Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Social Media Consumption

Good Day's hump day!!
Baby Pancakes is napping and so i thought i would have some fun on blogger.
Don't worry...i did the laundry last night :-)

I was never one to be obsessed overly consumed with Social Media.
And the question of whether the consumption of social media
 is good for you or not is not the topic of this blog post.  
Rather the question is, which social media do i understand and enjoy using???!

Here goes..
I never got into Facebook like most people...

Face Book

i have an account because i wanted to reconnect 
with some high school friends and once i did...
the allure of Facebook was gone.
I never understood Facebook like most people did....
and i am thinking of deleting my account because
 i believe they are selling my information to companies 
because i have received mail from companies i am not affiliated with.

I never had a space on Myspace....i never really understood that one either.
And wasn't Myspace only for musicians??

Pinterest en Pinterest

Pinterest is another obsession but i hardly ever go on
 unless it's to find some cute picture to go with my blog post.
(all the pictures in this blog post are from Pinterest)  
There are tons of stuff on there and honestly 
my attention span most times cannot take everything's too much.  
So needless to say...i am not much of a Pinterested person (if i can use the word that way).

Tumblr...i always thought was for cool, artistic and interesting people like my nephew.  
I also don't get Tumblr and don't have an account on there.
And the #notes thing throws me used to #comments!


Instagram...that came out of nowhere and has 
definitely taken over the world of photo sharing...
although instagraming is fun
 ( i do have an account although only my cool, artistic and interesting nephew has access to it)
 i am too afraid to share too many personal pictures for fear
 that others could use it inappropriately.  
But i do enjoy instagraming my pictures even if only one other person will see it!

And then there is Twitter


...the fact that twitter is supposed to challenge us to share very little things about ourselves 
(in 140 characters) has definitely taken on a life of its own.  
No one actually shares what they have to share with JUST 140characters...
because there are now more ways to share....with photo, 
link to an article and so much more that i don't understand.

And of course there are so much more social media outlets out there that i probably don't know...
and will never know because i am far from being cool, artistic and interesting 
(all in one combination anyway...i can be all those adjectives separately)

This post really is to speak to all the social media opportunities 
consumption out there and how i don't understand or get most of them. 

Although i must say i do have a tiny crush on Twitter right now.  
I am spending more time on there and it's fun...
 Because all my friends from blogland are on there too!!!  
And also it's fun because of live tweeting during the debates.
 I am loving twitter right now...  
Although i don't understand what RT means yet in Twitter language...
I am consuming this type of social media...
And it's actually one social media i am open to learning to better understand.

Fellow readers please entitle me....
what does RT in twitter speak mean???

Question of the Day:
What social media are you consuming on a daily basis?


Quiana said...

I used to be in Facebook and scoffed at Twitter then I got on it and loved it more than Facebook. Now that I got rid of my BlackBerry and have the Galaxy SIII I'm obsessed with Instagram. Pinterest is a lot of fun too but don't go on it as frequently. I never got into Myspace either - it was waaaay to busy for me. Blackplanet was my first social media obsession. Remember that? DH and I laugh about it now!

Splendor said...

I'm not on twitter so I can't help you with RT. I do have a FB account and has really cut back b/c I realize I'm just not that interested in connecting anymore. I will say it serves a purpose. I logged in a few days ago to learn a school friend's husband passed. Even though we're not close b/c of the FB connection I am praying for her and her two babies as they go through this difficult time and without FB I wouldn't have known about it.

Kate @ Daffodils said...

Ive tried twitter twice and just cant catch on. I also used instagram for a bit, but even just with blogger and emails, I felt like it was just one more thing that made me attached to my phone. ONe day I realized I was in the kitchen looking at inta-pics instead of playing outside with my boys and it was a big wake up call. Now I just blog, and only during nap or at night. It is enough for me :)

CeCe said...

The only thing I use is FB. It's fun just seeing what everyone is up to and I post every now and then but not daily. I was just able to easily upload 300 vacation pics and share them with people so it comes in really handy in that way. I like it but I don't live on it. I think the key is to only have people you really care about on there. That's the only Social Media outlet I have. I haven't gotten into Pinterest all that much and I use Instagram mainly to alter pics I want for posting on my blog. Twitter seems confusing.

kita said...

I never really loved facebook I only be on facebook for my blogging. Twitter is my obsession I love it I have met so many great people and made a lot of good connections. Pinterest is like my bed time story I go on there before I go to bed at night instagram I am not a big fan because I don't take a lot of pictures.

Dani @ said...

