Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Pose that Unites...

As of late, i've been feeling very random so here goes another random post.  
Although random, i have been thinking about this post for a while.  

While i love going through other people's blogs and reading about other people's lives, it has completely replaced my love of celebrity gossip sites, which is great.  
At least bloggers are real and unlike celebrities, i can relate to other bloggers.  
One of the things i have learned i can relate to other bloggers about is the way we pose for pictures.  
Strike a pose, there is nothing to it! 
But i digress...

Every single time i have seen pictures of fellow bloggers posing, 
i have seen the same pose.  Which got me to thinking.  Do all girls pose the same?  
I started doing more research (unscientific of course).  
And every single blog I came across, girls and their girlfriends pose the same way.  
Which then got me to thinking some more, 
where did we all learn to pose in this manner? 
Do models pose like that?  
 Even google found many images when i put it: hands on hip pose!  
You know if google search engine has it, that means it's popular!

You the one, celebrities do it all the time! And so do we!

Does the hand on the hip pose create some kind of illusion of fabulousity (to quote Kimora Lee Simmons)? 
Does it make us feel sexier? 
Or taller?
Or skinnier?
Or just the go to pose? 
Whatever the reason, i know i pose like that all the time! 
When i asked Mr. Pancakes if he knew my most common pose for taking pictures, 
he was able to do the hand on hip pose!  
I am definitely guilty and a total cliche!  

I don't know why i do the hand on hip pose.  
I just do it. 
 I am not thinking it will make me look a certain way (consciously anyway),
 like Nike, i just do it!

But you know what? 
That's absolutely unequivocally ok! 
Because we should be able to strike whatever pose while taking pictures.  
After all, aren't you supposed to put your best pose forward when the camera is ready!  

In conclusion,
 i believe the hand on hip pose is awesome 
because it unites girls/ladies the blogger world and beyond!  

A complete random blog but perhaps not.  
It made me giggle when i realized we all pose the same. 
 Look at some of your pictures, especially with girlfriends. 
 Also don't forget to take a notice next time you're peeping around the blogger world.  

To illustrate,i will begin with pictures of me and my bff...some together, some separate...
just hand on hip posing away!  

Identifies have been hidden to protect everyone! 
Love you Dr. A/BFF! (p.s: HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I'M GLAD GOD CREATED YOU AND GAVE YOU THE BEST HAND ON HIP POSE EVAAAAhhh!!!you say i never mention you on the blog...ENJOY!)   

Posing while casual...

Posing while hitting the town...

Posing while celebrating...with water of course!

Posing while relaxing....

Posing while in Europe...

Posing during winter time!

Posing just because we feel hot!

Just because the hand on hip pose looks good!
The proverbial friendship picture!

But you know what, maybe they train us at an early age, i don't know. What do you think?



Rod and Alex - aka: "Rolex" said...

You're totally right! When a picture is being snapped it is second nature to snap that hand right to your hip and show your pearly whites!
Love your blog! I'm a follower!

Vivian said...

I do it because it makes me look ( or feel rather) skinny. And I've got a few other tricks under my sleeve. Anyhow I'm glad I'm not alone on this posing thing ;)

ASingleMothersJourney said...

I love the hand on the hip pose. It makes you feel powerful and confident! It's that pose that's meant to draw attention.

Sunshine Blossoms said...

Ha! I love this post! Too funny. And you are so right. I do it all the time!

Marina said...

Ok, you discover something huge here! World phenomenon :) I have to check my old photos, to see if this is really true!

Sarah said...

I've heard somewhere that its a "slimming" pose to put your hand on your hips like that. Although, then it wouldn't explain why the little girl in the pic is doing it haha

Christina said...

Haha, it's true, we all do it!

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Hmm, totally weird. If I stood like that I'd look like I was scolding someone lol.

Rocker Chic said...

Mrs. P

Im guilty of the hand on hip pose lol I did it today on my blog aha.

