Wednesday, October 3, 2012


When i was looking to decorate Baby Pancakes' space...
i wanted items that were cute but appropriate for boys...
because some cute things can be too girly sometimes.

I was excited when i came across Tweetledee...
a designed based company out of Australia.
They are experienced in Graphic/Art Design and they
 make all kinds of adorable items for your little one.

Tweetledee uses animals that are cute and not monkeys thank you very much.
Have you noticed...every single toy or clothing out there has some kind of monkey on it??
I don't get that...monkeys are NOT cute in my opinion.
So i appreciate that Tweetledee uses their designs
 to introduce kids to different kinds of fun animals like:
lion, giraffe, elephant, zebra, whale, hippo and their newest animal: OWL.
And the best part...all the animals have a cute name attached, 
like Zoe the Zebra and Larry the Lion.

And as a parents, they certainly have an eye for making things that
 little ones love and grown ups can appreciate the quality and cost.

Tweetledee specializes in creating the following:

Baby Wall Prints

Birth Announcements

Name Plaques

Height Charts

They work with you to create something unique and special.

I was excited when we received Baby Pancakes' name plaque.
  It arrived in no time and we have it hanging in his room. 
 I cannot wait to get more items like the Height Chart. 
I love that it features all the animals and we can track Baby Pancakes' height through the years.

I highly recommend Tweetledee...because they provide 
a product that is cute and designed perfectly for your little boy and or girl.  
I look forward to working with  Tweetledee again...very soon!

Check them out HERE and purchase something cute for your little one 
or someone's little one as it makes for a great gift!


Travel_The_World said...

Very cute! Love the birth announcement!

Janna Renee said...

I always look at those jungle themed rooms and think that it would scare me if I were a little tyke! This is way cuter!

YUMMommy said...

They have some really cute stuff. I'm over the monkeys too. They have been everywhere in terms of baby/kids stuff this year.

Kate @ Daffodils said...

These are so cute! Cullen's nursery (and big boy room) are cute jungle animals too. It has been a great 'grow with me' theme that he still adores. I love your picks with this company!

Teems said...

Haha I can't get away from the monkeys. You are right about that. My husband loves it and I am over it. I did thing it was cute though (at first).

Mrs. H said...

I think all the animals are over done, thought I have to admit I like giraffes. Chevron is over done. I'm getting tired of seeing chevron. Any pics of the nursery? Or did you post pics of the nursery in a previous post?

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

CUTE stuff.

Mrs AOK said...

I've been gone from the bloggy world for quite a while... OH MY GOODNESS Congrats on your new little love! xo

Lauren said...

so cute! love the cute animal prints!