Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Life is a series of Moments!

There was supposed to be a snow amarmagaddon where I am visiting in Canada but it never did come as much as they predicted. It's been great being back home. I almost forgot how to drive in all that snow. I really didn't think i needed this but it's been fun spending some quality time before the wedding. Yesterday my niece and I went for some lunch at a restaurant called Moxie's. We ordered some fantastic food and really enjoyed our afternoon. Then in the evening we pulled out some old archived videos of the family and had a ball watching it into the wee hours of the night. Do you ever look at the young version of yourself like in your teen days and smile at all the awkwardness that you thought was cool beyond words. In this one video I was decked out in this flowu skirt, laced up top under a jacket that looked like a nice bed comforter! I was rocking this outfit at a wedding and looking and feeling good and having a ball dancing away! That part of me hasn't changed. I'm still a dancing queen! Watching the video reminded me of the reason I wanted Mr. Pancakes and I to have a wedding reception after all so that our families can come together where we can make memories to add to our moments! Growin up I remembered a lot of parties and get togethers at my house and the videos confirmed that enjoying each others company as a family is really what life is all about! Coming together to celebrate birthdays, graduations, baptisms, summer bbqs, weddings and funerals and just comin together as a family is what life is all about. I heard someone say that life is a series of memories and watching videos last night and coming home has definitely reminded me of this! Can't wait to add the wedding to another series of family memories!


Alida said...

Just wanted to give you a website to look at for honeymoon ideas!!


Anonymous said...

Aww, cute post. I agree - your life is only as rich as your most treasured memories. The moments from our wedding 6.5 yrs ago are still sooooo very vivid and our families still talk about what a great weekend everyone had!