I just love your random post they make me smile big

Heather said...

LOL -- I never thought about it before, but I guess I do have pictures of my friends and I posing this way! I even have wedding pictures with us posing like that. Ha ha!

Anonymous said...

This was a cute post and definitely true. You make me want to look back at some of my pictures and I'm sure I'll find myself doing the same.
I agree that the hand on the hip shows confidence.


OMG I LOVE this post! You are so right! And I think it does start at an early age.

Oh and you totally brought me back about 4 or so years ago to my KLS days. I developed her makeup line with her and it was all about fabulosity back then :)

Anonymous said...

Very interesting. But I do believe you are right. I think it keeps us from looking awkward with our hands and gives us something to do with them. lol
I love the way you protected the identity of the people in the pics. ;)

Jayme and Mendi said...

Cute post!! I love the hand on hip and I tend to love both hands on my hips while slightly turning sideways. HA!

Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings
Happy Bday to your BFF!!

La'Tonya Richardson said...

LOL! I immediately thought about my friends FB profile picture, hands on her hip.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, and yes, I love your name.

Anonymous said...

You are seriously the bright spot in my day these days!
I have about nine million and three pictures.... of me posing JUST LIKE THAT!!
What's up with that?
I'm not sure the theory behind it.. hmmmmm....

Frugalista said...

So true! I tend to pose that way because if I don't my arms look dead and limp hanging by my sides. It gives me something to do with my body...and it's cute.

Nini said...

I think its the feeling that you have to do something with at least one hand. I know for me I do it cause I always seem to look a bit taller (at least I think I do) and I tend to stand up straighter and stick out the girls a bit more. Its deifnitely a universal pose. I guess we all take comfort in it for different reasons. I never really gave it much thought till your post.....hmmmm. Now I'm gonna have to be mindful of it when I do

Vanisha @ Vanisha's Life in...Fiji said...

This is so funny and true! My hands instantly go to my hips when a picture is being snapped! I love the new look of the blog by the way :)

Mrs. Pancakes said...

I agree that we definitely need something to do with our hands while we are posing! might as well put it on the hip!

Irene said...

Your post got me thinking. And then I realized I have a handful of photos with my hand on my hips! And I definitely agree that it seems to be a "signature" pose of women. Interesting!!! :-)

christine donee said...

I made fun of my sister for doing this in all my pictures.

and then was caught doing the exact same thing.

heh heh

princessmicah said...

so true. i always do it. hehe

Alida said...

I noticed this on FB and on some blogs when we got back from Russia. And I must confess I started to do it too!

Alisha said...

I do it too!! I do more so because I really don't know what else to do with my arms when posing. It's easy, comfortable, and always makes you look a little thiner.

Cute randome post! :)


sherri lynn said...

So true! Honestly it makes me feel less awkward than just standing there doing nothing!

Meghan @ Wishful Thinking said...

Strangely enough I never pose like this! I am one of those people who take really bad photos (like Chandler in Friends) - I always slouch and never know what to do with my hands. Maybe I should start doing the hand on the hip pose! It seems to be much more flattering!

Love & Tangles said...

Great bod! That is also one of my usual poses, ha!

Alicia@ Mommy Delicious said...

I am DEFINITELY a "hand on the hip while posing" type of gal! I do it all. the. time. because it makes me feel sexy and confident. You look great in your poses so work it, Lady!

Faith said...

yup that's my pose! makes me feel so awesome ... if my hands are not on the lips the picture is hideous, haha. at least that is what i tell myself! ;)

Faith said...


Raven said...

haha hilarious! funny thing, me too, I TOTALLY never go to anymore because I am too busy with blogs!!

and the hand on the hip I think makes the arm look less....flab I guess? Something about it not resting on the body makes the arm look better. or so that is what the fashion gods say :)

toi said...

I should re-learn this pose. I am getting boring at posing.

Stearns said...
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