Sunday, September 25, 2011

LongLazySunday: Losing My Virginity!

For attending a college football game that is!
Catchy titles are meant to catch your attention:-)
(isn't the word catchy weird looking?!)
So welcome to this edition of longlazysunday!

Team Pancakes attended a college football game.
I must admit, i have NEVER been to a college football game until last week.
I went to university in Canada and although we had football games,
 it wasn't an event that students HAD to attend.
Although i once had football tickets to  a homecoming game but i never went.
So for Mr. Pancakes birthday i decided to get him football tickets,
since he LOVES football.
He played football since elementary school and even played college football. 
Therefore, i thought it would be fun to attend his former college:
Arkansas State vs. Virginia Tech. 
And WOW what an experience.
I definitely missed out in the fun of college football games.
And i am glad i was able to participate.
I have finally lost my college football game virginity!

Here are ten of my PLAYs for novices attending college football games:

1. Always Root for the Home Team!
Go Arkansas State!
2. Start the day with football games on TV!

3. Have your tickets ready

4. Enjoy a tailgating in your gear!
This guy was brave...he was the ONLY one wearing an ASU gear!

5. Have a good view of the Scoreboard for plays
 (and potential screen time!)

6. Watch out for flying students
(by sometimes drunk tossers...scary!)
They tossed students in the air depending on the score

7.  Bring your keys to wave during "key plays"! 
(of course!)

8. Prepare to squeeze into you seat!

9. Prepare to stand the ENTIRE game!

10. Meet new friends: The drunk guys & drunk dancing guy!

 Enjoy your football college experience novices!

And have a happy longlazysunday:-)


Elizabeth and Kyle @ Love Is the Adventure said...

Lol. I have to tell you the title of your post caught my off guard!

You got SOME awesome pictures at the game! Do you think this is something that will become a tradition for the two of you?

Earl-Leigh said...

I'm glad that you had fun at the game! I've never been to a college football game either (my college didn't have a football team) and now I really want to!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE going to college games. I go to many during the season, including in the snow & rain. Fun times!! lol

Glad you had fun.

Nellie said...

I love football, all football, college and pro and have never been to a game! So I unfortunately am still virginized, definitely something to put on my 30 before 30 list! Awesome pics!

Frugalista said...

Looks like a lot of fun! Those College games do look wild and crazy on the screen. What a nice present for Mr Pancakes.

Rod and Alex - aka: "Rolex" said...

Hahahaha! Rod and I are cracking up about you losing your "college football virginity"!! It definitely caught my attention! Haha
Looks like you had soooo much fun! My husband's family loves USC. So last year we all got tickets to go to the USC/Standford game in Palo Alto. It was my first game too and it was SOOO fun! We dressed up in USC gear, tailgated and painted our faces! Awesome!

creativefashionglee said...

Gorgeous photos, lots of fun! Your title rocks. :)

Aleisha McD said...

HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!! What fun, what fun!!! Loved this! And heck yes, that word "viginity" caught my eye! HA HA! But I enjoy Team Pancakes anyway!

Faith said...

i've never been to a college football game ... i am def. missing out!

Sunshine said...

Great pics...I am not a football fan but I will go to a college game for the fun, especially for the tailgating.

Marina said...

We don't have college football games here, but it definitely looks like lots of fun :)