Thursday, September 9, 2010

Being True to thy Self!

Planning a wedding has lead me to reflect on a whole load of issues specifically being true to myself in the whole wedding planning process.  It is easy to get caught up (wasting time and energy) on what other people are doing: what is that bride wearing, where is this bride's venue; which photographer are they using; how many guests are they inviting; what is their wedding budget and so on and so forth. Just like anything we do in our lives, sometimes we get so caught up in what that person is doing and not doing and less time and energy being caught up in our own lives. 
The wedding planning has brought this whole issue to the forefront for me because thanks to technology, i am bombarded with information about what other people are doing and not doing in their wedding plans (wedding blogs which i won't mention).  Truth be told, i am seeking out information on the technology i have so maybe if i refrained from seeking information, i will not have these issues.  But i am only human and curiosity can get the best of me at times.  Therefore, as a result of  this reflection, it has become important for me to remember what is significant in the wedding process and remember what is important for me and Mr. Pancakes.  I have to be true to myself and do what is unique and special for Mr. Pancake and i. Dave Ramsey, a financial advisor, who can be found on (i will talk about some other time but you should check him out, he will change your life) has this quote that i love: we spend money buying things we don't need to impress people we don't like. Substitute money for energy/time and it will be in the same vain, wedding planning has lead me to spending my time and energy on people i don't even know wondering what they are doing and not doing.  I vow to be true to myself in the planning of the wedding and everything in between.

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