Tuesday, April 19, 2011

April Storms: May Flowers

I braced myself and checked the weather and there is a storm apparently acoming in our wedding day! I am not sure how I feel right now about it! I am just excited to get married to Mr. Pancakes. I am more worried about everything going alright and nothing going too awry! I know I cannot control mother nature but I can control when our flowers are delivered to the church! All in all the day is going to happen the way its supposed to happen! And at the end of it all, we will be family Pancakes!


YUMMommy said...

Don't worry about the storm. I'm sure that everything will go without a hitch.

Sara said...

Hey Miss. P! Don't stress about the weather hun! They said the same thing for our day, too, actually but it turned out sunny! I'm hoping the same for you! I actually need you to email me directly with your address so I can send off these bee charms to you :) They brought me so much luck, I can't wait to hand them off to the next bride, YOU :) :) :) YAY!!!!!