Saturday, September 25, 2010

No Wedding Website 4 Me...

So Mr. Pancakes is a very private person and does not want his pictures and or personal information about him all over the internet.  Therefore, i decided to be his better half and go along with his wishes to not develop a wedding website which i thought would have been a fabulous and fun way for our families and friends to have access to.  But oh well...marriage is all about compromising and taking one for the team and so to be part of Team Pancakes, i am foregoing developing a wedding website! 

Therefore, i thought i would take to my blog and share a few ideas i had for if i were developing a wedding website.  The following would be on the first page with a little ditty about LOVE...

This is the day that the LORD has made, we shall rejoice and be glad in it!
Mr. & Miss Pancakes...
Love: noun/verb and everything in between
1: holding hands, walking in the rain, and not even knowing it's meaning,  2: being there for each other (no matter what) 3: that certain look 4: trust 5: passion 6: the best kind of friendship 7: gets better with time 8: a fairy tale that does come true

 My Prayer Answered:
Everyone is born for someone
Not everyone gets to know that someone
As the clock ticks by
Loneliness stares in the face
On my knee I pray
Oh Lord; when that someone comes my way
Give me the strength and courage to accept
That this someone is mine
Our prayer Answered...
Aren't these some of the nicest and sweetest things you have heard about love and everything in between?! I love the poem above, i found it on a random website years and years ago! Have you and your better half had any disagreements over posting info online?? Our wedding colours are sapphire and yellow!


Sarah said...

Sapphire and yellow are going to be beautiful colors in a wedding ;). And that poem is really priceless. Will you have a program at your wedding? Maybe you could incorporate it there?!

Anyways, thanks so much for the sweet comment you left on my love story post for Gwen in Love!

every little kiss said...

We haven't had any disagreements about posting things online, but we've definitely talked about it. I have a blog, my FSIL has a blog, and we have a wedding website. Basically, you could find out our names if you really tried. That's not really a huge issue, but I am very careful NOT to blog at work, and I never mention where either of us work or what we do (it's easy to find out my job if you know my name, but it's not that easy to find out what he does). I am careful what I post, and he's okay with the blog.

D. Marie said...

Sapphire and!! Our colors were tiffany blue and yellow! Check my older post for ideas of mixing yellow and blue...we did blue hydrangeas on top of vases filled with lemons...everyone loved it! I love your little words on that you included trust...VERY IMPORTANT! I have three stepchildren and I dont name them or put their pics on my blog. Its something we both agreed on. Have a great day!