Thursday, September 15, 2011

Secret Newlywed Behaviors: My Husband Can't Dance!

This is more of a newlywed secret confession...
my husband can't dance
but i love him anyway!

I mean he comes from a  family of boogie-down dancers
so i am not sure where he missed out on the gene.  

For our wedding, we took a one day crash course in basic sidestep.  
Which he learned fairly quickly so our slow dance looked beautiful.  
However when it came to our fast songs, he was all over the place and i mean,
he is soooooooooooooo awkward on the dance floor.  
I mean truth be told, he dances like he doesn't hear the music.  
Whenever we dance together, i get all confused about the beat of the music because he is so off.  

Ok, ok, he is NOT that terrible but he doesn't dance like a black person! 
But i love him because he tries. I love to dance.  And he indulges me.
 Recently at my friend's birthday party, he danced with me, off beat and all 
and for this i love him and he is AMAZING! 
He danced more at the party than he did our wedding.

I have to give it to Mr. Pancakes though, he is awesome at slow dancing!

And just to celebrate his dancing skills, here is the proof from our wedding. 
Our final dance!
Get down baby!

Yes he is doing the side step in a smooth way!
I love you babeee!!!

Is there anything your hubby can't do well
but you love him anyway?

p.s: to find out whether your identity has changed since you've been in your relationship/marriage,
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Heather said...

My husband and I both thought we were bad dancers before our wedding, but we took lessons and ended up having a pretty cute first dance routine!

Lauren said...

We're definitely not dancers either...and we didn't take any lessons for our wedding. We just swayed back & forth and got some photos of our "first dance!"

Sinful Sundays said...

LOL! I love how he still dances for you even thought he's rhythmically challenged. true love. :)

Sarah said...

Does he do the "white man's overbite"?? haha I think that's from When Harry Met Sally :) But good for him for trying! :)

Anonymous said...

Don't stereotype, because not all blacks are good dancers and all whites bad dancers.

Maybe for him his moves are the greatest.

A kudo for him for trying :).

Evelien said...

My husband is a bad dancer too, but he really wants to learn and he always tries again, at each wedding we go to :)
Sometimes it works out pretty well, but other times he looks so frustrated that it's not working! Poor guy :)

Mrs. Pancakes said...

@ Annonymous....I wasn't stereotyping and I tried real hard not to infer this! But I should have said becos his family is a bunch of great dancers I was hoping he would be too! But thanks for making the point about stereotyping because this is never right. I never did like anonymous readers--feels weird! This is a safe place/blog--make yourself known!

Frugalista said...

Do not feel bad about saying "he doesn't dance like a black person" on your blog when talking about your own husband. We all know you well enough to know that you don't mean anything by it and let's get real. We all know that a lot of black folks dance good. Hence the so called "stereotype." Anyhow, my hubby or myself don't dance like black folks either. I'm a little better then him but still not so great. It's cool that he tries.

Angela said...

Cute post! Your hubby sounds great. My husband actually dances much better than I do; I can't seem to pull off the moves I envision myself doing in my head. Embarrassing!

My husband leaves cups and glasses all over our apartment. Almost every night I go through to take them to the dishwasher. It's something I've found so endearing about him; every time I see a class out in the family room I smile. I just love that man!

Cute post!

~ Angela

P.S. I didn't think anything of your so-called "stereotype." It was obvious you didn't mean anything negative.

Rocker Chic said...

Mrs. P you are hilarious. I can't dance to save my life Idance like Mr. P like I don't hear the music I dance like i'm all over the place but that doesn't stop me from dancing. Lol

Newlymeds said...

Thanks for sharing your little secret. ;) As long as he can slow dance and you can rest your head on his shoulder that is all that matters. And great article! May have to reblog that one!

Vivian said...

Mine can't dance either!! And he married a dancer...what was I thinking? Love is blind after 10 yrs I've learned to 'adapt' and to still take him dancing but not without a bribe...if you know what I mean ;)

LaNeshe said...

My husband can't dance either, I love him anyway lol

Anonymous said...

Ummmmm don't worry about anonymous! We all knew what you meant. And if you aren't brave enough to post a name or a blog - then your opinion should be completely disregarded!!!

I wish I knew how to dance.. I'm the one in this relationship that stinks!! haha

Rod and Alex - aka: "Rolex" said...

You two are so cute! My husband can't dance either...but neither can I (so I have to forgive him ;)). We look like "Napoleon Dynamite" when we try. It's bad...really bad! Haha!

Bernadine said...

Cute post, this totally made me smile.

toi said...

Some of my friends and family tease me when I dance because they say I dance because they think I can't dance but I believe I dance quite well, lol :).

Sunshine said... sweet!

Ashley said...

awww this was such a lovey post! ya'll look so cute in that pic!

my hubby is having a hard time finding me....but i will love him regardless of taking so long when he does :)

Megan said...

First of all, your legs are amazing! Okay, moving funny that your hubs can't dance. Mine can't either! We basically swayed back and forth at the wedding.

Faith said...

hahahaha, too funny! i would say that Sean can't dance but i might be lying, haha ... cute post! :)

kyna... said...

Awe, that is such a sweet picture of you guys! I can't dance very well either (except for slow dancing), and my hubby can get down! It makes it hard when we go out and he wants to dance! :-)

♥ Kyna

Alida said...

my hubby cannot dance either...but I love him for trying!

Great photo!

Anonymous said...

Cute post. I really like it. Well, I am the one who can't really dance. It is so much pressure because people always expect me to be this awesome dancer.