Saturday, June 1, 2013

Getting to Know Mom Series: Day 1

So Day 1 of Getting to Know Mom Series begins today (June 1st)....
first off Hello June and Second, How did you get here so soon?
 Anyway Welcome, I am glad to have you here nevertheless.

Moving on to my first task of allowing my son to get to know me more. 
And also for me to reflect on some of these questions and have an introspective month. 

List 20 random facts about yourself.

1. My fav. color is yellow
2. I am random.
3. I love basketball
4. I used to be the tallest girl in third grade (and best basketball player)
5. I was involved in drama and student government in high school
6. I attended a Mormon Church in high school (even went to a few teen dances)
7. I love rice and chicken.
8. I love chocolate.
9. I wanted you even before i knew i was pregnant with you.
10. I wanted to be a lawyer when i was younger so i could wear nice fancy suits...and help people.
11. When i sneeze, i sneeze multiple times (and you do that too)
12. I sometimes pretend i am giving the news
13. I love playing scrabble (the actual board game)
14. I eat with my hands (depending on the meal)
15. I sleep on my stomach
16. I went to three different universities 
17. I have traveled to three continents
18. I am an usher at Church (your grandfather was an usher too)
19. I love to laugh (until i cry)
20. You are the best thing that ever happened to me (your dad too)

There are my 20 random facts...some of these you may already know...others you may have not...either way I love that you are able to read these and get to know more about me Baby Pancakes.

Hope you enjoyed my list my fellow readers....

Below is the list for the first week....make sure to write everyday and have fun reflecting and rediscovering yourself while sharing information with your baby and your readers.
Have fun and thanks Jenn of Baby Making Machine for the fun idea!!



Aleta said...

I can so totally see you loving yellow, because you have such a cheerful personality! :)

I'm the opposite about food though, to the point where I even eat chicken and finger food with a fork and knife. My husband teases me about it all the time. I have no idea where I get that from :)

Pegster said...

Oooooh, I think I am going to love this series. Definitely love getting to know more about you :)

Faith said...

I love this! Such a great idea that baby pancakes will get to know so much about you.