Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thanks Mr. Bruce Springsteen!

The other night as i was driving home, i found Delilah on the radio. 
 For those of you who don't know Miss. Delilah,
she is a radio personality that plays oldies but goodies (music) and engages with callers about love, life, spirituality, health and pretty much everything under the sun. 
She is awesome!
 I am glad i found her show again.
You should check her out if you get a chance. 

As i was listening to Delilah, Bruce Springsteen came on.  
And i started jamming. 
I mean jamming. 
 Bopping my head-moving my shoulders-tapping my fingers-lipsyncing-sort of jamming!
  I was enjoying myself. 
What surprised me was that i never knew i was a Mr. Springsteen fan. 
 Who knew!!!!

What song did i hear you ask!
 Wait for it...
wait for it...

The one with Courtney Cox dancing on the stage as a teenager!
Love it!
Dancing in the Dark!

I guess there are some songs that just speak to you at certain times!
Thanks Mr. Springsteen!

What song have you found yourself jamming to as of late?

Happy September ladies!


Heather said...

Great song! I recently heard Dream On, one of my old faves, and have had it stuck in my head for days since!

Style Journey said...

Oh my gosh! That is hilarious! I love Delilah. She has such a soothing and calm voice :)

kyna... said...

Ah, Delilah...I remember her from my heart broken high school days!
ha ha!
♥ Kyna

toi said...

I am sure I would love her show too if I was living in the States, because I love old rock music. BA is my number one.

This song is great, makes you just jam :)!

Mrs. T said...

Love hearing a favorite song and just rocking out!!

Alida said...

Next time I come to the states I will have to find her on the radio...don't think I have ever listened to her.

I never really got into Springsteen...I am a Billy Joel fan myself. I loved Uptown Girl!

Hannah {Culture Connoisseur} said...

Haha....Delliiiiiilahhhhh. I never knew that's what she looked like! I hardly can believe it.

Love that you were jamming out to Bruce. I listen to the oldies station and was jamming out to My Sherona the other day. :)

Ashley said...

Dancing in the Dark is one of my ALL TIME favorite boyfriend and I used to jam out to this all the time.

and Delilah is amazing.....i love her show!