Sunday, February 5, 2012

LongLazy-Superbowl-Sunday #5

Hello Friends....i hope you are enjoying your Superbowl Sunday
 and i hope whichever team you are rooting for...they win and win big!
Team Panackes will be cheering on the Giants because Mr. Pancakes is NOT a big Patriots fan...

What we did today:
Attended church,
Visit with granny,
who was making her home-made cough medicine with lemons, whisky and cod liver oil...
she claims it will get raid of whatever ails you:-)
Took a long drive to get some of my favorite Ghanaian dish.
Took a nap before this blog post--such an awesome nap.
And now we are waiting for the Superbowl party to begin!

I jumped on the bandwagon and purchased some items for our mini-Superbowl party this evening.

As soon as i finished taking this tostitos fell and broke...the horror!

Aren't we a healthy bunch?

Definitely a fav. of Mr. Pancakes!

What are you doing today for Superbowl Sunday?
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Vanisha @ Vanishas Life In...Australia said...

I wasn't sure if my link was appropriate for this series but I just threw it in there because I thought it was a long lazy Sunday :)

Anonymous said...

I am not really a big fan of either team, but I am going with the Giants. Nothing special, just being lazy. ;)

A Haute Mommy said...

As I write this I'm doing school work and watching my hunni sleep. He might be the only man not watching the Super Bowl but I was tired earlier so he took a nap with me. That must mean I'm special sincehe missed the parties to spend time with me truly being lazy on this Sunday.

~Style Bot~ said...

Both the hubby and I worked out early this morning. I did some laundry and I also took an amazing nap, LOL! The hubby made homemade nachos and I will be going in for my dessert in a few here (ice cream)!

With Class & Sass,

wHiT said...

the husband was up by 5am for DRILL and i slept until 11. dinner/lunch at olive garden with the mother and law and husband and then drove back to our apt. not so much of the "lazy" day I was thinking. have a wonderful week!

Alisha said...

Sounds like the perfect Sunday. I too, took a nap, and it was glorious!!

Ours was filled with lots of delicious food: prime rib, smothered ribs, potatoes, beans, and bread. Oh and a fabulous pound cake and strawberries! YUM :)

Happy weekend, friend!

Sophia Chang said...

That's exactly why my bf rooted for the Giants! (and I'm from NY)

You got an award at my blog - come by and claim it!

Bravoe Runway said...

I went shopping :) I never watch the superbowl as it is so I skipped it its entirety!

Rod and Alex - aka: "Rolex" said...

Rod and I skipped all Superbowl activities and went house-hunting! :) Very productive day!

Looks like your day was fabulous!

Blicious said...

we had people over for a relaxing sunday funday! :)


kyna... said...

Sounds like a wonderful lazy football Sunday! :-)
♥ Kyna