Friday, June 14, 2013

Getting to Know Mom Series: Day 14

Getting to Know Mom Series Day 14 is all about: Describe 5 weaknesses and strengths you have.  This sounds like questions i would ask some of my clients but i am going to try and answer them for goes.


1. My ability to laugh at life
2. Optimism
3. My willingness to adapt to change (roll with the punches)
4. I'm a team player (at home and work)
5. My determination


1. Emotions (sometimes i can be too emotional when it's not required)
2. Wondering thoughts (i have been known to wonder when i'm doing a test...i know sad)
3. Jealous streak (sometimes i want what someone else has....sometimes)
4. Procrastination (i am working on this but it's hard sometimes)
5. Tend to push people away when I'm hurting

 Day 13 lesson is all about: if you have a weakness....balance it out with a lot of strengths!  

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