Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Marriage with an Expiration Date??

Have you heard about the new marriage law which Mexico City is proposing?

The city officials in Mexico are proposing a marriage contract
with a minimum term of two years.  
Couples will be able to renew the marriage contract every two years.  
Just like car and health insurance.  
Of course like health insurance, there will be an opt-out clause.
Couples will not be forced to renew their license after the first term.

The reason: Mexico city has a divorce rate of 50/50
 and the government believes this makes perfect sense for their constituents.
The thought: if people are not staying married, give them a way out early.
My thought: I think this new law adds to the problem but who am i...just a married lady who likes to blog!

One government official gives this reason for the law: 
We want to generate affectionate and harmonious relationships between spouses and, 
in the case that they don't want to stay together, 
enable them to separate without cumbersome proceedings that only harm families"

Of course, the leaders of some Archdiocese oppose this new law by saying:  
"It contradicts the nature of marriage...It is an "irresponsible and immoral..
destroying the family and values."

Mexico city will be voting on this new law at the end of the year. 
It will be interesting to see whether they actually institute this new law.

Should be interesting.

What do you think ladies,
Yay or nah to the marriage contract with an expiration date?
Are government officials going bonkers?


Evelien said...

A big Nah!
Marriage is in itself a "contract for life" :)

ASingleMothersJourney said...

NAH! It will only increase both the marriage rate and the divorce rate. More people will be willing to get married because it would be so easy for them to divorce if they wanted to. It negates the contract of marriage and doesn't outline the purpose of what marriage really is. People are already forgetting the real meaning of marriage and having this in place will only destroy the concept of marriage. But hey, that's my opinion.

Christina said...

Holy cow, no way. Marriage is for life and if is as easy to get out of as a break up, then what's the point? I think sometimes people end up staying through a tough time because it does take time and money to go through a divorce and they end up working through their problems and having a successful marriage. I say, if they're going to end their marriage, make 'em work for it!

Lauren said...

wow...this is crazy! God created marriage for life...not for a temporary contract! I definitely say no!

Heather said...

Marriage is for life! Implementing a renewable contract just creates more uncertainty and will probably lead to even more divorce.

Desiray said...

Now that is crazy I tell you people will do anything to try to discredit what GOD has bless...

Sarah said...

NO! There's a reason (most) wedding vows say "til death do us part"!

Anonymous said...

I'm going against the grain here because I'm not religious. I think I can see both sides of the argument. On one hand it wouldn't make people actually think before they get married because they know they can get out of it in two years if they don't want to be in it. Of course, people get married all the time without thinking about it and end it during the first few years anyway without a temp contract. I think the difference here will be the end result. On one hand you have a very expensive divorce to deal with and with a temp contract, you can just end it without paying thousands to a lawyer. (I'm sure the divorce lawyers in that country will all vote a big fat no)

On the other hand, marriage is suppose to be for life. You don't even have to believe in the religious definition of marriage to know that it should be for life...but shit happens.

For me, marriage has two sides. The legal here is my certificate from the man saying I'm married and the emotional I said my vows to you part of it. The emotional part is the more important part for me. Mr. Tattoo and I could stand in our living room today and say our vows to each other and be just as married emotionally as you. We wouldn't just have the government contract saying that we are.

Um..where was I going with this? I think what Mexico City should propose is a longer waiting period for marriage. I read an article that stated that since Mexico is mostly a Catholic country, a lot of young people get married because they want to have sex and live together. Since it's frowned upon before marriage, a lot of young people just jump the gun and then get divorced later. Maybe couples who want to get married should have to wait. I don't know how long, but maybe long enough for it to sink in that they are about to get married. 1 month? 3 months?

I always say that if you know he/she is the one, then why rush it? Maybe if some of these couples had to wait a few months after applying to get married, reality would sink in and they could back out or move forward.

I'm rambling now. I haven't had my coffee.

Anonymous said...

P.S. When I say I'm not religious, I meant to say I'm not Christian. I'm Buddhist.

Nini said...

I saw this on the news the other day and thought it was ridiculous. If you don't know if you wanna make the long term commitment then stay dating. Marriage is a commitment before God, its that point after dating when you're ready to commit to the person for life. Legally you are making the decision to publicly be united with that person and religiously you are making a commitment to each other in the eyes of God. "Through good bad, sickness, health....the whole bit".
If you can't live up to the responsibilities of marriage: legally or religiously then I think don't taint what marriage represents....just continue dating.
Maybe Miss Tattoo is right, maybe they should propose a cool off period when someone applies for a license but to trivialize marriage like this by making a "short term contract" out of it...I'm not a fan!

I really would like to see the outcome of this proposed law.

Cam | Bibs and Baubles said...

I saw this on the news. I don't like it. What's the point of entering in a life long commitment with a two year shelf life. It's a total contradiction.

Marilyn said...

Hi girlie.. I nominated you for "Versatile Blogger" award!! Stop in and have a looksey.. : )) You INSPIRE ME and I can always come by and splurge in fun and creativity here..So talented.. ~Xo Marilyn

Anonymous said...

I don't really understand the law... why not just require your citizens to have a mandatory dating period of two years instead of a trial marriage. Doesn't that make more sense?
I think the law is stupid... but who am I? A girl who WANTS to get married that blogs ;)

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

So would that take away the strings that come with divorce? It sounds weird.

