Friday, September 17, 2010

First Comes the Dress then Comes Love!

I have officially FOUND the second love of my life ( the first being Mr. Pancakes).  I walked into the store having some idea of what i was looking for, (satin, simple but sexy but elegant, trumpet/mermaid style with a hint of glitter), i didn't know if i would find it (i hadn't found it anywhere else) but lo and behold, as i sat down to complete the registration, i saw a dress in a bag that i thought looked like something i might want to try on.  And as soon as i put it on, i did not want to take it off.  It had all the makings of the dress i WANTED TO SAY YES to! The whole cliche of, as soon as you try the dress on, you will know it is YOUR dress, the dress that you were meant to wear to marry the man of your dreams.  It was perfect, i felt like the way one always wants to feel on their wedding day, the princess and the lady all rolled up into one! I wanted the WOW factor in the bow on the back (which comes off) and the simple bling in the front.  I got the sexy fit in the mermaid and the elegant look in the trumpet look.  First came the dress and then came love.  It was everything i wanted and then more.  It almost parallels my love story with Mr. Pancakes, he is definitely everything i wanted and then more.  What was the experience of you finding your wedding gown? Was it as euphoric as mine?  Check out another bride with this dress on. Gorgeous--she chose not to have the bling but it's still nice. 

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hello there, you just won an award from me. come and claim it.