young.  Needless to say, he was raised by his father however is close to his mother and they have their own close relationship.  His mother has been dating a certain gentleman for many many years that he has never liked and never will and has decided not to add him to the wedding list.  He is open to inviting him to the wedding ceremony (my suggestion!) however he refuses to invite him to the reception.  He is pretty sure that if he tells his mother this, then she will definitely make a choice not to attend our wedding.  Of course i do not believe she will actually miss her baby boy's wedding because her partner is not.  However, Mr. Pancakes insists this is what will happen and he knows his family much better than i do.  The thought that his mother may not attend our wedding makes me terribly sad.   I think of all the various moments they will miss including the mother/groom dance.  I believe Mr. Pancakes has to do what he feels is right for him and i will support his decision but HAS ANYONE EXPERIENCED THIS OR SOMETHING SIMILAR?

Saturday, September 18, 2010


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This post saddens me a bit but it has to be written! I went bridesmaid shopping without any of the bridesmaids because most of them llive far away from me and the rest were working.  I ventured out because this was the best and right thing to do, my girls needed a dress.  The consultant did an amazing job of helping me chose four dresses that i felt were gorgeous and would fit all the different shapes and sizes that my girls have beautifully! So i was definitely excited to share it with the M.O.H because she is one of the closest people to me in terms of distance and space so it was important for me share the news with her.  I even scheduled an appointment for her on Monday morning for her to try on the dress.  Therefore, imagaine my dismay when i shared the news with her and she informed me she thought the dress was too expensive! Too expensive?! I don't know her full financial situation but i was tihnking that it was me, i would not mind spending money on a dress to wear to her wedding.  After all, my day is definnnitely not any ordinary day!  I was HIGHLY disappointed and a little saddened that she would say that because i thought if anyone, she would be the most excited person for me.  I know that my wedding should not be anybody's else financial woes but at least be excited for me! The dress is a bit pricey but it's not incredibly outrageous and i know money does not grow on trees!  And i mean the wedding is more than seven months away so definitely, my girls have time to save.  However, i digress but i was very SAD when she made that comment.  Did your girls have any comments (it might have even been reasonable but somewaht unexcepted) when you shared the specifics of their dresses? price and type?

Making Friends...

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I was reading another blog today and the writer was expressing how she has no mommy friends and i could so relate to her, not in the not having mommy friends but just not having wedding planning friends.  Planning a wedding is such a process and i guess now i know why the bees flock to the hive for support and comfort, however it would be nice to have another friend that was also getting married and or at least close to that process so we can bond.  Mr. Pancakes does not really want to hear me explain to him why we need a guest book that is not a regular guest book or why i want shoes that will add a splash of colour to my dress. I empathize with this writer because having something in common with someone else always makes me feel better and connected.  It helps me to feel understood and heard.  I wish for this other writer to find someone and or some other individuals that she has things in common wtih where they will be able to share ideas and thoughts.  The good thing i believe is that she is in the bloggin' world sharing her thoughts and ideas with others she has things in common with.  However, the bloggin' world can be deceiving because it opens up this very structured environment with others that do not disagree with you very much but rather are supportive and comforting.  But i feel that some people are able to build strong bonds and relationships via the bloggin' world! And this is a great thing because it can be difficult to build relationships in the outside world. 

Friday, September 17, 2010

First Comes the Dress then Comes Love!

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I have officially FOUND the second love of my life ( the first being Mr. Pancakes).  I walked into the store having some idea of what i was looking for, (satin, simple but sexy but elegant, trumpet/mermaid style with a hint of glitter), i didn't know if i would find it (i hadn't found it anywhere else) but lo and behold, as i sat down to complete the registration, i saw a dress in a bag that i thought looked like something i might want to try on.  And as soon as i put it on, i did not want to take it off.  It had all the makings of the dress i WANTED TO SAY YES to! The whole cliche of, as soon as you try the dress on, you will know it is YOUR dress, the dress that you were meant to wear to marry the man of your dreams.  It was perfect, i felt like the way one always wants to feel on their wedding day, the princess and the lady all rolled up into one! I wanted the WOW factor in the bow on the back (which comes off) and the simple bling in the front.  I got the sexy fit in the mermaid and the elegant look in the trumpet look.  First came the dress and then came love.  It was everything i wanted and then more.  It almost parallels my love story with Mr. Pancakes, he is definitely everything i wanted and then more.  What was the experience of you finding your wedding gown? Was it as euphoric as mine?  Check out another bride with this dress on. Gorgeous--she chose not to have the bling but it's still nice. 

