Thursday, September 22, 2011

Celebrity Moniker: Here 'R Yours?

Here are some of the cool celebrity monikers that my amazing readers came up with.  And they are awesome! In no particular goes:

1. Chad + Kourtney = Chourney, Kourtad, Kad, Chaney
2. Sam + Bennett = BAM!
3. Monique + (and her significant other) = Kenique
4. LaMar + LaMesha = Lamesha
5. Erika + Chris = Chriska (i came up with that one)
6. Amber + (and her significant other) = Shamber
7. Shea + Tim = Shim
8. Sean + Faith = Seanaith (i came up with that one)
9. Lauren + Nick = Laurick
10. John + Christina = Jontina
11. LaNeshe + Tim = Taneshe, LaTim
12. Beyonce + Jay Z = Jayonce (courtesy of CeCe!)
13. LaMar + TiAnna = Tamar, Lana, TiMar
14. John + Tonya = Tohn, Johnya, JoTon
15. David + Patrice = Davatrice
16. Chris + Laura = Lauris, Clauris
17. Quaina + (and her significant other) = Q & U (because you can't have one without the other, so CUTE!)
18. Robbie + Candice = Robocan (LOVE IT!)

Thank you to everyone that participated.
This was definitely a fun post to do.
Again thanks to Rolex and Grahangela for the inspiration!
Everyone needs a celebrity moniker!


Heather said...

Love these! Fun idea!

Rod and Alex - aka: "Rolex" said...

These are great! I especially like "Jayonce"! :)
And "Seanaith"!! How did you come up with that? Rod and I were cracking up last night trying to come up with a name for Sean and Faith! But we couldn't find a good one! You are too good at this! Love it!

Dominique W. said...

My sweetheart and I
Richard + Dominique = Rinique, Rique, Rominique, Domard LOL

Angela of "Grahangela" said...

How fun! Love the monikers, especially BAM!

~ Angela

toi said...

I thought John + Christina= Jostina is nice too.

Sophia Chang said...

lol I really loved this series of posts but couldn't participate b/c 1) my s.o. prefers to remain anonymous online 2) our names are utterly HORRIBLE together

Dirt On The Rocks said...

Haha this is so funny I actually had a blast reading this at work

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Lol @Sophia...Mr. Pancakes likes to be anonymous too...oops! I'm sure your names are NOT that horrible together:-)

Vale ♥ said...

This is such a fun idea =)

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Anonymous said...

Haha I love it... too hilarious!

Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

ha, this is brilliant! love it girl!!

Anonymous said...

I love these! Ours would be Adia+Glenn=Glendia or Adilenn or Lennia. Hm,I like Glendia.