Monday, September 27, 2010

Who Makes Your Heart Smile???

Both Mr. Pancakes and i went to work later today, so our longlazysundays continued into Monday which was really nice.  As Mr. Pancakes was busy making me breakfast, i could not help but to think how much he (Mr. Pancakes) makes my heart smile! I cannot neccessary explain how i knew my heart was smiling but i knew it in that instant.  I felt as if my heart was filled with the love he shows me constantly through a small gentle touch, a kiss at  the nape of my neck, a look, an inquiry about my feelings, thoughts and the way he looks at me.  This is perhaps the first time in my adult life where a man has added to my life in immeasurable ways.  Mr. Pancakes is thoughtful, caring, intelligent and a praying man (which i always wanted).  Might i also add he is a tall, dark and handsome drink of water (i don't know if that's how the phrase goes or not but needless to say, he is sexy!) This morning, though, i could actually feel my heart smiling as i watched him cook breakfast for us.  I couldn't help but think this is the man God has allowed me to share the rest of my life with.  This is the man that is my companion and my confidante. This is the man that will become my children's father.  This the man that teases me constantly in annoyance, love and fun.  This is the man that makes me smile.  This is the man that i love! Mr. Pancakes is the man that makes my heart smile. So i am asking my fellow bloggers, who makes your heart smile


Chanel said...

There are different things that make my heart smile. My husband and my daughter are the two main things that can always make my heart smile.

Redbabe said...

Hmm... it has to be my husband. But sometimes, he makes my heart 'frown' too... lols.... well, that's the nature of relationship isnt it!