Thursday, March 3, 2011

Biggest Girls Night Out Ever!

My ladies are planning my bachelorette party in the Tdot aka: Toronto, Canada! I am excited about this because I don't know much information about the plans except that it is going to be a blast! Since I've been of clubbing age, my girls and I have always enjoyed going out to clubs and dancing and having a good time!

The bachelorette party to me is a culmination of all the times we went out dancing and having fun! It is the perfect send off to my life as a single person because truth be told, all the times we went out dancing, it was in the hopes (in someways) of meeting the man of your dreams! It never happened for me (Mr. Pancakes and I didn't meet dancing and would not have met at a club) but it always allowed my girls and I to get all dolled up to go dancing and just being girls.

I told the girls I didn't want a stripper because it just wasnt my thing. I wanted my girls, good food, lots of laughter and loads of dancing! Aside from having all my girls together, I also get to spend time with my sister who I have not seen in a long time and for which I am quite excited. This will be the first time we will be spending time going dancing together (aside of drunk dancing during our holiday parties!). I purchased my bachelorette night dress, need to polish out my dancing shoes, get out some accessories and just have the bes girls night out ever!

What happened at your bachelorette party? Did anything fun and or crazy happen?
What should i be prepared for?


MsBabyPlan said...

Hurray! So happy! Hear you from C.A.N.A.D.A!

Anonymous said...

Um, yeah, if I told you about my bachelorette party, I'd have to kill you. *lol* My best girls, cousins, mom and aunts all went a strip club! Loved it. The reactions of my mom and aunts were PRICELESS!! Then we went out dancing. It was truly a night to remember. We did it 3 nights before the wedding so that we wouldn't have to worry about being too tired (or hungover). =) Enjoy your weekend with your peeps!

TheBabyMammaChronicles said...

Have fun! Im sure it'll be perfect! I didnt have one so dont have any advice :)

Mrs. K said...

Sounds like a lot of fun planned for the future. I had a great time. Mine was similar to what your girls have planned. Just have a good time and be prepared to wear some goofy bachelorette party gear.