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Making Wish Lists

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There is a movie on Lifetime which has led me to reflect on 'wish lists' and making lists of wishes we want.  Like how on my wedding planning wish list includes a wedding fairly godmother to sprinkle some fairy dust on my wedding day and it will happen without me having to lift a finger. Anyone know one of those? But i digress, the premise of this movie is about an organized lady who decides to make a list of the criteria of the man she is looking for and ends up meeting a man that has none of the criterias on her list, leading her to the belief that sometimes the man that you are looking for is not necessarily part of the master plan.  It's a cute premise and movie but also true to reality because a lot of women (and perhaps men) do this, make lists of characteristics we want in a mate.  Some of us may actually put pen to paper when making our lists ( i did once) and or have the list in our mind.  However we do it, we all have the characteristics on the list: his height, his eye colour, type of job, funny, rubs my back, enjoys sports, will play scrabble with me and so on and so forth.  Lists are important because it focuses one on their goals and and the steps to achieving them however it can stifle our ability to go with the flow and allow the higher powers to do what it does. In my case, making a list of the characteristics i wanted in a future mate was significant in focusing me on what i liked and didn't like in a partner.  And in the end, i found in Mr. Pancakes most of the characteristics i wanted in a partner but other characteristics were definitely not on my list and truth be told, I met my perfect match.  The moral of the story is wish lists are important (whether you write them down or have them in your head) because it helps you focus on likes/dislikes however sometimes when universe sends you something different in your way, open your arms and receive it because in the end the master plan has already been written!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Wedding Dreamin' @ Work

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I must admit since the proposal and hence the planning of the wedding, i have begun to have a some spacey moments at work which includes daydreaming about my dress (which i found and fell in love with, more to come later), what kind of flowers i want, what little trinkets i can buy to spruce up the wedding and checking up on what is going on in the hive (i might be addicted i am not sure) or specifically checking how much further Miss Elephant has come in her wedding planning.  Don't get me wrong, i do my work but in moments where it is not busy (writing reports, following up with a parent, answering emails and phone calls and so forth and so on), i am on the internet, googling something, writing down a wedding idea, calculating the budget for the millionth time and wondering when Mr. Pancakes is going to be booking the DJ.  It doesn't help either when colleagues want to know how my wedding planning is going and i am obliged to share some of the information.  I have always been a dreamer during idle times at work but it's become worse since the wedding and so i believe i will return to my normal mini-dreamer self sometime in May 2011.  How have you ladies who are planning a wedding and or have planned a wedding been doing with your absentmindedness (day dreamin')?  Is it or has it taken over your work life and or any other areas of your life? Inquiring minds...well at least Miss Pancakes would like to know!

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Engagment RING

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Today was an easygoing day with work. I was able to work from home nad now just watching the tennis match.  I went for a run this morning and i could not help but look at sparkle coming from my engagement ring.  Before Mr. Pancakes and i became engaged, we (well ok mostly I) would talk about rings and what kind of ring i wanted.  Only knowing about the Princess cut, solitaire, white gold, i continued to mention that this is the type of ring i wanted.  To be honest, i am not even sure what a princess diamond looks like, i have only heard about it during my forays on  Therefore, when Mr. Pancakes proposed back in June, i was more than excited about the proposal and the realization that this amazing man was asking me to become his wife! Secondly, i was excited about the RING.  It was beautiful, it wasn't a princess cut however it was a round 1.25 diamond in a 14k band.  I mean when he put it on, i was in love immediately, it sparkled and it shined and it made me smile and still makes me smile. I mean it is a beautiful ring and i couldn't be happier with how Mr. Pancakes made this decision on his own.  I am sure it wasn't the most exciting thing he had to do; going ring shopping (he goes in and out of a shop and gets what he needs) but he did! And in the end, i got the ring that is meant to be on my hand for many, many and many years to come.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Long Lazy Sunday

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My MOH had her 31st birthday last night and usually instead of renting a limo and getting some of her girls and boys together,she decided to throw a party at the house with a dj. Well actually someone rented the dj for he and if you know my MOH, she lives to dance so this was the perfect gift. It was a good night, needless to say I am still recovering,in a good way. Mr. Pancakes was unable to attend because he worked late but I represented! Today, after church, I am putting on the pjs, crawling into and taking naps. Mr. Pancakes is watching the first games of the NFL season. There goes all my Sundays of bridzilla for the next six months but I digress. Here is to a long lazy Sunday. What do you do on your long lazy Sundays? (I just heard Mr. Pancakes cheer, someone must have caught a nice pass or made a touchdown!)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Being True to thy Self!

