Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Making Wish Lists

There is a movie on Lifetime which has led me to reflect on 'wish lists' and making lists of wishes we want.  Like how on my wedding planning wish list includes a wedding fairly godmother to sprinkle some fairy dust on my wedding day and it will happen without me having to lift a finger. Anyone know one of those? But i digress, the premise of this movie is about an organized lady who decides to make a list of the criteria of the man she is looking for and ends up meeting a man that has none of the criterias on her list, leading her to the belief that sometimes the man that you are looking for is not necessarily part of the master plan.  It's a cute premise and movie but also true to reality because a lot of women (and perhaps men) do this, make lists of characteristics we want in a mate.  Some of us may actually put pen to paper when making our lists ( i did once) and or have the list in our mind.  However we do it, we all have the characteristics on the list: his height, his eye colour, type of job, funny, rubs my back, enjoys sports, will play scrabble with me and so on and so forth.  Lists are important because it focuses one on their goals and and the steps to achieving them however it can stifle our ability to go with the flow and allow the higher powers to do what it does. In my case, making a list of the characteristics i wanted in a future mate was significant in focusing me on what i liked and didn't like in a partner.  And in the end, i found in Mr. Pancakes most of the characteristics i wanted in a partner but other characteristics were definitely not on my list and truth be told, I met my perfect match.  The moral of the story is wish lists are important (whether you write them down or have them in your head) because it helps you focus on likes/dislikes however sometimes when universe sends you something different in your way, open your arms and receive it because in the end the master plan has already been written!

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