Monday, November 15, 2010


Big Thank you to fellow bloggers for all the well wishes...IT WAS APPRECIATED!

I have a confession to make...the engagement pictures process was not as nerve jarring as i thought it was going to be! It was very painless and actually fun! Mr. Pancakes and i thought the entire process was hilarious especially the staged poses! We both couldn't help but laugh throughout the first half.  We were laughing so hard (naturally we like to laugh but this scenario added to the whole hilarity of the situation!) the camera-man made a comment about how we liked to laugh.  We felt as if we were being reprimanded so we tried to get serious again but throughout the entire process we were laughing.  Some of the laughter could be translated into some nervousness especially when we had to do some really awkward poses suggested by teh camera-man. 
Overall some of the poses were traditional (the lifting one--which Mr. Pancakes got into with his football stance--it was so cute!), the walking, stopping and kisses ones! The huggy, passionate and loving ones! But i had to put a stop to some really cheesy ones like reaching my arms around his neck while standing with my back to him...cheesy! I have to admit, we had a blast!

Mr. Pancakes was a trooper..he really took one for Team Pancakes which was much appreciated! Even the camera-man complemented him that he did really well and had a good attitude the whole entire time (i suppose most men he's taken pix of haven't been as easygoing) I can't wait to see the final results! I know they will turn out great!

And although i was worried about my chin...i forget everything and just enjoyed the moments that Mr. Pancakes and i were sharing.  To keep us going we continued to tell each other that we would only have professional pictures taken like this only twice (again during our wedding day). 

Of course i didn't tell him we will probably do this again someday when we have a family of our own...FAMILY PORTRAITS!
Sshhhhh....don't tell Mr. Pancakes! 


Kandi-STYLE said...

Awww, good job Team Pancakes!!

Future Mrs. O said...

Awwww Im sure they came out great! BTW, thanks for visiting my blog!!