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Planning a wedding has lead me to reflect on a whole load of issues specifically being true to myself in the whole wedding planning process.  It is easy to get caught up (wasting time and energy) on what other people are doing: what is that bride wearing, where is this bride's venue; which photographer are they using; how many guests are they inviting; what is their wedding budget and so on and so forth. Just like anything we do in our lives, sometimes we get so caught up in what that person is doing and not doing and less time and energy being caught up in our own lives. 
The wedding planning has brought this whole issue to the forefront for me because thanks to technology, i am bombarded with information about what other people are doing and not doing in their wedding plans (wedding blogs which i won't mention).  Truth be told, i am seeking out information on the technology i have so maybe if i refrained from seeking information, i will not have these issues.  But i am only human and curiosity can get the best of me at times.  Therefore, as a result of  this reflection, it has become important for me to remember what is significant in the wedding process and remember what is important for me and Mr. Pancakes.  I have to be true to myself and do what is unique and special for Mr. Pancake and i. Dave Ramsey, a financial advisor, who can be found on (i will talk about some other time but you should check him out, he will change your life) has this quote that i love: we spend money buying things we don't need to impress people we don't like. Substitute money for energy/time and it will be in the same vain, wedding planning has lead me to spending my time and energy on people i don't even know wondering what they are doing and not doing.  I vow to be true to myself in the planning of the wedding and everything in between.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Who Stands Beside Me?

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Choosing a bridal party is not just about picking people that will look cute in their dresses, throw you an excellent bachelorrette party, give you cute naughty gifts and enjoy the wedding reception after the ceremony.  It is more than friends arguing with you because you did not choose them to be part of the party and or who gets to be M.O.H, maid of honour and who does not.  Choosing the members of the bridal party is a very integral part of the wedding ceremony and marriage process.  It is about choosing friends that you know will stand beside you through thick and thin.  It is about choosing friends that have been there through thick and thin.  It is about choosing friends that will STAND beside me while the pastor reads the vows to me and Mr. Pancakes about "in sickness and in health....til dealth due us part."  These vows will be as much for Mr. Pancakes  and i as they will be for those witnessing, especially the bridal party.  They will be there for remind me about the vows that i made to Mr. Pancakes.  They will be there to remind me what is important in my marriage to Mr. Pancakes.  Because after the party has ended, our friendships will be just as strong however i will be a married Mrs. Pancakes and they will continue to STAND beside me just as they did that day at the altar.  My group of girls are ladies that have lived, loved and laughed, grown and changed, experienced love, loss and everything in between, with me.  I cannot wait for my girls to stand beside me as they have always done, but will do on one of the most important days of our lives!

Monday, September 6, 2010

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Sabotage! I truly believe this is what I am doing as I begin my new lifestyle change. Turning thirty brings a whole new ball game to the idea of staying fit, healthy and strong. I am by no means a big lady but I am not petite either. Even before the planning of the wedding, I have been trying to start the healthy living thing seeing that Mr. Pancakes is all about fitness and living healthy. He is always encouraging never disparaging which I believe leads to a lot of self sabotage. I actually don't mind hitting the gym and putting up a sweat. My difficulties involves the eating, portion control and having the right types of food. Don't get me wring of of live a

Labor Day

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I am lying in bed on this glorious labor day morning as Mr. Pancakes is making us a pancake breakfast, of course i am smiling and thinking about the workout I need to do today to balance the eating of pancakes. Eating and exercise, it's definitely a give and take. But I digress because I wanted to reflect on labor day a little. I grew up in Canada so for me Labour Day and not Labor Day signified day before first day of school. The first day of school outfit, shoes,backpack with new school supplies, the binders and pens were always my favourite. Being excited about seeing friends that you hadn't seen for the entire summer, wanting to share all the exciting things you've been up to. Meeting your new teacher for the first time hoping it's not going to be mean one, seeing the classroom for the first time, which one of your friends is going to be in your class. Need I mention the first recess when it all felt real to be back in school, the laughter, the stories and gossip and just being with your favourite people at least for the first couple of days. The first assignment was always entitled:My Summer Vacation! If I had to write that assignment now, it would go something like this: This summer I worked a lot of hours. I went to North Carolina with Mr. Pancakes where he proposed with a beautiful ring and asked me to be his future Mrs. Pancakes. We started planning the wedding. I went to Rohobeth beach with my girls and pledged that we will always take trips together. My summer vacation was not really a vacation but it was filled with lots of fun and exciting moments! Those were the days! The day before labour is definitely more exciting for kids who are excited about returning to school. For me labour day now is about having an extra long weekend, relaxing with Mr. Pancakes and reminiscing about those good old first day of school excitement.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sabotage: Let's Get Physical!

