Saturday, June 4, 2011

How Canada is different from the U.S: Pancakes Edition

Everytime i come back home, i remember how some things are so different from the U.S...not good or bad...just different.  Here a few things i noticed this time around especially because Mr. Pancakes was with me and he is 100% American and he made a note:

Got Milk?

Canada has milk in plastic bags that you put in a holder. 

U.S has cartons/bottles (but you knew that).

Healthy Anyone?

Got cash? You're Healthy!

Oh Canada? Free HealthCare?

Cash Money

Before i moved to the U.S, the Canadian dollar (yes we have the dollar coin) was much lower but now it is kicking the butt of the U.S dollar.  Man..maybe we need to move to Canada! C'mon Obama help the US dollar out!

Canada has the
US has the

Shopping Anyone?

Canada has Winners and the Bay

US has Macy's and Marshalls (well until i saw Marshalls in my neighborhood mall in Canada? r u serious? still not sure how i feel about this!)

Stores that are Red

 US has Target!            

Canada has Zellers!
Although i heard Target is going to be buying out all Zellers stores.

Canada has Shoppers Drug Mart

US (most cities) have CVS

McDonald's in Canada has better french fries than the US! They are so good!

I love all the differences but at the end there are many similarities including four seasons. Yes, Canada has spring, summer, fall and winter (in most parts of the country).  Multiple cultures; friendly, weird and annoying people who honk at you the milisecond the light turns green.  But the best thing about US and Canada is that no matter which country Mr. Pancakes and i are in, we live, laugh and love always!

If you've travelled to Canada, did you notice anything different or similar from the US? 


Miesha Roshawn said...

Crazy being from Seattle and living so close to the Canadian border I'd really only go to Vancouver BC to party lol!

itgirlsbeware said...

The french fries they serve at Burger King come from Canada.

Faith said...

that is so interesting to me that milk comes in bags in Canada!

and now i want to taste Canada's McDonald's french fries!!!

Lil Man and Mommy said...

hehe @ the he made a note part. Question, why is the milk in a bag?


Fletcherenlt said...

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