Tuesday, October 12, 2010

TRIBUTE TUESDAYS: Wedding Bloggers

My Tuesday Tributes is a shut out to all the individuals that blog in the bloggin' world about all things weddings.  I initially started this blog in the hopes of writing,experiencing and sharing everything about my impending wedding planning process and truly i have not done a good job.  I have been sharing some of my wedding planning ideas however i have noticed that the wedding bloggers go ALL OUT!  And I am sure that is the purpose of their blogs and for this i am thankful and paying tribute! Here is to the bloggers that share ALL:
1) the steps in their planning process including amazing DIYs,
2) issues that arise with family and friends, 
3) pictures of their bridal showers and those that do research on flowers; and other decor ideas; 
4) search out unique ideas for the ceremony and reception 
5) finding vendors that i might be unable to find
6) all the other things they help us!
I have always loved watching wedding shows and reading magazines even before Mr. Pancakes and i ever met and or even became engaged.  I always loved all the prettiness of these wedding shows but never thought about all the research that goes into planning a wedding.  It truly is a blessing for someone like me that has no interest in doing all the research required to plan a fabulous wedding to have all these resources at my disposal.  
Here is the WEDDING BLOGGERS! High on my list is www.theknot.com which i love love love and have always loved because of the great things that they have to offer for newly brides-to-be!  Of course i love the www.weddingbee.com too however the ladies do come across too over zealous (for my taste but i still enjoy them)! However there are other mentionables that i have come across recently including D. Marie's www.TheWorldAroundHer.blogspot.com and www.EveryLittleKiss.blogspot.com among others; these ladies speak from the heart about their wedding planning experiences, which is great!. 
It is definitely refreshing to know that these ladies are passionate enough about weddings and wedding planning in order to assist lowly Miss. Pancakes plan the wedding of my dreams!  
Thank you wedding bloggers for making this wedding plan so very easy for the rest of the world!

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every little kiss said...

Aww thanks for the shoutout! Glad you're enjoying my blog and find it helpful. :) Comments like that make blogging totally worth it!