Friday, May 20, 2011

Our Wedding Details

In celebration of our one month wedding anniversary on 5.23.11..i thought i would share some of my favourite wedding details. 

Ahh...the wedding cake! i mean it was everything i wanted and then some! Our colours were blue and yellow and i wanted it in subtle places like the cake!  The cake topper was one of the best surprises of the wedding! It was so cute. Mr. Pancakes is holding a football and i was holding my iphone!  We also like to work out so we had dumbells and shoes! I loved the cake topper!  Note to bride: personalize the cake will love it later!

Mr. Pancakes' cousin made him a groom's cake: football on a football field! She did an awesome on the way it looks and the way it tastes! 

Note to Brides: Have a groom's cake! Make it unique to your man!

I loved how one of our engagement pictures  was framed behind our photo guestbook display.  I loved how they set up the display classy! I loved our photo guestbook which was a great way to display all our engagement pictures!
Another bride made the suggestion to tell people exactly what you wanted them to do in the guestbook since it wasn't a standard guestbook.  Such a good idea becase everyone did a great job leaving messages.  One bride reported her guests wrote just their names in the photo guestbook! 

Note to brides: leave some direction for your guests about the guestbook!

I created the card box by myself because it didn't make sense to spend less than $20 for something i would only use one day.  I took a regular box and glued ribbons around the box in different designs!  You cannot see it of course however there are ribbons with our names on it in yellow!  I also made the sign and displayed around the table pictures from our engagement!
Note to Brides: Do a the guestbook if you can!

I didn't want a regular escort table so my lovely co-worker completed a ribbon board for me using my wedding colours! It was so unique because i have never seen it before at a wedding.

Notes to Brides: Do do something unique at your wedding!

My 2nd photographer has the evening pictures so you don't get to see the lovely lights!  However i loved the reception hall.  The room was round and the chandelieres were beautiful! At first i didn't want a sweetheart/head table however on the encouragement of our photographer and others, we had one and i am glad we listened.  It helped Mr. Pancakes and i to actually sit and eat our meal.  Although i never did finish our dessert! Note to Bride: Have a sweatheart table! 

The tables were fantastic! I wanted to save some money so i opted to using the framed pictures of us (pix of Team Pancakes was everywhere!) and framed table #.  It was a good idea and simple and so worth it.  I loved how it turned out.  I added napkins that said Eat, drink and Be Married with our names and wedding date on them in blue and yellow! 

Note to Brides: You do not need to use flowers for your tables! Be creative!

I made a list of our favourite things including one of our quotes from the wedding.  Our fav things like movies, food, activities, sayings and tv shows! This was a lot of fun to do and display! 

Notes to Brides: Do something fun!

The church..i love our church! It's been around for 100 hundred years! So much history and we were glad and honoured to be part of the history! Since the church is already beautifully decorated, we chose to use some flowers on the pews! I did not want tulle but since this was done without my knowledge, i let it go and did not make a big deal when i saw it walking down the aisle...i was a little mortified but then i saw Mr. Pancakes and nothing mattered but our love for each other! 

Note to Brides: Do use some flowers in the church! Don't fret the small stuff!

The programs were truly my favourite part of the wedding planning.  It was very time consuming but it was so worth it for me to do these! It was like a mini book with thank you page, our two readings, ceremony layout and some fun tidbits!  And i am so glad i preserved and finished!                             Note to Brides: Channel your inner creative diva! Trust me she is there!

And just because i loved how these turned out, i wanted to add a pictures.  For our cocktail hour, we used small napkins with Mr. Pancakes initial on them! I  was so excited when i saw displayed like this!   Note to Brides: Do have cocktail napkins and Do get them to fancy it up like so!  You never really know how the details of your wedding are going to turn out in the end but they do all come together beautifully in the end!

I hoped you enjoyed some of the details of Team Pancakes wedding! I will attempt to share some things once a week! (Dress and flower details to come later!)


Nini said...

Your colors were so vibrant and joyful. Thanks for sharing pics of your wedding. Bet it was a beautiful day!

Cheryl said...

How lovely!! I love the cake topper! :)

ASingleMothersJourney said...

Mrs. Pancakes you're making me want to get married (but yeah first I need a man lol). I love the small touches you created to make your wedding special. I secretly want to be a wedding planner so I can wait until I get to plan my big day! I'm looking forward to you sharing more of your day with us.

Mizzreviewlady said...

Very elegant and classy. Makes me jelouse;)
I am now following you from the hop and would love it if you could please return the favor at
Thank You

mmbear said...

Congratulations! I am a new follower of your blog thru GFC and would love a follow back also. Take your time and have a wonderful weekend and do your follow backs when you have some quiet time to yourself. Good Luck!'


Amanda-The Nutritionist Reviews said...

Looks like a beautiful wedding!

I just found you through one of the Saturday blog hops! Can't wait to read more. Have a great weekend!

Amanda @

KerrieLynn said...

Hi, I found you through the Saturday Blog Hop and am your newest follower. It looks like your wedding was wonderful! I can appreciate all the DIY projects - my wedding was the same! If you get a chance stop over and check out my “Cupboard”…..hope to see you soon!

~KerrieLynn Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
Blog: KLs Cupboard

Lioness said...

Interesting Blog!!!!!

Thank you for stopping by my blog.

Your newest follower-Lioness

Lorie said...

It is beautiful! And congratulations on your one month anniversary! :D

Mrs. K said...

Wow, everything was so pretty.

Jade =) said...

Very nice. Just came back from a wedding today... my son was the ring bearer!

Thanks for stopping by my blog from the Hop. I just became your 100th GFC follower! Have a great rest of your weekend!

feiane (fe-yan) said...

love you colors!.... thanks for sharing your wedding... will be getting married also on October....

itgirlsbeware said...

I absolutely adore your cake topper. It's too cute

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Oh my cuteness! Love your colors and the cake topper is such a keeper - personal, fun, and something you'd have for years to come!

I so love the iPhone - let me know your Instagram name and I'll find you there too ;)

Chic 'n Cheap Living

Anonymous said...

I couldn't stop myself from clicking on your blog when I saw your profile picture! Love your blog! Except for the fact that it makes me hungry. :o)

Your cake topper is GREAT! I couldn't figure out from the picture what it was you were holding until I read the post. That is too funny!! I wish I'd thought of something creative like that!!! Oh well, maybe next time around! ;o) Just kidding...

xoxo, Sarah Kate

Yakini said...

Ooooh, this is so lovely!!! All the special, personal little details make it so perfect. I just LOVE that cake topper. How adorable is that!

Vivian said...

I'm so GLAD you found me!! Looks like an AMAZING wedding and party. You did a fantastic job. I love your name, too. Question why are you wondering about Rafa Nadal???? ;)

K. Rock said...

This looks really cool. I love all the details. I would like to see more about the programs. They seem real nice. Thanks for stopping by my spot!

OurLifeUnrehearsed said...

Very nice! I love that you were able to use creative personalized details that made your day all the more special! Thanks for sharing :)

Kimba said...

Wow, so beautiful! Thank you for sharing. That cake topper is the best I've ever seen!

p.s. thanks for stopping by my page! I'm your newest follower!

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