Friday, October 8, 2010

Sister Wives Anyone?

Ladies, i am wondering if anyone has seen TLC's new show Sister Wives? Please share your thoughts with me? I know most people in the media are making it about sex and nothing but sex.  However, there are also some merits (according to some) about the idea of families working together to raise their children.  Also do not forget the notion of sisterhood and being there for one another in a sisterly manner.  Now i am not saying that polygamy is wrong and or right, i am just stating that there are both sides to the story. 
i would not be a sister wife if my life depended on it.  Mind you, i am not yet a wife and or a mother so i do not know what the sister wives are referring to when they talk about helping raise each other's children and taking care of the household duties and so and so forth.  Plus, sisters usually do not marry the same husbands.  My sisters and i definitely are not!  What i do know though is that i have fallen IN LOVE with Mr. Pancakes and to share his attention, time, love and looks with another woman would drive me crazy! It would definitely have me raging and raving on a regular basis.  Again, the polygamist families say that their lifestyle is not about sex and i respect that HOWEVER sharing Mr. Pancakes with someone is definitely NOT a lifestyle i would choose.  But to each their own. 
Needless to say, i will continue to watch the show.  It's like trying not to watch someone wearing a horrible eighties outfit at church (inappropriate right but yet so intriguing).  I will definitely continue to comment when need be about sister wives! watching trying not to stare when someone terrrible is hep else would n talking about related to helpingin regards to helping each other raise their children wives helping each other raising their children and also being a support for one another. 

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Mrs. K said...

I've heard about this show but haven't seen it. Can't even imagine sharing my husband with someone else. I'm not a jealous person but the idea goes against my whole thoughts about marriage and family.
I probably won't watch it but I will tune in to your updates :)