Saturday, December 4, 2010

It's Brrrrr!

In the process of moving this weekend, I also realized how cold it was outside! I mean it has been freezing in my part of the country! At least it has not started to snow! The move went well and now trying to settle in. I'm off tomorrow and Monday so I can do more putting away stuff. The purpose of this email though is to share the new word that Niece Pancakes (Mr. P's niece) used the word "brrr!" to describe how cold the weather is. And thinking that the word "brrr" was the cutest phrase ever, Mr. Pancakes and I have also started using the phrase. At first in a joking manner but now we really do use the phrase to describe how cold "brrr" it is! We still smile when we tell each other "it's brrr!" but I think it's become one of our daily phrases! Do any of you have any phrases you and your family uses on a regular basis unique to you?!

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