Tuesday, December 21, 2010

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Initially when i was doing my research about guestbooks i came across several options including blurb.com and adromapics.com and both of them were fantastic! I was definitely in love with how their books were and i probably still am.  However since i have been a frequent visitor to David's Bridal, they sent me a complimentary guestbook by Shutterfly.  I have seen their ads here and there online however i have never really been on their websites! (i am probably late with that because i believe it has been around for awhile!)  Anyway i went on there and started playing around with some of our E-pics and since i didn't know what the quality would look like, i selected a few pictures and hoped that it would all come out well. 

I hoped that the quality of paper would be excellent and that the colour would be bright and brilliant! I was hoping for the best results.  And so i ordered and paid the shipping and handling and waited!

And a few days later (literally it was like within two days) the book arrived in a shutterfly orange box.  I proceeded to open it and out i pulled the book out and it was BEAUTIFUL!  It took me a few moments to actually open the book because i was in awe at how beautiful the front page came out!  Mr. Pancakes and i looked so good, like a couple of SUPERSTARS!  And the pictures were untouched!  I finally proceeded to open the pictures and as i went through the book, i was amazed at the quality of the paper, the colour and just overall how the book turned out! 

I am sure the other sites produced good quality books however i believe i will stick with shutterfly, baby!  Mr. Pancakes, who has been skeptical about the engagement pictures and a guestbook, was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the book and how beautiful (my word but i am sure he thought they were beautiful too) they turned out! 

I believe it would be an amazing gift for christmas, birthdays, wedding gift and graduation present.  I was completely surprised with what shutterfly did.  Also they guarantee the customer's satisfaction.  During the making of the book, i messed up on one picture (i positioned the picture so that Mr. Pancakes' head was cut off in the frame) and they were more than happy to allow me to re-order the book!  Without a hassle...not a one!

I would highly recommend shutterfly for others that are looking for a fun idea for a guestbook and or a nice gift for some special occassions and  or just because for that special someone!

I am so excited about the guestbook because it will allow us to do several things:
1) keep amazing memories using our engagement pictures
2) allow our guests to enjoy special moments Mr. Pancakes and i shared
3) For our guests to and also for them to share some fun and special messages with us!

Has anyone used and or tried shutterfly?
Did you have a great experience?

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Redbabe said...

Good choice Ms Pancake! :)

We didnt use Shutterfly but we did exactly the same thing using Photobook instead. I was so excited too two years ago when we did our guestbook. Like u said it, allowed us to do several things - sharing engagement pictures, keeping memories and allowing guest to share special messages rather than just another conventional guestbook. It was fantastic!