Friday, June 7, 2013

Getting to Know Mom Series: Day 7

Happy's been raining all night and morning over here 
and there is something cozy about being home while it's raining outside.

Day 7 of Getting to Know Mom Series: What is your dream job, and why?

What a great question....when i was younger, I wanted to become a Lawyer and then i grew up and really started to understand that being a Lawyer is not just about helping innocent people and wearing cute suits and heels.  It was also about working within an institution that can be hard to break into and also a system that doesn't always work with you to fight for the small guy.  Therefore, i thought i would marry my desire to help people and my curious nature and ability for gab to go into Social Work.  Social Work would allow me to help and support people individually much quicker than within an institution like the legal/judicial world.

And although i love being a Social Worker...i don't know if that's really my dream job at this moment in my life.  My dream job would honestly be a mix of being a Social Worker/Talk/Radio Show Host helping people with their problems and also speaking about current issues, fashion, celebrities and family and friends.
Of course this does not exist in the world except if you are Oprah because that would be the dream job.  Her ability to help people during the Oprah Show while speaking to celebrities, current issues and events and just enjoying herself.  You could tell she loved her job when she was doing it and she was good at it and it was effortless....and that's what i want.  A job you would do every single day without complaint. 
 It's hard work but definitely worth doing!!!

I want to make an impact in my dream job on people's lives, while at the same time having fun and enjoying it.  I want it to be serious sometimes but mostly fun and lighthearted while helping people to change their lives.  I love the quote below because i think sometimes if your dream job doesn't exist then you have to create it.  I am definitely thinking about how i can make this happen....and i am working on it everyday to create make it happen.

Lesson for Day 7: Pursue your dreams including your dream job as long as it allows you to live a life that is fulfilling and makes you happy!


kita said...

My dream job is anything that gives me the freedom to be there for my kids I am not picky as long as I am helping others I do better in helpful situations like customer service for some reason.

Rose's Daughter said...

The quote is right. I'm coming to the conclusion that my dream job does not exist. So I spend a lot if time thinking about how I can create it!

Tia said...

Your dream job sounds fun! These days we have to create opportunities for ourselves. I love staying home with my kids. I want to do something that still allows me to do that and work on projects that I love.