I go through phases with pinterest. I post pics of my son on instagram, and I tweet sometimes. I'm on FB fairly often. I don't get tumblr.
I feel like I should tweet more, actually lol.

Travel_The_World said...

I use Facebook and just got into instagram. Not feeling instagram yet but likely cause I am not sure if how to use it just yet. I do like keeping up with my friends on Facebook.

Alisha said...

Twitter and Instagram are by far, my favorite! RT = ReTweet. If you want to copy something some one else has said you are ReTweeting them :)

Monique said...

I primarily blog and I enjoy pinterest and tumblr. I'm not so into twitter. I feel like that is something that you have to be sort of committed to. Once people are communicating with you. You can't leave them hanging, so I just mention my blog posts really and that's it.

Lauren said...

I've never even joined Twitter because I didn't need ONE more thing to check in my life. I use instagram but definitely not to the extent that some do! I'm really trying to cut back on Facebook as well...I dont' need to be on Facebook when Elyse is in the floor playing and wanting me to join her!

Pegster said...

I am really into FB. I used to be on there all the time. I do check it daily but I am not as obsessed with it as I was years ago (probably because I have kids now :)). With family living all over the world, it's definitely easier to share pics and keep in touch.

I don't do any of those other social media. I just can't keep up. I would love to get into instagram because I love taking pics and would love to do fun things with them but I don't have a smart phone and I think I need one for that.

Ashley said...

I deleted my facebook over a year ago... and I rarely miss it. I felt the bad started to outweigh the good... at least for me it did. It felt like a constant sales pitch in my face.

I actually Love pinterest. I find tons of great recipes there... and I love the interior design images. I used to have a binder where I kept magazine tear-outs of interiors I loved, but now I can keep them all on pinterest.

Twitter is fun, but I don't use it to update people about what I'm doing all the time. We don't have smart phones, so I'm limited to when I'm at the computer. (:

I don't feel too obsessed with social media though. Real life is much more important!

Lisa R Charles said...

Hey Lady! Been awhile since I've stopped by but I have some time so I thought I'd say hi.
I'm such a random rhymer, lol.

Great post!
Social media can be the joy of my life and then the worst thing for me but the key is balance.
Right now, things are running smoothly for me so all is good. I'm on all of those you mentioned AND, Google +, which is my all time favorite!! I love it over there!!

Aleta said...

Facebook is my social media. I have a lot of relatives and friends that live out of state and this is a great way to keep in touch.

But all the other social medias, I'm not active with. I have a Twitter account, but I rarely use it.

Meg {henninglove} said...

i just have facebook, pinterest and m blog and sometimes that is too much media for me. i deleted my myspace account a while ago, i don't have a fancy dancy phone and i find there is too much drama on twitter


I'm guilty of being a social media whore. I had a myspace because I liked to customize it. Was kind of a little artistic outlet for me before blogging.

FB I have but I honestly don't use too much. I check it every few days or so but I'm so much more interested in blogging. Kinda sad actually because I'd rather connect with people I don't really "know" than the people I do know. LOL

I have a twitter and tweet but I really enjoy following people and also use it as a news source. Oh and RT means retweet which is just basically a reposting of someone elses tweet. People use it to spread info to their followers.

I love tumblr because I use it as an image source and Pinterest because it catalogs my favorite images and I also love instagram.

So see, I'm guilty as charged :) xoxo

Sara said...

I'm kinda guilty of being obsessed with all of them. Facebook is great for connecting with people I know in real life. And Twitter and Instagram are wonderful for all my blog/internet friends. And Pinterest is fuel for my creative fire.

ruthy ann said...

I spend too much time on FB, twitter and instagram. Way too much! RT means "retweet" btw!

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

I go onto Twitter a lot because I like to be able to communicate with my readers that way. And I also go on Facebook about once a day.

Bravoe Runway said...

I like twitter the most, and never got into myspace

Rod and Alex - aka: "Rolex" said...

I am a slight Facebook addict. Facebook is how I keep in touch with most of my family and I love it!
I don't have a lot of time for the other outlets. I have a twitter account, but I'm still trying to figure it out. :)

I loved Myspace! I thought Myspace was a wonderful creative outlet. But all of my friends and family migrated over to I had to adapt. :)

Schnelle A. said...

Thats so funny, I totallly deleted my fb a while back for about a year, Ive been back for a few months but it is still my least favorite social network. Myspace, I had one of those, I should actually delete it smh. The rt is just taking someone's tweet and tweeting it to your own followers :)