Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Safe Holidays

Hopefully everyone has a safe and happy holidays with traveling to visit with friends and family!

Unfortunately i am not going to Canada to visit my family and or visiting anywhere else to visit wth the rest of my family elsewhere in the world. 

However i am excited about spending time with Mr. Pancakes who has an extended weekend. We are visiting with Mr. Pancakes and his family (his parents are separated so we visit with two sets of family).  It's a litte different for me because i am used to spending time in one home during the holidays and people visiting our family home.

However that's what happens when you marry into a family.  Their traditions and customs become yours! And so we travel to various family homes.  However it's all good!
I am getting used to the travelling to different homes during holidays...i think! 
Well at least i am getting used to it!

What are your new and or old traditions with your fiance, husbands, partners?


YUMMama said...

Well, he has adopted my holiday tradition of gathering at my mom's house. We don't really associate with his family since he a foster child.

MsBabyPlan said...

We normally alternate between families. One year with my, the next year with his family. For two Christmas in a role we've been to his family so next year is def with my family.