Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Babylogues: Trendy Tot Tuesday

There wasn't much going on this Tuesday so I thought
 I would link up with Kelly of Mrs. in Training 
and other fabulous ladies to showcase Trendy Tot Tuesday.  

Baby Pancakes is still finding his style but we definitely
 like to dress him up in comfy and casual wear.
We love to outfit him in layers.  
There is something so cute when he has on a long sleeve shirt over short sleeve.  

I am such a first time mommy, I got teary eyed when he wore this blue outfit
 because I thought it made him look like such a grown up little guy.  
No more onesies and sleepers for him now when he goes out.

And yes he wears shoes.

The jacket is from Old Navy...it's very versatile and cute as a button.
And it has a hoody!! 


Anonymous said...

That coat is adorable. It made me think of Paddington Bear. :)

Lauren said...

he looks adorable! layers are our best friend!

kita said...

Wait when did he get so big what happened to the baby you just had noooooooooo

Heather said...

Super cute! He does look like a grown up little fellow in these pictures. :)

Sara Pierce said...

That coat is so cute! Stopping by from the link up!


Blicious said...

that jacket is precious!!!

Life with J and J said...

Very cute! JOE is still wearing onesies. I think she'll be in there for a while. They are just so easy and I don't have to think of what to put her in.
I do plan on going spring shopping for her sometime in the next few weeks. So she has a few going out outfits.

Mrs in Training said...

Thank you for linking up with us today! He looks so big in that first outfit and I LOVE that coat - is it weird it makes me think of Paddington the Bear? In an awesome way :) xoxo

Megan said...

LOVE that jacket!!! Baby style is just SO fun!!!

Thanks for linking up with us today!! :)

Eliza said...

I think Cruze needs that coat! So cute.

toi said...

my my he is adorable! love the peace sign in the first pic :)

toi said...

my my he is adorable! love the peace sign in the first pic :)

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