Sunday, October 28, 2012

Babylogues: Celebrating Month 2

I can't believe i am posting your 2months updates...
time is flying but you know what we are enjoying every single second with you.
Including our late night feeding sessions...
We truly enjoy having you in our lives.
You complete us in so many different ways!

We are going to your 2month appointment on Tuesday so i will update.

But you have grown in every single way!

We still love to cuddle with you.
But this seems you will actually come in for a cuddle and that is the cutest thing ever.
You are just so sweet when you do.
I take a million and one pictures of you cuddling to me daily.
We met some of my co-workers this week and they couldn't help but admire you
and say, "he is just so cuddly."
And you truly are.
I hope you never grow out of this cuddling phase.

I think we've mastered BREASTFEDING.
You still get quite excited when feeding and will pull on mommy sometimes
but I have learned to prevent this from happening which is great.
We were doing breastmilk and formula but then
you had constipation so for the past week...
we've only been doing breast milk and you seem to be doing well.
I was a little worried that you might starve but your auntie insists...
the books says you will get exactly what you need.
This is reassuring and makes mommy feel good about this.
I am still pumping so daddy can feed you too...
I am praying for the day when i will get more than 4oz in one pump session.
I am trying to remain calm and peaceful in order to get more milk.
Oh i am also drinking lots of fluids including:
water, gingerale, apple juice and Organic Mother's Milk tea.

Sometimes you sleep like a grown person...

Well there was that one time you cried for over two hours straight
because you didn't want to lay in your crib swaddled up.
I became upset and just cried while holding you.
You eventually settled down and slept a little but the next day...
we were back to you crying and crying.
We noticed you LOVED to sleep on our chest and we debated
about doing this but we went against the doctor's advise and put you to sleep on your chest.
And with God's have been able to sleep on
your chest for almost a month now and that's a blessing!  I am constantly worried about you
but i noticed you are able to hold your neck up without any issues.
You are sleeping so much better since you started sleeping on your belly.
I am not sure if you will ever sleep on your back again but we will continue to try as you get older.
You have a hard time falling asleep because you would rather play possum while feeding but eventually you will settle down and only wake up once in the middle of the night between 3:00am-4:00am.
The one thing i worry about while sleeping is that you are a mover.
I put you in the middle of the bed and when you wake are at the edge of the crib.
We pray every night for God's Angels to be with you every night and day!!  
You love your Winnie The Pooh Lounger! 

Initially we were using disposal diapers.

I tried the cloth diapers and they leaked so i was  a little disappointed.
But then with some encouragement from your Auntie who is a pro at cloth diapering...i tried again.  And i realized you remained dry when we appropriately positioned the diaper...who would have thought it.
We have been doing it now for about two weeks and it's going great.
We have a good rotation going and so far so good.
 I thought it would be difficult to clean but it's not.
And i feel like it's better for your skin.
You haven't had a diaper rash except for the time your grandma advised
to put diaper rash cream on you as a preventive measure...clearly you were allergic to it.

You've taken a few baths in the sink but nowadays you take a shower in your baby tub!

You finally met Granny (96years)...she is sooo in love with you.
While she was holding were quietly looking at was just so beautiful to see.
She is a little bit older than you.
We calculated it and she celebrated 1,152months.
She has you beat on your 2months little man.  
You also met your pat. grandma and she had an awesome time with you.
We are going to Canada this Christmas so you will see the rest of my family.
You were introduced to some of my co-workers and they were so excited to finally meet you.
They couldn't get enough....and threatened me i can't return to work without you!!

Baby Milestones
I try NOT to get too anal about the baby milestones (according to the BabyCenter App)

 but thankfully you are meeting all of them at this stage so mommy is grateful.
You are lifting your head, interacting with us, 
have facial and verbal recognition of your dad and I,
 you are smiling more and more.
Engage with your toys in your playyard...
you have a pretty tight grip.
You are cooing and aahing...and when I have conversations with you...
you will engage with your coos and aahs.  It's the best thing ever!
We talk, sing and laugh everyday and you seem to enjoy these moments.
We probably need to start listening to more music.

Fun Facts
**Daddy changed you and forgot to put your diaper on.  LOLz....
he realized this after he lifted you up and realized you felt a little too light!!!
**You have started to smile more now.
**You are interacting more and more with us.
**You recognize us and if we are not cry...secretly mommy loves this.
***you are still wearing 0-3clothes and you still fit some of your newborn clothes...
although they are a little snug!
***you are getting chubbier by the day and your cheeks are just so kissable...
we give you a million kisses a day!

**you and mommy went for a drive by ourselves and we did well...
you cried a few times but you were able to soothe yourself to sleep...
i was so worried i would have to pull over.
**Visiting Granny was a lot of fun...
we had to stop a few times so mommy could feed you in the car.
**you have been smiling more
**you have been cooing and aahing more...which is the best thing...
especially when we talk to respond....CUTEness!
**We went to the mall and you LOVED it...all those lights!!!

Looking Ahead:
Playing longer in your playard
Listening and singing more songs.
Attending Church.
Producing more breast milk
Mommy going back to work (BOOBOO!!!)
Continual growth and development in every single way!


Lauren said...

so glad that you have been able to get breastfeeding worked out! and trust me girl, you'll start pumping more & more, just stick with it!

I can't believe he's already 2 months old...time flies by so quickly!

TheProDiva said...

Awwww! Look at him! Congrats once again on your new addition. Hey is gorgeous...and all of that hair...EVERYTHING!

Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies said...

This is such a sweet post. I love how you are really living each minute to its fullest with baby pancakes:)

Travel_The_World said...

This is just so cute. Congratulations on the many milestones!

Rose's Daughter said...

Aww! Glad you are enoying mommyhood!Look at all that hair!


So sweet! He's getting so big. Keep on enjoying all of these milestones :) xoxo

Heather said...

Wow, two months already! So many great things to be happy about and also look forward to!

Bravoe Runway said...

I can't believe he is already 2 months!! I hope you'll dress him up this wed!!!

Alida said...

Wow, two months already! Blessings to you all♥

Fashion Pad said...

I love have you are chronicling Baby Pancake's early life journey. He's going to feel like the most loved child on earth. So awesome!

Monique said...

How incredibly that baby P was able to meet his Granny he's so precious.

Pegster said...

Time is just flying by I tell you.

Good job keeping up with the breastfeeding. You seem to be doing all the right things, I hope your supply builds up quickly.

Don't worry so much about the sleeping on the front because even my Dr says that once they can roll over and end up in that position there's really nothing you can do about it. Maybe he just loves sleeping that way.

I just love reading all these updates about baby pancakes

toi said...

Baby Pancake is growing so fast. he is so cute resting on your chest :)