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I have been wanting to lead a healthy lifestyle for an extended amount of time. I cannot even say how long extended time is, but it's been a while. In the middle of my fitness boost one year, i even ran a 10K! My 10K has been my claim to fame for years now however it is getting old and it really is time to actually lead that healthy lifestyle.  It is not even because i am getting married and i want to look AMAZING in my gorgeous wedding dress, or that my whole family is waiting to see me look gorgeous in my wedding dress and or that Mr. Pancakes is a health/fitness man (he is former collegiate athlete and athletic), no, it is really none of these reasons.  The main reason i need to get, become and maintain a healthy lifestyle is because it is time!  Time to have a routine and schedule for and to my physical health (and other areas on my life which i am sure i will touch on at some point as i blog).  I am not even one of those individuals that is afraid of working out.  I enjoy the adrenaline, hurt, sweat and fulfillment of completing a grueling 30-minute high intensive boxing class.  I enjoy working out/exercising when i eventually get out to the gym and or tennis courts.  How then do i sabotage my ability and willingness to get physical? This question could be the beginning of a good therapy session however it is not as therapeutic as that! At least i don't believe it is.  The issues i struggle with has to do with my eating.  It is not that i don't know the type and portion of food i should eat, it's actually following through with doing this.  I love and crave carbs and so i eat what i crave and love.  However, i am beginning to realize having a healthy fitness lifestyle is all about BRAIN power.  What starts in the brain is what is produced and so with this philosophy, here is to refraining from Sabotage and get physical! I pledge to make healthy decisions every single second, minute, hour, days and months.  My fear is that i will sabotage my way all the way from pre-wedding to post-wedding.  So i have been working with a personal trainer from Athletes4Life Fitness Services (you can find them at and so far so good .  They have some good ideas and suggestions on their website and i wanted to share some of them as an inspiration to myself. 
      EATING TIPS      
 1. Don't be too hard on yourself 
2. Eat whole grains, fruits, and vegetables
3. Get plenty of fiber in your meals
4. Breakfast is your most important meal
5. Eat 6 small meals daily
6. Get healthy fats from fish & nuts
7. Drink 10-12 glasses of water daily
8. Supplement your diet w/vitamins
9. Make changes gradually over time

Friday, September 3, 2010

Why Blog?

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Aside from reflecting on becoming a wife, there are also many things that Mr. Pancakes and i have been dreaming about what we want for our lives in the coming future! As a result, his blog is my ramblings about starting the new phase of our lives. In my thirties, i am hoping to do it all: (not by myself but with some assistance from a higher power and Mr. Pancakes).  The doing it all is as follows:
1) tying the knot
2) being debt free
3) finding a nest
4) establishing a family business 
5) getting the bump 
6) enjoying my husband and family
Of course it is always good to put hopes and dreams out there and hope with some encouragement and good wishes from the universe, everything goes well.  When Mr. Pancakes and i first started dating, we would always talk about putting GOOD vibes out there in the universe with the hope that the GOOD vibes return.  And i can definitely say that it has come.  Dumdumdadum....Here comes the bride!

Meet Mr. & the Future Mrs. Pancakes

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"So lately i have been thinking a lot about what it means to be a wife. Considering i am about to go into wedded bliss, it is a good thought! From here forward, my fiance and i will be known as the Pancakes.  Why the Pancakes you ask? Well since i started the wedding planning, i came across a website referred to as "the," which i have come to love.  There is a cute factor on the website where the brides refer to themselves with something that represents themselves and their fiance.  As i was not in the mood to join in the "bee" party, i wanted to take the concept and apply it to my own blog and or meanderings.  I came up with The Pancakes because when my fiance and i first started dating, he asked it if i knew how to make pancakes, weird question, i know however i came to find out that my fiance loves, LOVES eating pancakes.  And as our relationship has progressed, i have learned to make better, more fluffy, buttery to die for pancakes.  I still have not learned ALL of his pancaking making tricks however i have our whole marriage to find out:-) Furthermore, pancakes, the making and eating of pancakes has become such a strong part of our union.  When we have pancakes for breakfast, we get to sit together, talk, reflect and  enjoy each other's company.  Therefore, pancakes brings us together!