Thursday, June 9, 2011

Coupling with a non believer?

I heard this question on the radio thought it would make for an interesting blog question?
Would you date a non-believer? Would you date someone that did not share the same faith?

There are definitely pros and cons to both sides.

I believe that love is love and love conquers all.  Furthermore, salvation is an individual thing. 
But perhaps i am naive especially when children come into the picture.  How do we discipline when the child comes into the picture?  Do we baptize the child or do leave him to be consumed by the evils of the world? 

I believe that religion is important and both people should be of the same faiths.  Having the same faith allows couples to make decisions together about love, life and children.  It makes life easier.

The above are some of the arguments for both sides of the question.

I do know that Mr. Pancakes and i are both Christians.  He is probably a better steward of God's word than i am at this moment.  I am definitely working on my relationship with God on a daily basis.  I guess even when believers get together, there are some things to consider!

Feel free to share some of your thoughts on this question!


Whity Wife said...

the bible has some thoughts on this... see unyoked.

Also, it covers the role of husbands and wives- and these are not roles that fit with a nonbeliever

In other news- Love them for who they are, never try to change the one you love, it will never happen, and therefor never work.

LaNeshe said...

I think a believer and non-believer will find a relationship difficult. It is probably easier to reconcile two people who have different types of beliefs but still believe in a creator.

Vivian said...

When I was single even though I was advised since such an early age that I should only date Mormons, I dated outside of my religion. It was evident at times it brought negativity in the relationship, specially because I was a firm believed in my faith. I married a Mormon and as parents we really are a Team, because we believe the same and have the same goals for our children. I guess in spite of all my husband's and I differences, that one thing (major thing), which is rearing children, for us, in one less thing to worry about :)

AmberFaith said...

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Sophia the Writer said...

Oh man this is a tough issue. I was very spiritual until I got together with my s.o., who is decidedly not. I've really lost much of my spirituality along the way - it's hard to practice along when you live with someone who doesn't believe.

toi said...

I do agree with Sophia, however a believe can influence a non-believe in a positive way.

And love is love so coupling with someone from a different religion shouldn't matter and when children come in the relationship the parents can be open minded about religion and it will be the child to choose once he or she is old enough to decide.

Dana said...

I have pondered this for a while. My situation is a little different. My husband is a PK Kids (preachers kid) and now as an adult does not want to attend church that often. I attend every week and am very active in my church. I know he believes in God and does read the Bible. We often have discussion about God and what was preached about at church after I have attended. I just wish that we would fellowship more together on a regular bases. It has gotten better. I will continue to pray that we become closer to God together as a family.

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Ladies these are great discussions! @ Dana I hope you and your husband are able to come together in your faith for the sake of the kids!

YUMMommy said...

I know a few couples who have different beliefs from their spouse. They raise their kids in both faith and make compromises when it comes to certain religious ceremonies & holidays. You certainly have to be very open minded & not try to push your faith off on your mate.

Faith said...

i couldn't marry an unbeliever ... just because of the child factor. i didn't want any type of disagreements raising our child when it came to that ... and now i don't have to worry about it.

great discussion!

Chrissyb said...

I agree with Faith. When I meet my future husband I ask what religion he was because it was very important to me. If we had different faiths it was an automatic "no go" for me. Glad he passed! News Follower! Thanks for following me back!