Friday, February 10, 2012

Questions to Team Pancakes...Ask Away?????

Happy Friday Friends...
i know...Friday is finally here!

You know how i pose questions to the universe (my readers) all the time...
well i thought i would turn the tables around and allow my readers to ask Team Pancakes questions. 
Plus I have seen several other bloggers do this and i thought WHY NOT join the fun and excitment!
Also i wasn't inspired by anything today aside by my lovely READERS!!

This is how it will work, i will open up my blog to my fellow readers to ask Team Pancakes
 questions about anything and everything.
Mr. Pancakes will answer questions posed directly to him!
I will answer questions directed to me. 
And Team Pancakes will answer questions together.

The questions can be about anything you are curious about, for example:

*future baby carriage 
*pre-marriage stuff
*social issues
*social work
*personal training (Mr. Pancakes dabbles in the health and fitness field)
*world peace
*Canada, Ghana
*Really ANYTHING goes. 

Go WILD, ASK away a question!!!

I will disable the COMMENTS to keep the questions a SURPRISE and a bit intriguing!

Ain't Dr. Seuss wise...there is nothing in the world that is complicated.



Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Okay... I'm going to start off with a really serious one, lol. What do you think about Prop 8 being overturned?

Rebecca Rouse said...

I hope this works for you! I tried this about a year ago and i failed - no one asked any question : ( maybe i'll try again. But i do have a question, whats your secret to a successful blog? I'm trying to grow mine and gain more readers - who publicly follow - but am having a hard time honing in on a main topic my blog is about? what do you credit to your success to?

Heather said...

Great idea, Mrs. P! My questions are regarding health & fitness. What are your favorite workout routines to do together as a couple? Does working out together help keep you motivated? Have a great weekend!


Cute idea! I loved learning how you lived in Canada. What part and why did you move?

Happy Friday! xoxo

Deidre said...

Yay for comments, I hope this goes well for you (I only say that because last year when I tried this on my one asked any questions...true story!).

Anyway, I'm a bit drugged up and don't really have any questions for you right now - but thought I should stop by and say hi!! I've missed your blog since I've been ill!!!

toi said...

For Mr P.
when and why did you become a fitness instructor?

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

Happy Weekend!!!!!

Married...with a Pup said...

Well, I love this game and always ask the bloggers the same exact question: what is your favorite meal from start to finish?!?

Optimistic Mom said...

For MrPancakes, how do you feel about your wife blogging? Are there any topics that are off limits?

Mr & Mrs Pancakes, do you friends know about and/or read the blog?

toi said...
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