Sunday, September 12, 2010

Long Lazy Sunday

My MOH had her 31st birthday last night and usually instead of renting a limo and getting some of her girls and boys together,she decided to throw a party at the house with a dj. Well actually someone rented the dj for he and if you know my MOH, she lives to dance so this was the perfect gift. It was a good night, needless to say I am still recovering,in a good way. Mr. Pancakes was unable to attend because he worked late but I represented! Today, after church, I am putting on the pjs, crawling into and taking naps. Mr. Pancakes is watching the first games of the NFL season. There goes all my Sundays of bridzilla for the next six months but I digress. Here is to a long lazy Sunday. What do you do on your long lazy Sundays? (I just heard Mr. Pancakes cheer, someone must have caught a nice pass or made a touchdown!)

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