Monday, December 13, 2010

Team Pancakes: Proposal Story

We decided to go to Kinston, North Carolina for Mr. Pancakes' birthday. We were both excited for the opportunity to get away to the south to relax and enjoy some much needed rest.  

The second day was Mr. Pancakes' birthday and we spent the morning and afternoon hanging out with his family, going to the Piggly Wiggly (supermarket), working out and relaxing on the porch. 

In the evening we decided to go out to dinner.  Choosing my dinner dress, i had an option of a teal/white dress or a yellow dress, he picked the yellow dress, i didn't think much of it, because that's the one i wanted to wear anyway.  We decided to go out to dinner and Kinson being a small town,w e did not have much options.  If we did not find Ruby Tuesday's, we would have gone to the Bogangles (chicken and biscuits). 

Before we went into the resturant, Mr. Pancakes headed to the trunk of the car and i went along, thinking he was going to get his jacket.  Since i got my sweater, i thought he was going to do the same.  Mr. Pancakes waited and made a motion to close the trunk, i started walking to the restaurant.  Now thinking about it, he went back to the trunk as i started walking towards the restaurant.  I remember waiting for him before we walked to the restaurant together. 

Now that i think about it, he did not have a jacket but i didn't think much about it. 

We went inside the restaurant and Mr. Pancakes asked for us to sit in one of the back booths and unfortunately we couldn't because those sections were closed off.  I didn't think much of it, i just thought he wanted privacy and that he wanted to be romantic.  We ordered dinner, ate and enjoyed our meal. 

Throughout dinner, we talked about the three birthdays we spent together and how great and wonderful life has been since we met.   He said in there too that he likes how "i know him so well."  Since we feel very blessed to have found each other, i didn't think much about it

When he was in the bathroom, i ordered him a cake for his birthday.  When the waitress finally brought out the cake, she told him, "your girlfriend wanted to surprise you with a birthday cake, you should keep her around," Mr. Pancakes and i smiled.  He knew it was true and so did i:-) 

By the time, the cake was finished, we were the only individuals in the restaurant.  Since it was almost closing time and the waitress was cleaning up, i started being my usually loving annoying self and started to pressure Mr. Pancakes for us to leave the restaurant. 

He smiled, sighed and told me to relax so that he can finish his beer, i didn't think much about it

I decided to go to the ladies room.  When i returned, Mr. Pancakes told me i got a text message. while i was in the ladies room.  

Not thinking much of it, i looked at the phone and on there was: "will you mary me?" I looked at him and told him to "stop playing babe!", he looked at me as if he is waiting for an answer, "Are you serious?" Somewhere in there, i told him he spelled 'marry' wrong.  I told him, "of course i will marry you" or something cheeky to that effect. 

He looked at his phone and said, "i didn't get a response."  Wanting to go along with his plan (i thought he was joking/playing around), i sent him a text saying, "of course i will marry you, now and forever."  He told me to turn my face away from him and sent me another text which said, "close your eyes."

i closed my eyes.  At this time, my heart was beating a little bit but i still wan't sure what was going on. 
I heard the phone beeping.  (he told me to open my eyes!)
i opened my eyes (he told me to turn around)
I turned around toward the table
and infront of me WAS an opened box
with the most GORGEOUS RING!

I looked from the ring to him and was completely shocked and overwhelmed. 
I clasped my hands to my mouth and i remember saying, "babe, oh my god, oh my god, are you serious?" it was really all a blur!  Mr. Pancakes came and sat beside me, i hugged him, he hugged me back, we kissed, cried (not completely ugly cry but just surreal kind of tears) and was just overwhelmed with what the moment!   

After a while, he proceeded to put the ring on my finger and i was completely LOST in the significance of the moment. 

Mr. Pancakes was asking me, Miss. Pancakes to be his wife forever and ever? And i had just said YES i would love to be his wife, his companion, the mother of his children, his best friend, the one that he would live, love and laugh with for the rest of our lives.

6/22/2010 was an amazing day because it was his birthday but he had made it even more amazing by asking me to share my life with him! 

For the next couple of days before we returned home, we kept our engagement to ourselvevs and just smiled and were overly lovey dovey! It was such a magical time in our lives in the smalll town of Kinston, NC! The whole proposal was nothing like how i imagined it but everything it was supposed to be. 

Mr. Pancakes and i started our relationship with a text message that changed our lives forever...a simple: "wat are you doin?" turned into "will you mary me?" almost 2.5 years later.  And that is pricelss...

What was your engagement story like? 
Was it like anything you thought or wanted?


jacin said...


Mrs. K said...

Such an adorable story. I love it. I can't wait to hear the wedding story and the baby story eventually some day. LOL :) Ok, I know I'm jumping the gun. Hehe!

Bride2B said...

I second Mrs K!
My Fi proposed on our 2 year anniversary. I waited patiently as he got his anniversary gift for me "ready". Then I followed a path of yellow daisies and sitting between our stuffed animals was a box. The ring is his great-great grandmothers and the yellow daisies was taken from my favorite show Gilmore Girls!

Teenage Bride said...

awwww what a super sweet story! I love proposal stories

Redbabe said...

awwww... so sweet. second mrs k too... can't wait can't wait! Hehe

Miss A said...

that's a really sweet story - congratulations ! looking forward to following the rest of your story - i have my engagement story on my blog too . It was very sweet :)

Miss Pancakes said...

Thanks ladies for all the positive comments!
Welcome Miss A! And like the rest of you i also can't wait for the wedding story and the baby story:-)

TeeEhm said...

such a sweet story. Happy Married Life. xx