Monday, January 14, 2013

Golden Ladies

Good Monday Morning Friends...
i wanted to be the fashion police this morning 
and critique the Golden Ladies at the Golden Globes.
Some of the ladies hit it out of the ballpark...while others didn't even make it to the ballpark.
So here are my picks this morning... I the only that missed seeing Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt?

Yay Ladies
jennifer lopez golden globes 2013 red carpet 01
Jennifer Lopez...Jlo....she. brings. it. every. single. time.  
Her accessory of Casper Smart...not so cute but whateves.

jennifer garner golden globes 2013 red carpet 17
She looked gorgeous...i honestly think the dress looked better in person that it photographs...

sofia vergara golden globes 2013 red carpet 01
Just because i LOVE Sophia Vergara...
it wasn't the best dress of the night but it was gorgeous on her.

Jessica Alba - Golden Globes 2013 Red Carpet
Jessica Alba...looked amazing...can't believe she has two kids...

kristen bell golden globes 2013 red carpet dax shepard 05
I think Kristen Bell's glow made this dress...she looked stunning!!

 naomi watts liev schreiber golden globes 2013 red carpet 01
Naomi Watts....she just looks beautiful...all the time.
I would so be best friends with her...

amy adams golden globes 2013 red carpet 01
Amy Adams...i would LOVE whatever she was wearing...but she looked gorgeous!

Nay Ladies

anne hathaway golden globes 2013 red carpet 01
Anne Hathaway..because she was up for best actress...
i thought she would have a much cuter dress...
but oh Anne...maybe in a different color...she just looked sickly!

eva longoria golden globes 04
Eva Longoria...too much going on.

halle berry golden globes 2013 red carpet 03
Halle Berry...always brings it but this dress was not great for her skin tone...

jessica chastain golden globes 2013 red carpet 02
Jessica Chasten...never heard of her until recently so i will give her a pass....
but man she needs a better stylist.

claire danes hugh dancy golden globes 2013 red carpet 03
I love Claire Danes...but this was not the most flattering dress...
it just didn't do anything.

leonardo dicaprio kerry washington golden globes 2013 red carpet 03
I love the beading but i think Kerry Washington could have done better.  
And the hair...wasn't working!

lena dunham girls wins best comedy series at golden globes 2013 01
Lena Dunham...the only thing working here is the color...

rachel weisz daniel craig golden globes 2013 red carpet 01...
Rachel Weisz...i know she didn't want to upstage her husband,
the handsome Daniel Craig but ijdgi (i just don't get it)!!!

sienna miller golden globes 2013 red carpet 01
Sienna Miller...not sure what's kind of statement
she was trying to make but very unflattering!!

But on a serious note..congrats to all the winners...until the Oscars.....
happy Monday!!!

Question of the Day:
Who was your best dress of the night?


toi said...

Didn't know that KW is married to Daniel Craig, wow!

Alike Naomu Watts' dress, she is stunning and can't believe she has two babies either! Jessica Alba is always a cutie! she looks her old teen-self!

Married...with a Pup said...

I loved Jennifer Lopez and Jessica alba's dresses. So beautiful. And I didn't know Rachel was married to Daniel Craig?! Very interesting!

Heather said...

Great picks for the best list! My fave was Tina Fey's blue dress.

Kallah Rachel said...

this is hilarious! and spot on.

the only one I would disagree w, is Anne Hathaway - I think the dress perfectly complimented her hair and makeup. So diminutive and graceful!

Sienna was just... a joke. Omg.

Rose's Daughter said...

I didn't like Anne Hathatway's either. Not the color, i just didn't think it fit well.
Halle, looked good. I didn't really like the dress, but her makeup was FLAWLESS. And she just looks awesome for her age.

Anonymous said...

My favorite was Taylor Swift.
I think Ben Affleck's wife (forgot her name) looked bad. Her hair was a mess and the dress was nothing special in my opinion.

Aleta said...

Loved all of your comments about the dresses and I found myself shaking my head in agreement after seeing the dress and reading your comment!

Law_Fal said...

I love love loved J-Lo's dress!!!! I wish I had an event to go to where I could wear a gown!!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

I thought Taylor swift looked bad (the hair!) and she always seems to have it together!

natasha {schue love} said...

I thought there were a lot of great dresses this time around! Jennifer Garner's was one of my favorites!

YUMMommy said...

Sienna definitely gets worst dress of the night award. I have no clue who put her in that dress or why. And I wasn't a fan of Kerry Washington's dress or hair either. I did love Eva's dress tho.

Mrs JK said...

I love Kerry Washington, she really could have done better :(

Blicious said...

i also thought Kate Hudson looked amazing!