Sunday, October 10, 2010

LongLazySunday: Bonding with godson!

This long lazy Sunday was spent with my godson who is adorable beyond words. Well actually before I went to pick him up for the afternoon, I met with my potential florist! The appointment went well although I kept on changing my mind about my and the bridemaids bouquets. But I believe i made a final decision and now she is going to draw up the contract. It sounds so official. I will write am official blog about the flowers at some other point. This long lazy Sunday was spent mostly with godson. Did I mention how adorable he is? He just turned ten months and is percocious, funny, smart and just all around a good baby. He does not cry unless something is wrong and Mr. Pancakes is awesome with him. I think Mr. Pancakes likes him because he is so chilled. And I have to tell you today they really bonded. Godson loves to dance so Mr. Pancakes was the human beatbox and they were going at it for sometime. I loved seeing godson with Mr. Pancakes, it warmed the cockles of my heart completely! As it was Sunday, we went to see Granny (From Tribute Tuesdays) and she loved being around him too. Of course he tried to pull off her oxygen but overall he was good around her. She was like "if you guys ever have a baby, don't bring him around if he is a crier, I can't stand babies that won't go to anyone" I couldn't agree with her more. Overall it was a good Sunday. Mr. Pancakes and i are definitely not ready to be parents (God will bless us in his time) but it sure is nice to have some baby-happy baby- time with someone's baby. Now I know why grandparents love their grandchildren: because they get to give 'em back. But truth be told, godson does make it hard to give him back because he is so cute, well behaved and did i mention adorable! And in case you were wondring, of course he is our ring bearer, can you imagine how precious that is going to be? Can't wait! How wad your Sunday, hope it was long and lazy!!


Teenage Bride said...

awwwww I love lazy Sundays

Mrs. K said...

Oh that's so sweet. Glad you guys are getting some practice :). By the way, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment about my "confession" post. LOL