K-Koira said...

Wow. I'm thinking that's kind of special. And, probably a way for the city to get more money, because I am sure, just like car registration, they will require you to pay every two years to renew your marriage license.

And I'm wondering how many people will accidentally be not married because they are late getting the paperwork back in?

Oh to Be a Muse said...

i mean, to each their own. but i don't know why this has to be a law...sounds too forced.

An Irish Italian Blessing said...

Now that I've picked my jaw up off the floor, I think this is just crap! I feel like it's giving people entering into a marriage the idea that there is always a safe way out as long as they wait two years? WTF?!

Marriage is a commitment, a contract to your partner, it's a LIFE LONG covenenat, ugh! People make me crazy


wow i hadn't heard about this. i bet it is really just a money making tactic. cities are more than happy to accept money to issue new licenses and such. I can see both sides of the argument and overall I think Miss Tattoo says it best.

Alida said...

I can understand why some people would go that route but for me personally I believe in sticking it out for life.

Emily w/Amazing Grapes said...

All they're wanting to do is bring that 50/50 down by doing this 2 year contract. All they care about are their stats. Not whether or not its "good" for the couple. bleh! Governments drive me crazy.

And this is an absolute horrible idea. You said it best by comparing it to insurance. Marriage is nothing anymore in a lot of people's eyes. So sad.

Emily w/Amazing Grapes

Vanisha @ Vanisha's Life In...Australia said...

I'm not too sure what to make of this!

the nyanzi report said...

marriage is for life. if you cannot handle that, then do not get married.

Alisha said...

Whoa!! That completely goes against the institution of marriage and what it stands for - vowing to live and be with someone for the rest of your life; for better or worse; for richer or poorer; etc.

Seriously, can't believe they're even considering this…

Anywho, happy tuesday, friend!!

Raven said...

ok so you want my opinion? (wink wink)

First let me say that I am a Christian girl who absolutely believes in the sanctity of marriage and that it is FOREVER and that it's hard work but so worth it.

Now let me say that I think this new law that Mexico wants to pass is FANTASTIC! Surprised? ;) The reason why is because marriage is becoming a joke. NOT TO ME. But to most people it is become a huge freaking joke. Divorce is so "easy" and when things get tough, most people get out. The old school of working it out and SACRIFICING just doesn't apply much anymore.

However, on the other hand, I think this law actually makes fun of marriage, makes fun of girls like you and me who actually BELIEVE in marriage and what it stands for. I think that if they want to pass this law, it should be something totally new. NOT MARRIAGE. MARRIAGE is forever. So....hmm....maybe they could name is.......LTHSUSBCA? aka living together having sex until someone better comes along.

Sounds good to me :)

and this was officially one of the longest comments ever :)

Rocker Chic said...

Mrs. P I love your post but even more I love the comments I mean you really know how to get people to talk lol I am going to be like you one day.

And I def would vote no on this because marriage is a union that should not be broken.


Mrs. Pancakes said...

Ladies..i totally agree with ALL of your comments. i think there are definitely monetary reasons for them to institute this law. i also AGREE with Miss. Tattoo that they should institute a PRE-MARITAL AGREEMENT of some sort to help people make better decisions BEFORE getting married. Thanks for the comments..it made for some awesome discussions!

Mrs. Julius said...

Is this for real? What is this world coming to? A BIG nah for me!

Why even get married? This new law sounds more to me like a dating contract. Bullshit! :P

I think people should live together before they decide to get married. I seriously believe in that because its a true test to your relationship and how you cope with one another 24/7.

I think this law is so pathetic. It just devalues the meaning of marriage.

Brandi @ Home Team Dreams said...

WOW! This is unbelieveable! I'm almost speechless. I think this sounds completely crazy! It will definitely be interesting to see what happens with this.

Megan said...

This is really sad, actually. It almost makes me want to cry!! It just totally invalidates marriage and all that God meant it to be!!

Monique said...

wow that's wild, this is a great topic. i'm interested in seeing how things go. it's a new world we live in i'd have to think more about how i feel about this. but i agree with you. not such a good idea.

Angela of "Grahangela" said...

It makes me sad to see what marriage is turning into. Except for extreme circumstances, I'm of the camp that marriage is sacred and should be treasured. It's my biggest priority and I'm afraid my husband is stuck with me! :)

I get where Mexico City is coming from, but I feel that with this kind of law not only are they devaluing marriage but they're lowering the bar for what they expect out of their citizens. Sad.

But what do I know? I'm like you . . . just a married gal who blogs. :)

~ Angela

Favoured Girl said...

The title of this post caught my attention, and when I read the post, I almost laughed, thinking it may be a joke. Because it doesn't make ANY sense whatsoever.
The whole point of marriage is that it is a "till death do us part" arrangement. The fact that there is a 50% divorce rate means that people are not taking their commitment seriously enough. THAT is what the authorities should try to address, not introduce a two-year renewable marriage contract.

(That quote from the government official is a classic case of double-speak. Say one thing when you mean the opposite.)

This proposal completely contradicts the purpose for which God created marriage. I would be stunned if they actually institute this law.

Faith said...

it is sad that it has come down to this that some people actually feel that this law is needed. very sad. how marriage has turned into a joke is beyond me.