Sunday, November 28, 2010

LongLazySunday: Accessorize!

This has been a longtiredsunday but lazy right now because i am watching The Fashion Show on Bravo (some mindless TV) and the football game, DC against Minnesota (trying to see if i can catch a glimpse of Mr. Pancakes and Papa Pancakes since they are at the game; still haven't seen them but i'll keep on looking!)
I am also taking a break from cooking dinner.  I am trying this new stir fry veggies and chicken to go with couscous--which is my new rave (mmmh maybe i will rave about it in my Rant & Rave Thursday). 

I am also looking through bridal magazine and websites trying to come up with accessories for myself and my bridal party.  I know, i know, multitasking but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!

Anyway accessorizing has never been my thing but i know that i need some accessories for my dress and i have come up with several simple but very elegant ideas for me.  I know i want shoes that pop! I love high heels, i have a lot of them but i don't really like wearing them but i know for the wedding, i do need some nice classy heels in blue! Initially i had certain shoes in mind but i am back on the chopping block as those shoes were not doing anything for me.  I am hoping i find better shoes like these (with sensible heels)! They are Badgley Mischka!

Other accessories i have been looking at include a necklace and ear rings! I like simplicity so i thought about perhaps diamonds just to add a little bling to add to my dress withoutt it being overpowering. 

I was looking at these items from Ann Taylor.   I love the pearl earrings and necklace because of the ivory colour (the picture didn't come out well) and the bling.  Then there is this necklace with swarovski crystals which is also beautiful.  Both will look fantastic with my wedding gown....decisions, decisions!   

I don't think i will do a bracelet because Mr. Pancakes and my wedding band should be the only thing that  shines that day!

All in all, i am excited about all the accessories that add to my wedding dress to add to me being a beautiful bride! One of my favourite accessory that i wear on a regular basis (besides my engagement ring) is my star necklace that Mr. Pancakes purchased for me on my 30th birthday...maybe i can wear that on the wedding day!

Hope your sunday has been long and lazy and not tiring!

Do you have some accessories which you are crazy about?


Sara said...

I *loved* my something borrowed earrings and the headband I bought on etsy... two things that i notice now when i look at my photos- they made my whole outfit come together

Chic Mamá said...

Love those heels!! I say definitely gi with something that pops!!

The necklace would be soooo cute since he gave it to you. =)

You must be so excited planning everything!
My sister is getting married soon and I'm excited too!! haha

Have a lovely week hun!

D. Marie said...

Fashion and Football...two great things every girl needs! Love those blue heels with the cute little ruffle in the front! Those earrings are beautiful! :) Have a great day. Lazy Sundays are the best!