Saturday, February 19, 2011

LongLazySunday: I Do...Let's Eat...

We met with the caterer today and it was the most fun I've had with a vendor since the whole wedding planning process! We met the event coordinator who i have become well acquainted because he has become so helpful throughout this process.  While we were being served, the chef came out to sit with us after the meals were served and we had a ball, talking and chatting and enjoying his meals.  It definitely helps to have vendors that are friendly and easy to engage with.

Aside from the fun we had talking and enjoying each other's company, we were there for food tasting. I must tell you, they put out an very impressive spread. Mr. Pancakes and I definitely brought our hungry bellies and we boy was it good eats! We tried various options and came up with some good eats!

One of the options we had was crab wrapped in bacon, sort of like the picture but they had it in skewer.  It was so good!
We had another veggie option...which was also excellent.  We figured a small array of options for cocktails because we do not want our cocktail time to be too long.

We chose a garden salad because this goes down easy prior to dinner i believe.  Dressing was balsamic and ceasar salad and ranch (i believe).  
They decorated the salad so nice i wished i had take a picture.

We chose chicken florentine and salmon with cheesapeake sauce which were both amazing to the taste.  We tried other entrees including talipia in crabmeat which was Mr. Pancakes favourite.  The sides which i enjoyed was the rice pilaf--amazing and the string beans.  We had a choice of asparagus but not many people are fans of that vegetable. I wish i had taken the pictures of the actual meals because they are so much better than these google pictures.
We chose a chocolate mousse cake which was delicious.  My diet definitely was out the window for the day!  We may possibly have a candy/sweet buffet but if not, there will be wedding cake and or chocolate mousse cake.

These are the items that our guests will be eating.  Reviewing it has made me hungry all over again! I was really impressed with the way the coordinator and the chef put everything together.  I didn't know what to expect but i was impressed with the whole process.  As this was my first tasting, it couldn't have gone better.  I think more than anything, Mr. Pancakes and i were impressed with the way the coordinator and the chef interacted with us and made us feel comfortable.  The interaction felt genunine and not necessarily a sales-we are trying to get you to spend more money-pitch.  It was just good business and we couldn't have appreciated any better! 

I am glad that the tasting is complete! And went very successfully!

Ladies, did you enjoy your tasting? Was it succesful on the first try?


TheBabyMammaChronicles said...

Looks like a lovely spread. Glad you had such a good time!

Mrs. K said...

This all looks yummy. Glad you had a good experience.