Sunday, November 21, 2010

LongLazySunday: Let's Get Physical

My longlazysunday was excellent as i had an event at church that i was part of so guess what? I made it to church ON-TIME!!! It was amazing and since i am in a ministry at church i really do need to attend church on-time regularly!

After church, i decided to go for a work-out as i had a blast last night eating loads and loads of carbs. One of my friend's made this delicious rice dish and it was soooo good...i was not greedy but i enjoyed myself! The work-out was good.  I was on the bike for a while going at full speed at certain intervals and i only managed to burn 160 calories.  Now i am no expert but i sometimes wonder about the way the workout machines calculate calories and such.  But i least i had a good work-out!

Granny Pancakes is home from the hospital so we are having dinner with her.  Last week we brought combination rice from our local Chinese Restaurant and she went bananas over how good the rice was! She is too cute.  I think tonight we are having pizza!

I know, i know more carbs hence why i worked out today...the calories in and calories out don't match up but at least i sweated!  Anyway ladies hope you enjoyed your longlazysunday! 

Did anyone do anything fun with their longlazysunday?


Chic Mamá said...

Glad to hear your weekend was full of yummy food!

I eat whatever my appetite calls for, but I do like to work out so I don't feel as guilty lol

Here in Chicago it was a gloomy day, so I didn't do much, Just a lazy Sunday filled with movies. =)

Mrs. K said...

After church I spent the rest of the time doing my hair while my hubby cook, play with the dogs and study. LOL at "I was not greedy but I enjoyed myself." That's a new one. Haha. Hey you may want to consider using the elliptical machine--you burn more calories in less time. Good luck.

Miss Pancakes said...

i was told the elliptical may not be so great because it is a stationary machine but i will go to it again. Thanks for the suggestion!