Friday, July 6, 2012

Question the the Universe: Weekend Plans?

It's Friday...woohooo!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am excited because This Week played a cruel joke on us 
by putting the holiday right smack in the middle of the week!  
Not cool at all...therefore i am glad it's Friday!!!!

I was wondering what you were all up to 
hence i thought i would play another edition of 
Question to the Universe
Here's how it works:
 i ask and you and i answer three questions...

1) What time is it where you are?
2) What's the temperature today?
3) What are your weekend plans?

My Answers:
1) 10:45pm 
(Thursday night--i had to schedule this post...
i have BIG plans this morning...more info later)
2) 101--see below...crazy insane!
3) My mom is coming into town--woohoo 
and finally getting Baby Pancake's crib set up and decorated!!!!

Now it's your turn...
remember whatever you do this weekend...
have fin but stay cool and hydrated!

Friday, Jul 6, 2012

DayJul 6

Chance of Rain:
NNE at 5 mph
UV Index:
10 - Very High
0 in
5:50 am
9:05 am


Lauren said...

1. 9:09 am
2. 101 degrees! uck!
3. We don't have many set plans, just trying to stay cool!

This Cookn' Mom said...

1. It's 11 am
2. 92 degress and rising.
3. No conrete plans yet. Maybe continue the Independence celebrations at the local park.

Heather said...

Happy Friday! 1) 12:31 p.m. 2) 92, on the way up to 98 -- 105 tomorrow! 3) Reading, writing and staying cool!

Renise said...

1. Its 1:42 pm
2. 92 degrees on the way to 97 and only 37% humidity!
3. Some reading and more maybe one or two suggestions from the list of things to do when you're bored!

Happy Friday!

Desiray said...

10:36 am
two speaking engagements today...and today is saturday

I am a little late sis..have a great weekend

Anonymous said...

hope you're having a great weekend! stay cool :) following you now...

Faith said...

1:21 am
70 degrees, it was way hotter earlier
Nada :) no plans at all!