Sunday, June 9, 2013

Getting to Know Mom Series: Day 9

 Day 10 of   Getting to Know Mom Series: 
List 10 people who have influenced you and describe how.
I am changing some of the how to why's because it will be easier to answer them this way.

1. My mom
because she gave me life

2. My husband
because he showed me how to love...and love deeply

3. My sister
because she is strong and motivated

4. My best friends
because they are fearless and go on adventures with me

5. My Pastor
because he is passionate about what he does

6. My 5th grade teacher
he told me there is always someone who is going to be better than me
 so i should always work extra hard. He also showed me how to dream and dream big.

7. President Obama
because he has shown me you can come from nothing and become something extraordinary!

8. Oprah
because she is strong, natural and effortless

9. Oprah
my former boss because she has proven to me you can be a leader
 and also a spiritual person with a sweet demeanor.

10. Bloggers
there are so many bloggers out there that are living lives that are doing so much in their lives
 to help people and that's influential because it makes you want to do and be better!!!

Day 9 lesson is: be an influence and surround yourself with 
people that have something substantial to teach you.

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Tia said...

This was a good list! You had a boss named Oprah? That's pretty neat! I agree with what you said about the President. His story is amazing and so inspiring.