Friday, September 24, 2010

Good and Better Shopping Days!

Happy Friday Ladies!
HartbrakeA few weeks ago, i ventured into DSW to do a little retail therapy.  I have been very good recently not purchasing unneccessary items i do not need, therefore i needed to do a little damage.  Not to much, but just a little.  Of course as soon as i entered the store, my eyes went to the dressy shoe section because yes my whole world is consumed with everything wedding! I laid eyes on some cute shoes, some lovely shoes, some killer heels, some funky designed shoes, some would not be caught dead wearing shoes and just some i would not even consider shoes because if i wore you, i would not be able to walk down the aisle, let alone dance shoes.  So i was walking through the store making judgements on all the various shoes and i came across a pair of Bandolino heels that i thought fit the criteria.  What criteria in a shoe am i looking for you, you ask?  Some sex-appeal (strappy sandals) style (with a classy small flower at the toe), comfortability (3inches thick but not chunky heel) and a little royal blue at the heels and other the frame of the shoe! I was looking for a pair of shoes that would add a little splash of colour underneath my address and gosh darnit, i think i found them.  A few years ago, my sister had a wedding and we wore some of the nicest, sexy yet comfortable shoes she could fine and i think i found mine.  I may possibly look for some flats to wear later on as the nights wear on (splash of patent yellow and or royal blue) but these Bandolino shoes will definitely lead me down the aisle to my future husband, Mr. Pancakes.  That day was a good shopping day definitely but the better shopping day came a few days ago when i went back to DSW and found out that the Bandolino shoes i purchased was on sale, for an extra 30%!!!!!!!!!!! Better shopping days, DSW was great because even though i didn't have my shoes and only had my receipt, i was able to get the discount which brought a smile to my face!  Have you had any great shopping days recently related to the wedding planning and or life in general?


Mrs. K said...

Glad you found your shoes. I totally use retail therapy and it works so well for me. I was just talking with a friend about that last night. Your shoes sound stylish :)

D. Marie said...

It's always nice when you finally find the missing wedding piece you were looking for. Shoes were tough for me and I searched every where and when I finally found them it was an awesome day!! Glad you found your shoes...I think something blue peaking out from your dress will look fun and sexy! :)